What happens when you want something better in a folding bike after you looked at Entry level bikes?

Riding at PCNs

Why 750 - 799

LATEST 17 Feb 2016

Come the launch of the JDM Dahon Boardwalk. Price S$699 ( S$650 launch price) this bike has that classic and Japanese infused chic



We have been moving good quantities of folding bikes in the the S$750 – S$800 category. The brands we ranged all come with minimum 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects (Omnipax come with 2 years) and they look good and come with better specs that result in better roll, better grips, less flex and you can have the options of adding front truss and rear racks easily.

luggage truss front options

Feedback from many of our customers point out plusher ride, better rolling, big apple tiressturdier handlepost but for some, they say – cannot feel the difference. That’s why at MBS, we encourage our customers to come dressed for bike trials and you can decide for yourself.

Due to out of stock situations, we did not feature the Bickerton 1808 and the Omnipax R6  right now but we inserted photos into our Media slideshow. However we are watching this space to see if we can get more stocks from suppliers. Straight talk, no sales talk, we post feedback from customers.


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