LifeGlider – mobility device that assists you to walk

Singapore like many Asian countries is aging fast. With it we have a growing population faced with illnesses that comes with the aging population. Of course diet, exercise and Senior people walking outdoorsgood management of lifestyles goes a long way to have a better retirement life.

But what happens when tragedy strikes and you suffer a stroke or lost your ability to walk independently? The rehabilitation regime is always a walking aid. But most walking aids require you to hold on to it and your posture is often not ideal.  They are not on wheels (therefore mobility is slow) and you will need your hand(s) to operate.

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Enter the LifeGlider™. It is a new mobility device that permits upright, hands-free mobility.


It is designed to reduce the fear of falling and the fatigue sometimes associated with struggling to walk.

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The patented LifeGlider represents an evolution in assistive mobility devices, and is


unique in the way it secures the user’s center of gravity. This enables upright posture, balance, and greater confidence as the fear of falling is minimized. Securing the body’s center frees the hands, since gripping the device is not necessary. (No need to hold the device – the device holds you.)



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The LifeGlider’s built-in seat is positioned to support the pelvis at the seat bones, and may be used to alleviate all, some, or no weight, as needed. When walking, the seat provides extra security and stability, enabling even those with limited leg strength to enjoy mobility and conduct daily activities


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We ship globally except the USA. If you are interested, please email with name, contact and street name, country (for us to get a shipping quote)

My Bike Shop SG – active mobility for everyone in the family

Back in 2006 when the founders wanted to start the business of bicycles, we wanted to inject a new approach. We knew that the then bike brand scene was about Tour de France brands and cycling was very much a sport for the young and sport performance enthusiasts. We wanted to be different.

2006 at the SAFRA runway

So we started to bring back the benefits of cycling as an active sport but we focused on convenience and practicality. In space scarce Singapore homes and the pressures of a sedentary lifestyle for many. Exercise was never a top priority and so we restarted the catgory of owning a folding bike that would encouraged participation.

So with the mission to get EVERYONE active again, we often have a tag line of active mobililty for the young to old. We even tried ranging Inline skates in 2007 to 2008 and todate we resisted doing motorised stuff.

Folding bikes cover multi spectrum needs for many and with our suppliers, we are unveiling new categories to cater to those less than 1.2m tall (height restriction for folding bikes) and boys/girls aged between 7 to 10 years AND to those who are in their advancd senior years who may be recovering from illness or surgery.

For the next few months, we will be releasing product news of new products that will have a new spin including innovations/health products that help you cycle and recover better.

The next article will cover LifeGlider on Tuesday 12 noon – bringing new found freedom for people who need aid in walking or recovering from an illness.

LG to change the world