Aerospace Hub – a project that combines Business, Recreation and Nature.

JTC Corporation formerly known as Jurong Town Corporation, is a Singaporean state-owned real estate company and statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry headquartered in Jurong, Singapore. Established in 1968, the company was set up by the Government of Singapore as the country’s principal developer and manager of industrial estates and their related facilities. Always associated with factories and industrial development, one would not think they only developed concrete based buildings but this Aerospace Hub development is one unique project.companies

Often we think of only private jets (Seletar Airport) and you see very big factories (also  very quiet) names ( Rolls Royce, Hakwer Pacific, Bombardier etc), it is a very popular spot for cyclists as it offers relatively quiet roads to cycle and yes there is the Oval.  On weekend evenings,  I see plenty of dog owners bring their dogs toget a chance to run around.


Seletar airportThere are nice places to grab a bite and plenty of Black/White Bungalows and ex Airforce quarters AND Trees..majestic trees that can be found.  We joined a Discovery ride and were given a treat to marvel at a really great tree and had a  group photo taken.



I have seen the development of this location having cycled here upteenth times over 15+ years and when you see how the government Boards work together to create a unique atmosphere such as this location, Seletar has become a “happening” place where one can cycle, enjoy nature, listen to the birds chirp away, grab a bite and just idle time away. I just love the way this place has evolved and we call Singapore our home. Keep up the great work JTC!