We love Fridays! and other days (& folding bikes) too!

LATEST! Bike Fridays arriving at our showroom 25 June 2010! Call before you come by!

Bike Friday who are known for their Tikits actually have a wide range of custom fitted bikes for people of all sizes. MBS is very pleased to be asked to handle this range of foldable bikes that are probably the only foldable bike brand left that is 100% handbuilt and configured in the USA! When a rep from Bike Friday came by our shop last year incognito and started asking us about how we serviced our customers, they did not reveal who they where but I guess we made an impression!

Looks like the marketing exposure done for this brand and their range of Pocket Rons and Foldable tandems warrants a better coverage so here’s deal – MBS will be making available:

Pocket Companion,  Pocket Sport, Pocket Expedition AND Family Tandem (Heck even the 2010 Tikit since there are upgrades to the old versions sold here) in a couple of weeks.

Folding the EasyPack bike

Unfolding the EasyPack bike

We are very sure the bikes are going to be a BIG hit with our local folding bike community.  So if you want a Bike Friday and a 100% US made bike, come by our spacious 2000 sq ft retail space and talk to us or email us at enq@mybikeshop.com.sg so we can notify you when the new bikes come in.  And for the 15 or so Tikit owners in Singapore sold over the last 2 years,  not to worry,  MBS will help manage any warranty concerns within Bike Friday’s scope of warranty.  But we do need your original invoice and warranty cards.

We will be Bike Friday’s Service centre for Singapore and Malaysia.

Bike Friday is well known for their Tandems. Videos for your pleasure viewing: Folding Bike Friday Tandems into a suitcase! If you can fit a Tandem into a suitcase, am very sure you can fit any Bike Friday into a suitcase too!