LATEST – now 8 speed Freewheel design. April 2011 original post: Flamingo London NX7 gets transformed to a lightweight commuter! Want one?


13 Oct 2013: Latest update is that we will be including wheelsets from Wheelsport for Q4 2013 for the V8! This is the mass production of everything we understand about this model. Together with Wheelsport and MIT Cycle, we are proud to release the V8!  Weight is now a decent 11kg 8 speed freewheel design.


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Original  POST was April 2011

Flamingo bikes, folding bike brand from Taiwan have been gaining fans in Singapore and while often misbranded as a follower, people who ride them can tell you they are fast, they do not exhibit flex and they have exceptional value for the money you pay.

Contrary to common misperception, Flamingo has many firsts; they were the first to adopt hydroforming technology on their frames (this allows bike designers to make the frame longer yet stiffer) and innovations that ensure that your bike do not come apart as you go over a hill or bump AND hole extrusions that allow you to hide your cables inside the bike frame ( Do not have to deal with messy cable ties and cable eyelets.

We have seen an increase in the uptake of all models especially the HSF1 AND London NX7 and we are very pleased to help existing Flamingo owners here a chance to consider an upgrade that helps you TRANSFORM your Flamingo into a lean mean lightweight machine!

This post focuses on the London NX series

The current London NX7 – 16 inch wheels, 7 speed hub that is virtually maintenance free, you can push it around and its compact after you fold it and for short commutes around the city and it folds fast. BUT  it is relatively heavy due to the 7 speed hub from Shimano.  Any foldable bikes using a 7 speed Shimano hub will expect the bike to weigh at least 13kg or more.

Here comes the London 2L!

What did we do? Well for starters we reduced the weight! We shaved off almost 2kg  by swapping out the hub from 7 speed to single speed. C’mon for city commuting you  do not need 7 speeds. Next we changed the wheelsets and drive train and we could save a further 1kg. At the same time we did not want to blow your budget, so here is the goods news – a basic kit will cost anything bewteen S$500 to S$600 where we will mod the London NX7  to a London 2L – “L” stands for lightweight and “2” for Dual front chain ring.  If for some reason you want to take this bike for a century ride, the larger front chainring will help you overcome the downhills or flats. Bigger roller wheel to help you roll better if you push the bike very often.

So no need to buy that second bike that has similar design, be eco, be green just upgrade your existing bike!

Below are pictures of the mods.


This mod Flamingo 2L weighs in about 10.2kg