Dahon Jetstream D8 – Last 2 units and demos(2 units)


The Dahon Jetstream D8 has come to the end of season. At My Bike Shop Tres, we have the remaining 2 units (NEW) and demos (2 units) for sale.

Fractured asphalt, ruts and potholes; sometimes  you see them, sometimes you don’t. The Jetstream D8 flies over these urban imperfections safely and effortlessly. A full suspension system is taken to a new level with a sophisticated, fine-tuned fusion air shock system allowing you to have full cruising comfort for your ride. S$1500 secures.

Want a better front fork? Upgrade the front fork to a German A Kilo fork for only S$150. Demos available, fully warrantied for only S$1350

While stocks last