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Whether young, old, couples, families or retirees, we have helped many Singaporeans rediscover the many benefits of cycling in a convenient, comfortable and safe manner.  (We sell the widest range of the leading folding bike brands and always advise our customers on the right fit and safety gear like helmets and lights).

30 reasons to take up cycling 

Extracted from the full article by Matthew Barbour, Cycling Plus | Tuesday, October 1, 2013 9.30am

1. You’ll get there faster dahon

2. Sleep more deeply

3. Look younger

4. Boost your bowels

5. Increase your brain power 

 6. Beat illness RDC_7663

7. Live longer

8. Save the planet

9. Improve your sex life

10. It’s good breedingtikit-boat

11. Heal your heart

12. Your boss will love you

13. Cycle away from the big C

14. Lose weight in the saddle

15. You’ll make more money

16. Avoid pollution

17. Enjoy healthy family timeimages

18. It means guilt-free snacks

19. Get better at any sport

20. Make creative breakthroughs

21. You’re helping others

22. You can get fit without trying too hard

23. Boost your bellows8may1

24. Burn more fat

25. You’re developing a positive addiction

26. Get (a legal) highRDC_7519

27. Make friends and stay healthy

28. Be happy 

29. Feeling tired? Go for a ride

30. Spend quality time with your partner



Cycling tips #1: Crazyguyonabike – Useful site for folks planning to travel with their bicycle(s)

Hi everyone,

This year, our team decided that we would try to scour and scout around what useful sites, trends and information that might be of interest to you the cyclist. No brand bashing, just stuff that you might find helpful for your cycling/foldable fix!

Here’s the first of our monthlies(Haha if there is such a word): Travelling with bicycles.

We have been selling the Extrawheel Trailer to serious Trekkers on bikes and they have stories to tell.

More and more people contemplating doing holiday trips with their bicycles.  A regular of ours was at the shop and mention this URL that is a nonproft neutral website for everything about travelling on a bicycle. It has contacts, journals and tips for anyone planning to take their bike on a trip. The site has won an aware for adventure.

Neil Gunton did his 114 day ride across USA covering more than 8400km and his journal started it all. Reminds me of the movie Forrest Gump when he decided to just keep running…

Author has posted 5,331 journals and articles, with 712,135 pictures

Bike Friday has a nice Trailer that is made out of a suitcase that you can pull along after you unfold the bike.

Of course we have our own pool of people who have taken their Dahon Vitesse P18s to South America

Speed TRs throughout Asia (12000km and had only one flat tire!) and

Airnimal Chameleons to the Himalaya/Saudi desert.

Audax Australia on a Dahon Tournado.

Touring in hilly Hong Kong Shekou

Aeon keeping up with a Bike Friday in Laos/Cambodia

Is your adventure unfolding?



The ABCs of Safe Cycling

Our patrons come from all walks of life and nationalities that resemble a mini  United Nations. Out of these conversations come age old wisdom, sometimes very hilarious. So what are the ABCs of safe cycling as quoted by our Japanese regular at MBS?

Before you cycle, check:

Air pressure in your tires is correct. Brakes are not worn out and, make sure you lube your Chain

During your cycling:

Always Be Careful!

ありがとうございます! (Arigatō gozai masu)!