Bike Friday’s top secret project – world’s first back pack foldie

Worlds First Backpack Bike (and it is under 20lbs!).BF

We expect this innovative new bike to be the best selling product we have ever created.

Bike Friday needs your feedback to help birth this new fantastic bike. We are now at the final stage in product development where we need your feedback to make some final design decisions.

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Smooth Operator – BIKE FRIDAY SILK Alfine 11s w/carbon belt drive


So you want many gears on your bike but you still want low-maintenance. Or you are just one of those that dislike the zing-zing sound that hubs make when the wheels roll. You get a Shimano Alfine hub! Or better still, Bike Friday has gone further and paired a Shimana Alfine hub with a Gates carbon belt drive! Alphine 2

We are talking about BIKE FRIDAY’S SILK, from their touring series. The bikes in the touring series are designed to be strong, sturdy and at the same time comfortable to give you that reliability to cover long distances.

First Look

There is no mistaking the charm of a steel bike – the classic feel and toughness of steel that promises to absorb every road shock that comes your way. Bike Friday has remained steadfast to using steel as a medium for their bike frames, and continues to insist on making every frame by hand. This commitment and experience is evident in the SILK we have for our test ride. It has the rigid, balanced frame that marks the Bike Friday brand, and although at 12.0kg it feels like it weighs lesser, due to the low and even weight distribution.  The SILK frame can fit both 406 and 451 wheel sizes, and this writer would recommend you go for the 451-sized wheels for a true “big bike feel” that Bike Friday gives you, which is what we got for on test bike for this article.

The SILK stands out like what its name suggests, to be a silky smooth touring bike. And it achieves that on 2 points – low sound and low maintenance.

Low Sound

And by “low sound”, it might as well be virtually no sound. Because the very big impression that will be left on you when you start riding the SILK is the astoundingly silent ride – the carbon belt drive, internal hub, and mechanical disc brakes all combine together from push off to stopping. There is only the sound of the tyres when they grind on the tarmac, the click of the Alfine hub as you switch
gears, and the “pffftt” sound when you apply the disc brakes to stop. The ride felt almost surreal!

alphine hub

Now that is actually a huge plus point when you are touring, especially in quiet neighbourhoods when you don’t need the whole world to know you are riding in. But the same plus point could also be a “downside” at times – people don’t hear you coming from behind! It was quite fun initially to see people jump when they don’t realise a bike has crept up behind them, but really, you need a bell with this bike!

Low Maintenance

The SILK is relatively maintenance-free – the Alfine hub requires no maintenance,disc brakes the use of disc brakes mean you get reliable braking power regardless the cleanliness of your wheels, and the carbon belt drive means there is no bicycle chain to lubricate. This makes bike ownership smooth as silk too!

carbon belt

10-speedThe Silk is designed as part of Bike Friday’s touring lineup, but it is no slouch in times of ride performance. The rider position would be upright but this bike comes with a telescopic handlepost, so you have the option to lower the handlebar position to lean further and get into an aerodynamic position to really push the bike. And the result is this writer cleared the 30km/h mark without breaking much into a sweat. Impressive!

Commuter Bike

The SILK would be excellent for city living as a commuter bike as well. It folds quickly and neatly within 20 seconds so you can easily store it in a closet or under the table. The low-maintenance nature of the bike makes it great for daily use, and carbon belt drive means no chain drop nor greasy bicycle chain that would stain your pants or skirt!

gates carbon drive

If you like a foldable bike with a clean and neat design, that rides smoothly and silently, and is low-maintenance to boot; whether you are a casual rider or go for long distances – this is a bike you should check out!


The BIKE FRIDAY SILK is available exclusively at our outlets and prices start from SGD $3,200. Speak to our BIKE FRIDAY specialist staff today!

Rocketeer — Bike Friday Pocket Rocket 18-speed flar bar


Bike Friday founders are roadies at heart, and while they have created Bike Friday for a portable bike for travels, the roadie spirit is never far away. And in the Pocket Rocket, they have realised this spirit.

BF colours

The same classic steel frame that is characteristic of Bike Fridays is still there, and also the lovely design of the seat post which folds down instead of being lowered when you want to fold, meaning that your seat height position is always fixed and no need to readjust again when unfolding. What you get now on the Pocket Rocket are 22”-sized wheels and caliper brakes for modulating braking power, especially at high speeds – yes you will appreciate when you reach that kind of speeds on the Pocket Rocket. The handlepost does not fold down compared to other models of Bike Fridays, to give stronger stiffness to the bike frame, instead it is held by a round clamp that can only be released with an allen key (nicely provided and secured under your water bottle cage), so it still can be removed when you need to pack down your Pocket Rocket for travelling.

For the recreational rider that would also ride the bike for fitness, and enjoys some speed in the process, you may consider the basic Pocket Rocket with flat bar setup. This particular model is also an excellent entry point for riders to be introduced to the Bike Friday or Pocket Rocket family.

10996024_840091659361982_8744277831204953584_n10403296_840091279362020_1428311864312410972_n 11081333_840091232695358_7109503763198154865_nphoto_2015-04-24_09-48-11

You get 18 speeds on this model – enough to cope with hills and flats, SRAM X5 trigger shifters, SRAM X4 rear derailleur and Shimano Claris brake callipers – components worthy to give you a road performance on this bike. Currently we will also fit you with Wheelsport Smart 1.0+ 451 wheelsets for wheels that roll well and holds speed well (more on that later).

For a test ride, we took the Pocket Rocket (flat bar) to Marina Barrage. Our route went through the city and parts of East Coast Park, to have a good mix of slopes, long stretches of roads and park connectors. Yes, we took the chance to check out the new bicycle connection from East Coast to Marina Bay – a joy to ride!

The 18 speeds on the Pocket Rocket give you low gears to tackle hills and slopes (or when you want to take it REALLY slow), but we really want to mention that the Pocket Rocket is best at the sprint. The 22”-sized (or otherwise 451) Wheelsport Smart 1.0+ pairs well with the bike to give a ride that is easy to roll off (just use the lower gears if you need) and plenty of high gears to hit for more speed, but the beauty of the ride is that the profile rims make it easy to maintain the high speed. Plus with the steel frame and fork (can’t mention enough of that), what you get is a smooth, stable and comfortable high speed ride.

At this point, we bring to you the unassuming nature of the bike, which understates the high performer that it is. At the high speed (35-40km/h range), the bike felt solid and you don’t feel any flex at all. With the big bike feel and handling – characteristics that are standard of a Bike Friday product – you probably may forget at some point that this is a foldie. Don’t take our word for it, experience the joy for yourself!photo_2015-04-24_09-48-16

In conclusion: The pocket rocket stays true to Bike Friday heritage – a portable steel bike that packs into a suitcase and still rides like a big bike. It may not fold as fast or pack as compact compared to other members in the Bike Friday family like the Tikit, but its key offering is that it rides like a roadie.


The BIKE FRIDAY® POCKET ROCKET is available exclusively at our outlets, in a wide range of colours and prices start from SGD $2400. Speak to our BIKE FRIDAY specialist staff today!


A focus on Bike Friday

sales team
Latest – Hanna shares a tour of Bike Friday Bike Friday Tour

We want you to think of us as your private bicycle factory. Bike Friday will build a bicycle as unique as you. We build it to fit your body. We build it to fit your specific cycling needs. And we build it for performance: So you can enjoy your adventures.

The best way for you to discover which Bike Friday will satisfy your needs is to talk to a Bike Consultant or visit a Bike Friday Dealer. But we know you might be hesitant. You want to do some research on your own. Get to know us better.

So our process begins by attempting to find what category represents your needs.

Touring? Road? Commuter? It can sound confusing. We start with the basics to guide you through the process.

Give us the answers to this basic question (click on link to see the multiple choice answers) and we can help determine what your riding type might be:

What do you see yourself doing on your Bike Friday most frequently?

So, that’s where it starts.

Every cycling adventure begins with a pedal stroke, whether you’re riding around the block or around the world. But every journey begins with a plan. At Bike Friday, our plan is simple. We listen to you, guide you through our process, then meet your needs.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned cyclist, a beginner, or someone in-between. You have goals and expectations. We want to satisfy them.

We’ve made a couple of simple commitments we stand by. First, your Bike Friday will be built by hand in the USA, Eugene, Oregon, to be exact. Second, when you contact us, a real live person will respond as soon as humanly possible.

No matter what your dreams might be, we can help find a bike to help you make those dreams come true.

Bike Friday’s founders are cyclists. Hanz  and Alan Scholz don’t just ride bikes. They race bikes. They push bikes to the limit. And, they build bikes. Performance bikes.tikit-boat

Their goal isn’t to design the best bike in the world. It’s to design the right bike for your world. So whatever cycling you plan to do, you can feel confident you’ll have a bicycle that can deliver a comfortable and reliable ride.

Our journey together begins with a question: What do you see yourself doing on your Bike Friday most frequently?

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what your answer is. That’s why we’re here. To guide the journey. We want to know what kind of riding you plan to do so we can match you with the right type of bike. That’s step one.

So take a moment and look through the various styles of riding in our Buyer’s Guide where we ask you that simple question above, and see if you can find yourself in any of our descriptions.

Our concept is based on the Bike Friday Travel System, to make it easy for you to always have your best bike with you.

You can also start by comparing the basics of our models.

 Your Bike Friday will be hand built from scratch at our Factory in Eugene, Oregon.

Want One? Have to wait though…