As we end the year 2018 & welcome 2019!

We want to say a big Thank you for a difficult year for retail and also the local scene forImage result for bike share singapore bicycles. We do not think its the bike share servics as one company actually went bust and we read on an article that a second may decide to call it quits and many are going through hard times. OK the concept is great as it offers convenience but everywhere they operate they create a mess and that includes our garden city and unfortunately taxpayer money will have to be allocated to clean them up.  Some cities have even banned them.

Delivery services and online convenience has made us less willing to get out to get out own stuff but enjoy the “click and wait” for the item(s) to come to you. Nothing wrong really but it has made us lethargic to get out and move around. Everyone have the consensus that we are less active as a nation. Worrying when we are aging and disease like Diabetes and Heart disease is on the rise.

Cashback reminder - women

For those whom we could persuade you with cashback and regular rides on Mondays and Friday nights, we believe the feedback and growing numbers support the programs and we see health of participants improve and smiling pictures for these activities. For 12 years many of you have given us a chance to be part of your cycling life. We hope to continue to do another 12 years. It’s is hard to convince and persuade but we will keep trying. As the team take another well deserved long weekend, let’s welcome 2019 and to good health!



We are Twelve today.

12 years.jpg

We like to thank everyone for this milestone. A decade of doing business was something we did and time passed very quickly.

We deeply thank everyone for their years of support.

Some interesting things about the number – 12:

The largest quantity that can be spoken in the English language with only one syllable.

Also known as  – One dozen.

The square root of a gross.

The quantity of Little Twelve-Toes’ fingers or toes.

Twelve Disciples selected by Christ
12 years is a good year for Single Malt Whiskey

Twelve is a symbol of cosmic order.

Twelve is the number of space and time.

Time is measured in two groups of 12 hours

We find the twelve year cycle in Asia.

European Union flagThe EU flag. The flag has 12 stars. The number of stars does not have anything to do with any number of countries that are members.

The number 12 was chosen for the symbolism it represents.