3Sixty from Korea

 3Sixty has now made a home in Singapore.  With innovations and quality built from Korea, they offer exceptional value if you are in the market for a compact fold for 16 inch wheel.


Korea is the next country with the largest 16 inch folding bike market for the compact fold and as a consequence, you see many innovative designs and improvements for this folding format.

They relaunched their models starting from their full Titanium model – Mti , weighing in at 7.4kg and full titanium frame at S$5,500.


Next we turn our attention to the M3ES Black edition. With the launch of the Black edition, you can now buy a Korea assembled 16 inch folding bike at less than S$2,680.00 without waiting a year.  It will arrive by end Feb 21. All units booked. Email us if you are keen as we may get new units


Another beauty and only 111 pieces assembled. This bike has the rear and front fork in titanium and a lower price tag S$2680 but still beautiful.

Weighing in at 8.9kg, it is about 1.5kg heavier than the Mti.

Working closely with the Korea team, the designs have the option of upgrading to 6 speeds.

Want your limited edition bikes without waiting very long? Come speak to us.







Watch out for more models coming.