725 thoughts on “Promotions

  1. Hi. Do you have any folding bike with wheel size 24 or 26 in the store right now? What brand and which model? I am not from Singapore but if you have many options i would like to come there and visit your store. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I was told that MBS is bringing in Bike Friday New World Tourist series in Nov/Dec 2019. Is the bike available for test ride now?

  3. Hi,
    If I want to replace the suspension unit on my Dahon Jetstream P8 how much it costs? Do you have the stock? Thks.

    1. William, please call on the shop you purchase your bike from, the store team will assist you on recommendations.

      My Bike Shop, 213 Henderson Rd #01-06 S159553 Contact Tel: 6274 3968

      My Bike Shop Too! – 26 Sin Ming Lane #01-120 S573971 Contact Tel: 6694 1750

      My Bike Shop Tres (3) – 106 Faber Drive #01-106 S129415 Contact Tel: 6268 5323

  4. Hi do u have wheel sport pony 520 in stock and what is the price. Looking to change my airnimal wheel.


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