725 thoughts on “Promotions

  1. May I know if the Bickerton and Tern promotion bikes are still available. If yes, which store should I head to. Thank you.

  2. hi, am looking for a lightweight foldable bike for recreational cycling that can be taken up the MRT/bus, and with a budget between $500-$800 max. what recommendations do you have? thank you!

  3. Hi, did not receive any missed calls. Possible to check that you got the right number? I checked my sent mail – the number indicated was correct.

      1. Yes thanks. Had gone down to the shop too, but didn’t manage to find what I’d wanted.

      2. While I didn’t manage to get the child seat I was looking for, I did go down to Midview City yesterday though and got myself a Dahon Boardwalk…

  4. Hi there,

    Any recommendations for a folding bike which allows for a child seat as well, with options of including a tandem in the future?

    Many thanks!

    1. Dear Kenny, its best you come down to discuss as we need to know the weight of your child. We have the Co-Rider mid mounted child seats and also Yepp child seat for seatpost mounting. No folding bike has recommended a trailer except for Tern which has a complete system designed for it.

      1. Hi there, I just wanted to say that I’m rather disappointed to have gone all the way down to the shop to be told that it’s not recommended to have a child seat for a folding bike. Yes I do understand it’s not usually recommended. However, the staff weren’t particularly helpful in trying to find out my needs and making a recommendation.

      2. Kenny, which outlet did you go to? We need to understand who you spoke with as we do have new staff who may not have the experience on this matter. As this involves the safety of your child, they are taking the position to be cautious. As a rule of thumb, no folding bikes todate recommend a tandem carrier. For mid mounted options, you will need a foldable (Tern Joe C21) or any bike with a top tube. For the Yepp, you will need a Tern Cargo rack BUT the rider+ child cannot exceed the weight specs for the bike despite you using the Yepp or Co-rider.

      3. Hi there,

        I went down to the Jalan Mas Puteh outlet on 30 Jun, around 2.45-3pm. I was first attended by a young lady (probably early 20s), who told me that a child seat was not recommended as the bike would not be balanced. When I told her that I had enquired online and was told to come down, she showed me a bike, which didn’t quite answer my question.

        Since I hit a deadend on the child seat, I enquired if the shop had any trailer bicycles (as opposed to bike trailers), and I was told that there wasn’t. This time, another young gentlemen who seemed better in product knowledge told me that I would need to take note if the mounting for the trailer was suitable for the seatpost. However, he also told me that the shop did not have any child seats – which I was puzzled.

        This was rather frustrating, as instead of helping me find more alternative options, I was basically given a flat no.

        Could be helpful if you would be able to refer me to someone who can assist?

        Many thanks.

    1. Dear CSY, While price is important, S$450 is a good level to buy a foldable bike that is well manufactured with good folding mechanisms that come with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects. If you work the maths and keep your bike running for 5 years, that’s S$90/year or S$7.50/mth or 25 cents a day! as a cost to the owner. You can opt for Alu frame Tern Link B7 and Bickerton 1607(just that we are out of stock). These all come with 7 speeds. We have the AEON 6 speeds at S$220 but its warranty is only 6 months made of Hiten steel. In our humid weather and now rainy season, Hiten steel frame bikes will rust. The important question too is what do you plan to do with your bike? Please read our Buying guide written by us https://mybikeshopsg.com/what-does-one-look-for-when-choosing-or-buying-a-folding-bike-7-logical-steps-to-take/

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