705 thoughts on “Promotions

  1. Hi, I’m looking for one that is light below 11-12kg max, with shimano or sram deraileur, 8 speed, stock, below $1K. Is there any recommendation?
    Also i don’t like twist shifters. To upgrade to a SRAM or Shimano trigger shifter, is this possible and what is the cost for the part and replacement?
    Thanks =)

      1. I just bought Dahon Vitesse D18 today at the branch @ Jalan Mas Puteh. Thanks to Gabriel who has helped me greatly to introducing various models to me patiently. Finally found one after test riding a few of them. This bike really feels smooth and very stable, compared to the others like Tern Link C7, P9, Dahon D7.

  2. Hi. Just wanna ask, does the speed p8 comes with seat post pump? What about c7A? And if they dont, how much does the seat post pump and cost and can it be attached to either model?

  3. Hi.. Do you have helmets that do not have the conventional MTB designs like the Dahon Pango? Do you also carry car racks, wall racks or stow away bags for MTB? Is there any discounts on accessories? Thanks.

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