Offering foldable bikes at that S$500 level THAT offers global make and quality


We need the exercise and we love cycling!  We worked with our suppliers during this period and we lined up a few sub S$450 – S$550 price tag foldables that must meet below criterion:

  • Global brand
  • FIVE years warranty
  • Optional Fenders and Rear rack (Hey its rainy season and at least there are affordable upgrades)
  • Has at least 6 speeds
  • Designed with folding joints that won’t hurt your fingers
  • Take rider weights of at least 105kg
  • Priced between S$450 – S$550

So here is our lineup (unless stated, prices are without fenders and rack):

TernLink B7, stepped down from Link C7 ( no front luggage truss mount) at S$499, 7 2015Link B7speeds.

Bickerton Portables – the widest line up with  16 inch Junction 1406 S$450. Limited units of the Green. Admiralty blue running low on stocks

pilot-1406-country-f(comes with rack and fenders)photo_2016-06-01_18-22-28

or 20 inch Junction 1306 6 speeds at S$450 (without fenders and rack)

and 7 speeds Junction 1507 S$499 (without fenders and rack)1507 .jpg

DahonRoute 7 speeds at S550 with fenders Route 2016

So many reasons you buy a foldable bike from us.

So, times could get hard and weather could get wet but the haze has gone away and with a average ownership of a well designed foldable that you would own and ride for 2 years. That’s only a less than S$20/mth for TWO years (or 67 cents a day investment) small footprint, comes with gears and gives you plenty of natural endorphins each time you cycle. Do the maths, you’d understand why you should buy a reputable brand – it’s truly affordable now.

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MBS Tuneup card is NOW more than just inner tube support

MBS Card announcement

When we launched our new bike support policy, we laid out what most owners of new bikes would need – peace of mind that bike support will be there for basic services. We have now extended this card to benefit holders of these cards with:

  • Additional 5% discount on accessories purchase
  • 50% discount on labour for installation work, excluding basic and full servicing
  • Priority RSVP to MBS workshops
  • Applicable from 1 July 2016


Cannot be exchanged for cash

Cannot be combined with other promotions

Discounts cannot be applied on promotional items

RECAP of MBS Tuneups :

• Original parts on folding bike purchased at MBS, owned by the first owner.
park tools• We carry out one about a month after you buy the bike*, and another any time you need it within the year.
• Covers brake and derailleur adjustments, hub, bottom bracket and headset adjustment
• Tighten any loose nuts and bolts.
• Any adjustments covered by the manufacturer’s
Free 2 years inner tube replacement for 2 years from date of ownership for first owner based on original tire profile, subject to a maximum 12 inner tubes a year
• Must be booked via our online booking system Monday to Friday
Proof of ownership will be original invoice and warranty card matching owner registration and loyalty card*

What is NOT included:
• Crash damage or user neglect or use outside the manufacturer’s recommended use
• Non-original parts and accessories.
• Labour cost to install new parts and accessories (except for brake pads and chains).
• Tire replacement due to road damage or neglect.
• User maintenance such as lubricating the chain and parts and proper tire inflation. But we’ll be happy to show you how to do these yourself.






A IPX6 rated smartphone case for biking for only S$25?

Sounds too good to be true? No gimmicks. We are getting good feedback and reviews of RFM’s quality in design and stitching quality that we are going ahead with ranging new lines of cases that are designed for cycling.

Introducing – Manta.

The fact that it is IPX6 rated with a solid high class finishing receives top marks. Arriving in 2 weeks, we cannot wait to get our hands on them! Will fit Smartphones of up to 5.7 inch in size. The stabiliser pads secures the phone and will fit Note 4 and iPhone 6Plus. Quick and easy to install bracket for handlebars 25.4 to 32 mm

Wet weather? Perspiration? Spilled drinks? No worry, the Manta will keep your smartphone safe and dry.

RFM Manta

Calling runners, joggers and walking enthusiasts

Calling all runners and walking enthusiasts. Reserve your Sports Arm band from RFM! S$4 off Firefly and S$2 off REXX for preorders

Want to have a Sports Arm band that holds your smartphone? Has design details that allow your headphones to be properly held yet design to be comfortable on your arms? The 3M night reflective material found on the REXX and the Glow in the dark on the FIREFLY, keeps you visible to cars and other road/path users. S$49 for Firefly and S$32 for REXX. Reserve your units at our outlets and get rewarded with S$4 off the Firefly and S$2 off the REXX.

RFM Firefly and Rexx.jpg

Soomom Cycling pants and Nymph Blindspot mirror restocked

Soomom cycling pants S$29 each. Men and Women cuts Sizes M, L, XL, XXL. Nymph blindspot mirrors S$25 each. More stable view with the mirror worn on the forearm or elbow.

restocked Soomom and Nymph

Not to devalue handlebar mirrors or helmet mirrors. They were designed to be small and to be mounted on handlebar ends and the vibrations from the roads make these mirrors shake when on the road.

We have used both mirror and found the Nymph elbow mirrors more stable when worn on the elbow or forearm.


Wood nymph


RFM – Excelsior Messenger Bags S$95

Details MATTER! With a built in 5.7 inch pocket that allow you to access your smartphone 1618-Excelsior-A01-FAwithout the need to open any section. Not only that, with many of us working off tablets (iOS, Android or Windows Surface) the tablet slot with a clear screen means you can now work off your tablet WITHOUT taking it out of the bag. Bike Messengers, couriers, delivery guys who have to work come rain or shine, this bag is designed with you in mind. The Excelsior is made of 400D Ripstop Nylon. Reflectors even on the zip, highlighter inside flaps to enhance the visibility of you if you are stopping to look at your device and mesh on shoulder flaps and back of bag. Many sections that hold documents, cars, keys etc Touch sensitive window for access to tablet. Size is 400x 260x 90mm.

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Twin promos from Bickerton

Twin promos 6 speeds

Bickerton bikes, a brand associated with folding bikes 40+ years back. Only older brand that has survived and has an older history from the UK is Moulton. Bickerton held many designs and patents used in today’s folding bikes.

They are just great when it comes to folding bikes offering mass appeal with value. This June check out their promos.

For more promos, click Me

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