Hold on to your MBS Tune up cards – you get 10% off your 2nd purchase for bikes and Free return delivery for full serviced folding bikes

  • 10% discount on 2nd bike purchases*
  • Free return transport for Folding bikes sent for FULL service**
  • Applicable from 1 October 2017

MBS Card 1 Oct

Yes it’s true. Cardholders can get 10% discount for their 2nd purchases and help their friends enjoy these discounts too. Discounts cannot be combined with promotional and clearance items.

Terms and conditions are as follows:

* Cash terms and not applicable on promotional and clearance itemsImage result for 10% discount

* Inner tube replacement is no longer extended

* Not applicable for Clearance or bikes on Sale and limited to 3 bikes per purchase

* Owner of original card MUST be present

WAIT… there’s more.

When you book your bikes for FULL service (Folding bikes ONLY), it now comes with free returned delivery to your home or office.Image result for delivery return

Terms and conditions are as follows:

** Service must be paid in full when folding bike is deposited

** Delivery within Singapore and delivery between 10am to 4pm. ADD S$10 for after 4pm requests

** S$25 will be refunded if bike is self collect

The Benefits of Bike Riding | HealthyWomen

Source: The Benefits of Bike Riding | HealthyWomen

When Carolyn Stafford’s leg started hurting her, medical tests couldn’t find a cause for the pain. Her doctor suggested that stress might be creating the problem.

At the time, Stafford was working a pressure-filled job in computer support. “I was constantly trying to solve people’s problems,” she says. “I had a lot of stress coming from that.”

Since she enjoyed bicycling, Ms. Stafford decided to see if riding her bike to and from her job would help. She rode five miles each way. “It worked wonders. If it was a frustrating day, I’d get on that bike and I hammered coming home!” she says.

The effects of daily cycling were so beneficial for the Dallastown, PA, woman that whenKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA her employer temporarily moved the office nearly 10 miles from her home, she kept on riding. Her coworkers couldn’t believe that Ms. Stafford, then in her early 50s, was going to continue the bike commute. She did—and when the office moved back to its original location, she adjusted her route so that she could still ride almost 10 miles each way. In winter, Ms. Stafford put studded snow tires on her bike and dressed in layers.

When she retired two-and-a-half years later, she continued her commitment to biking every day. She uses her bike instead of her car when she needs to travel into nearby York (eight miles from her home) for a haircut or a doctor’s appointment or to go to the bank, post office or other errands.

Last year, Ms. Stafford rode 10,400 miles on her bicycle and drove her car a mere 3,000 miles. “I only use my car if I have to go someplace quickly, or if I’m taking people,” she says.

Biking benefits

You don’t have to log thousands of miles to gain rewards from riding your bike more and driving your car less. Regardless of whether you’re on a fancy new two-wheeler or the battered old reliable you bought years ago, bike riding gives you a terrific workout with lots of interest and fun to keep you going. And with U.S. gasoline prices running higher than $3 per gallon, using a bicycle for shopping, commuting, visiting friends or just taking a joy ride may help your financial health at the same time it boosts your physical condition.

Bike riding lets you add a fitness activity into your day even when you think you don’t have time for a workout. “You get the same cardiovascular benefits from cycling that you get from any other form of aerobic exercise—walking, jogging or dancing,” says Lisa Callahan, MD, medical director of the Women’s Sports Medical Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. “It can be a very effective cardiovascular benefit.”

Your muscles get a boost, too. Bike riding strengthens your thighs, hips and rear end. If your route includes climbing hills, your arms and upper body will benefit as you stand to pedal. What’s more, cycling is gentle on your joints and helps preserve cartilage. That’s especially advantageous for women who suffer from muscle strain, foot problems, knee troubles, back pain or impact-related injuries caused by running, jogging or walking, Dr. Callahan explains.

“If you’re overweight and start an exercise program, sometimes it’s harder on your joints because you are overweight,” she adds. “So something like swimming or biking that’s not pounding on the joints can be a good thing.”

Daily routine biking also can help fight the incremental weight gain and waistline expansion that many women experience at midlife.

Dr. Callahan points out that cycling on stationary bikes indoors is generally a lighter workout than riding outside because there’s no wind resistance or challenging terrain. “In the gym, you have to work a little harder to get the same result,” she says.

Fit to ride

The health benefits of cycling will be as flat as a punctured tire if your bike doesn’t fit your body correctly. Poor fit causes all sorts of problems, so it’s important to have your bike correctly adjusted specifically for you. “You can’t just go someplace and buy a bike because you like the color,” says Dr. Callahan, who not only treats sports-related problems but enjoys cycling on weekends.

When your bike is too big for your body, you can develop neck and back problems. Seat height is another source of woes—if the seat is too low, it may stress your knee and cause knee cap pain; too high, it can also aggravate your knee.

For the right fit, position the seat so that when you pedal downward to the lowest point, your leg is almost straight. There should be a small bend in your knee of about 10 to 15 degrees.

To get a reliable fit, Dr. Callahan advises taking your bike to a bicycle shop and having them assess how well the frame height, seat and handlebars suit you. A few adjustments can make riding more comfortable and protect you from fit-related troubles.

Stayin’ safe

While bicycle riding is both fun and great for your health, you need to take some wise precautions to make each ride as safe as possible. Although millions of us enjoy bike riding every day, it’s an inescapable fact that bicyclist injuries and even deaths also occur. Annually, in the United States, more than 500,000 people suffer bicycle-related injuries severe enough to send them to hospital emergency rooms, and more than 700 die.

Before you hit the road (or trail), make sure you follow these safety tips:

  • Wear a bicycle helmet on every ride, no matter how short. Head injuries are responsible for about 85 percent of biking-related deaths. Most state helmet laws apply only to children and adolescents, but more than 80 percent of bicyclists killed are aged 16 or older. Yet only 18 percent of adult cyclists in one study reported wearing helmets while riding. Staying away from cars won’t protect you either: about 70 percent of bike injuries occur in situations that do not involve a motor vehicle.
  • Be visible. Wear bright clothing when riding. Use a flag to maintain space between you and other vehicles. Travel in daylight when possible. If night riding is unavoidable, wear reflective clothing (found in bike shops) and use bicycle headlights and rear lights. For riding at any time, the National Safety Council 

    advises equipping your bike with front, rear and spoke reflectors, pedal reflectors, a horn or bell and a rearview mirror.

  • Choose your travel time carefully. When possible, avoid early morning and late afternoon rush hours. Bad weather also lowers visibility and negatively affects handling for both bikes and motor vehicles.
  • Obey traffic rules. Bikes must follow the same road rules as other vehicles. Ride inthe direction of traffic flow, use hand signals before turning, obey light signals (make a full stop at red lights and stop signs) and yield right-of-way. Ride single file. Keep to the far right of the road except when making a left-hand turn. Stay alert—watch for opening car doors, debris in the road and turning vehicles. Cross intersections carefully.
  • Other safety tips: Wear shoes that protect your feet—not sandals. Carry repair gear and a cell phone to call for help if needed. Avoid riding on sidewalks because drivers can’t see you coming at intersections. And don’t drink alcohol if you’ll be cycling, for the same reason you don’t want to drink and drive a motor vehicle. Intoxication leads to serious and even fatal injuries.


Mini velo section in My Bike Shop stores

Most shops are solo branded when it comes to minivelos. Not at My Bike Shop stores. We are entering a time of change and challenges and we are revamping our stores to cater to themes.

This is a collection of our Mini velo bikes and section at Midview City and Henderson. ENJOY!

My Bike Shop@Henderson

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My Bike Shop Too@Midview City

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FLR Shoes – F22 II and FXX are launched in Singapore

High Performance Shoes for Road Cycling

F22-1.jpgCycling shoes are the most essential piece of gear for any cyclist, as they connect your feet to the pedals, making you one with your bicycle, ultimately resulting in increased efficiency and speed.

Whether or not you are on the podium, whether you are generating power with each pedal stroke or pedaling in pain; your performance and outcome are directly determined by your shoe choice. Start your ride on the right foot by selecting the appropriate pair of shoes.

FLR was founded on an intense passion for cycling, striving to provide every cyclist an opportunity to extend beyond their current aspirations and achieve their cycling goals. Each shoe is designed in close cooperation with professional cyclists around the world. Their combined expertise has influenced the design aFXX-1nd development of technologies & materials, to deliver superior comfort and maximum performance to push the limits every ride.

FLR’s collections are designed to empower and enable you to maximize energy output without compromising comfort and therefore rely on a constant progression of technological advances, including the full carbon sole, synthetic microfiber leather, ATOP lacing system/buckles, Vibram sole, pedals and cleats.

Models that are ranged with this launch are the F22 II and FXX

ONLY at Midview City outlet. 15% discount off as a Launch Price

KITT Design Carbon Fiber Wheelsets bundled with Tyrell FSX and CSI

Everyone is jumping onto the bandwagon for these Tri-spoke Carbon Fiber wheelsets from KITT Design.

Here is Tyrell’s offer:

FSX (SRAMForce 22)*+ KITT = S$4850 ( Combined value is S$6,800)


*FSX is last season’s models and only has Green/Yello, Orange, White and Yellow and while stocks last.

CSI (SRAM Force 22) * +KITT= S$4400 (Combined value is S$5,800)


*CSI is last season’s models and Black, Gold, Silver and Lime Green and while stocks last.

What’s up Doc? Finding an available clinic or medical assistance NEAR you

If you are young enough to remember, this is Bugs Bunny’s tagline.

Not sure if you happen to catch video that went viral of the argument between a Chinese sick crisis.jpgpatient and a GP in Singapore  when she stormed into his clinic because she did not want to wait.

In times of urgency, finding a reliable doctor becomes a stressful challenge. It is the worst scenario to be made to go from one hospital to another without knowledge at hand. With GetDoc, you’ll not only receive critical information during the time of need, you’ll be able to get a doctor and find yourself a clinic right away.


 The GetDoc’s Story

GetDoc is here simply because we wanted to create a better world where patients are able to make informed decisions about their healthcare treatments. We know that your healthcare experience probably isn’t perfect yet. That’s why GetDoc is not just an app, but we are a listening tool where we create solutions to solve your pain points. One thing we are passionate about — to continuously find a better way to deliver the great healthcare experience that we all deserve. they now cover Singapore and Malaysia.

Best of it all, GetDoc has secured preferential rates

Check them out! https://www.getdoc.co

Kitt design Carbon Fiber Tri Spoke wheelset bundles

Wheelsport is working with KITT Design suppliers to offer this fantastic bundle that you can reserve and book a Wheelsport Fantasy frame in 9-speed or 18-speed configuration with a Carbon Fiber Trispoke wheelset. Note that the wheelsets already costs S$1600 so you are practically getting a REALLY eye turning Tri-Spoke wheel with a very fast MiniVelo frame! Limited units and colours.

wheelsport and KITT

For those who have a Wheelsport Fantasy and want to join the world of Tri -Spoke, Wheelsport is happy to offer a S$100 voucher for you to book one.

Everyone can have a personalised watch – by our very own local watchmaker

As part of our focus on other homegrown businesses and startup. Something close to our hearts – watches.

It all began when one of Schaffen’s co-founders, Jonathan, wanted to purchase a watch forSchaffen tag line.jpg himself. He quickly realised how tiresome it was to find a watch that he found completely ideal.

Instead, he challenged himself to design and build his own timepiece. What followed was weeks of researching, experimenting and consulting watchmakers in and around his home country of Singapore.

Upon completing his timepiece, he instead dedicated it to his father for the latter’s fiftieth birthday. Inscribing his father’s signature on the dial, it further made for a meaningful and personal memento.
It was then that he invited his brother, Nicholas, to start a business venture, with the vision to build an internationally recognised label and the go-to avenue for bespoke timepieces.

Schaffen, in German, means “to create” – and it is for this exact reason they exist – to photo_2017-03-07_16-02-04.jpgempower customers to design what they want to wear, tailoring each piece to capture each individuals’ stories and motivations. Just look at the various engravings they can do for you.

Today, the duo has grown into a team of eight, with senior watchmakers, designers and advisors bolstering the team to service a growing international clientele. They do customisation that truly allows you to have a limited edition.

Create your watch NOW https://www.schaffenwatches.com/

Our card members can quote MBSLOVESSCHAFFEN and get 10% off when you order one.

Schaffen box.jpg

Integrated Service Booking System for MBS and BRU customers


MBS is pleased to announce the extension of bike servicing support for BRU customers. We have agreed with BRU management and team to offer an integrated bicycle service support platform.  This is a reciprocal service between the 2 franchise which are first steps towards an expansion of support and new product offerings – offline and online.

What does this mean for customers? With this shared platform, you can get service at more locations with a combined retail footprint of 5 shops across Singapore.

– BRU and MBS card holders can now book their service support at any BRU or MBS stores
– Online booking allows you to book your appointments at https://mybikeshopsg.com/book-a-service/.

Combining our retail resources will allow us to explore and offer more bike related services to our customers, beyond folding bikes – that will cover new service offerings, loyalty programs, e-commerce and more membership privileges that will be revealed in the next 6 months.

We will progressively start to integrate our branding and operations, it is exciting just to MBS tuneupthink about the possibilities and we are looking forward to offering you more soon! Importantly, there are no changes and only enhancements. More updates will be released over the next few months. Hold on to your MBS Tuneup and BRUcare cards.

Click on Terms and Conditions