What’s up Doc? Finding an available clinic or medical assistance NEAR you

If you are young enough to remember, this is Bugs Bunny’s tagline.

Not sure if you happen to catch video that went viral of the argument between a Chinese sick crisis.jpgpatient and a GP in Singapore  when she stormed into his clinic because she did not want to wait.

In times of urgency, finding a reliable doctor becomes a stressful challenge. It is the worst scenario to be made to go from one hospital to another without knowledge at hand. With GetDoc, you’ll not only receive critical information during the time of need, you’ll be able to get a doctor and find yourself a clinic right away.


 The GetDoc’s Story

GetDoc is here simply because we wanted to create a better world where patients are able to make informed decisions about their healthcare treatments. We know that your healthcare experience probably isn’t perfect yet. That’s why GetDoc is not just an app, but we are a listening tool where we create solutions to solve your pain points. One thing we are passionate about — to continuously find a better way to deliver the great healthcare experience that we all deserve. they now cover Singapore and Malaysia.

Best of it all, GetDoc has secured preferential rates

Check them out! https://www.getdoc.co

Kitt design Carbon Fiber Tri Spoke wheelset bundles

Wheelsport is working with KITT Design suppliers to offer this fantastic bundle that you can reserve and book a Wheelsport Fantasy frame in 9-speed or 18-speed configuration with a Carbon Fiber Trispoke wheelset. Note that the wheelsets already costs S$1600 so you are practically getting a REALLY eye turning Tri-Spoke wheel with a very fast MiniVelo frame! Limited units and colours.

wheelsport and KITT

For those who have a Wheelsport Fantasy and want to join the world of Tri -Spoke, Wheelsport is happy to offer a S$100 voucher for you to book one.

Everyone can have a personalised watch – by our very own local watchmaker

As part of our focus on other homegrown businesses and startup. Something close to our hearts – watches.

It all began when one of Schaffen’s co-founders, Jonathan, wanted to purchase a watch forSchaffen tag line.jpg himself. He quickly realised how tiresome it was to find a watch that he found completely ideal.

Instead, he challenged himself to design and build his own timepiece. What followed was weeks of researching, experimenting and consulting watchmakers in and around his home country of Singapore.

Upon completing his timepiece, he instead dedicated it to his father for the latter’s fiftieth birthday. Inscribing his father’s signature on the dial, it further made for a meaningful and personal memento.
It was then that he invited his brother, Nicholas, to start a business venture, with the vision to build an internationally recognised label and the go-to avenue for bespoke timepieces.

Schaffen, in German, means “to create” – and it is for this exact reason they exist – to photo_2017-03-07_16-02-04.jpgempower customers to design what they want to wear, tailoring each piece to capture each individuals’ stories and motivations. Just look at the various engravings they can do for you.

Today, the duo has grown into a team of eight, with senior watchmakers, designers and advisors bolstering the team to service a growing international clientele. They do customisation that truly allows you to have a limited edition.

Create your watch NOW https://www.schaffenwatches.com/

Our card members can quote MBSLOVESSCHAFFEN and get 10% off when you order one.

Schaffen box.jpg

Integrated Service Booking System for MBS and BRU customers


MBS is pleased to announce the extension of bike servicing support for BRU customers. We have agreed with BRU management and team to offer an integrated bicycle service support platform.  This is a reciprocal service between the 2 franchise which are first steps towards an expansion of support and new product offerings – offline and online.

What does this mean for customers? With this shared platform, you can get service at more locations with a combined retail footprint of 5 shops across Singapore.

– BRU and MBS card holders can now book their service support at any BRU or MBS stores
– Online booking allows you to book your appointments at https://mybikeshopsg.com/book-a-service/.

Combining our retail resources will allow us to explore and offer more bike related services to our customers, beyond folding bikes – that will cover new service offerings, loyalty programs, e-commerce and more membership privileges that will be revealed in the next 6 months.

We will progressively start to integrate our branding and operations, it is exciting just to MBS tuneupthink about the possibilities and we are looking forward to offering you more soon! Importantly, there are no changes and only enhancements. More updates will be released over the next few months. Hold on to your MBS Tuneup and BRUcare cards.

Click on Terms and Conditions


2017 – a focus on what’s important in times of uncertainty

2016 has been a difficult year for many. We saw economic downturn, people getting ill due photo_2017-01-01_12-35-50to cancer or diabetes, unemployment rising due to businesses being disrupted. We saw the same sentiment during the financial crisis and SARs hit many. We seem to be heading into that same storm except it suggests a bigger and longer one. The numbers for 2016 Q3/Q4 remain similar, 68-70% of the recently made unemployed are PMETs,  above 45 and are holders of diploma and degrees.  This wave of downsizing brought on by businesses hit by the Internet disruption.

As we brace ourselves for 2017, we take a note from what we learnt but taking a note from John Peters whom I had the privilege to attend his talk in Singapore.  I remember what he said which left a deep impression that when he was faced with impending john-peterstorture and death, what helped him through was a focus on the basics – the things that matter and a goal to see through a goal help him overcome the uncertainties he faced. For him, it was the ability to see his young son become a man that helped him stay focused and to survive.  So in times of uncertainties, go back to your basics.

Not alot of good news but its identical globally. I even had a chance to speak to a similar business in Taiwan and he cheered us up by saying – what Singapore is facing now, we have been facing it for the last 5 years, we have to rediscover how to survive again. What an attitude!

That being said, we should be keeping ourselves fit throughout the year and not just taking13712357_302953993428040_322598037_n action to lose a few kilos after one too many buffets. Am not a big fan of New Year resolutions but the very fact that when we first started this business, we wanted to make EXERCISE convenient and FUN. So we favoured no motor assisted stuff.

Any exercise at all is good, whether it’s inside, outside, in a park, in a gym, in the middle of nowhere – it all burns calories, works your muscles, and give you a mood-lifting boost of endorphins.  We picked cycling and (inline skating then) folding bikes provided urban living Singaporeans the right product for storage and exercise for all ages.Dahon-in-MRT.jpg

While many types of repetitive exercise could potentially cause damage to your joints, cycling does just the opposite. As a low impact sport, cycling boosts your cardio fitness without stressing your hips, hamstrings, glutes and quads. This means you will be able to strengthen your muscles and get fit fast! (see Men’s Health)

Your body will also continue to burn calories for a good while after you have locked your bike up for the day so you will burn calories (without realising) while you shower, have dinner or watch TV. How great is that?

Now that we can bring folding bikes onto trains and buses throughout the day, hit that ideal weight, and reduce your carbon footprint by commuting by bike. Focus on health and those around you. It will help you a LONG way.

Making bread – a unique story of a executive baker

Everywhere businesses are seeing a slowdown. Last year we could blame it on the haze but breadtablethis year, the haze spared us but somehow the uncertainties with Brexit, the recent elections and a global economic climate that appears to be slowing  down. Log onto MOM website  http://stats.mom.gov.sg/Pages/Labour-Market-Report-2Q-2016.aspx Redundancies up, job hiring down. Not exactly happy news.

One man caught in this before decided that he wanted to do something different, to teach top breadmaking and bakery skills to individuals and couples so that you learn a trade and you could start something that would feed your body and soul.

Breadtable – started by executive baker – Joseph Lee who believes in only using the best breadtableexecchefingredients and is one of these new generation chefs who are not afraid to impart to help others learn a new skill and possibly start a new trade.  Joseph has an interesting background, once a top IT senior exec, he was reached his peak and company changed strategy. He took that chance to fund his own passion and then returned to Singapore to start Breadtable.

What does bread got to do with bicycles? Well they both start with “B” but when we hear about of how he started Breadtable and why he continues to do what he does, Bread table is similar with My Bike Shop’s beginnings, started by individuals caught without a job in the time when labour redundancies were high but recognised that physical and mental health and believing that you could still be productive and take care of one’s health despite the bad news around mattered.

So the emphasis on staying fit, improving one’s mental and physical capacity with 4e1f79636f30e30302997624_original.jpgaffordable quality products when you have to give up affluent high ticket items and getting ready for the next upturn. Breadtable offers courses and also workshops to help you learn a trade.

We just want to encourage all SMEs who are facing the crunch and remind all that at the lowest points when you cannot find employment, investing in your health and holding on to those around you that matters – HELPS!



Why scooting isn’t just for kids — 5 health benefits- Strengthens core muscles and your tush

Reposted from https://swiftyscooters.com/blog/%E2%80%8A5-health-benefits-for-scooter-mums/

Yes we see many PMDs around, powered by motor and a rechargeable battery and offering many a commuting choice. However, take a look at Swifty Scooter premium adults skate scooters, they strengthen core muscles and for those who need to get back into shape, using that Skatescooter for your errands or exploring the city or neighborhood REALLY gives you a workout. PLUS it gives you that longer range than running or jogging. We are really helping everyone try to own one of the latest SwiftyOnes and they not only offers you the mobility, they allow you to fold, roll and bring them onto the SMRT (Now that that they have extended folding bikes onto trains the WHOLE DAY!) For December, GET your Swifty Scooter SwiftyOne at S$699.00. The SwiftyOne take up to 150kg.

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If your kids love their scooters, investing in a quality adult version not only gives you a ticket to join the fun on the school run, but also provides a host of additional benefits.


  1. Scooting can increase core strength

How often do we find time in our daily routines for the planks and sit-ups that aid core strength? Scooting is excellent news for core strength, as you balance a scooter you engage your bum. The need for stabilising whilst standing on a scooter places a positive demand on muscles that we all too often take for granted. In particular, having a good foundation of the muscles around the stomach, back and pelvis, can protect against back problems that affects as many as half of us in adulthood.


  1. Aerobic and anaerobic fitness systems get a look in

Scooting on the flat provides an opportunity for gentle aerobic exercise by elevating the heart rate. On even ground, you’ll spend the majority of your scoot-time in the aerobic ‘fat burn zone’, but you’re never far away from an anaerobic challenge, especially if you live near any steep inclines. The moment you hit a hill on a scooter is where anaerobic capacity comes in – hills will challenge you more than on a bike. By challenging yourself in bursts and then giving yourself a break, you’ll give yourself a high intensity interval training (HIIT) session, which is known for greater post-workout benefits including elevated metabolism, for longer fat-burning effects. Scooting up hill also means one thing – there will be a down hill!

  1. core-muscles Say hello to your new bum and thighs

We’d forgive you for thinking that it’s only the kicking leg that gets a workout on a kick scooter. Whilst it’s true that propelling yourself along by pushing off the ground provides a powerful workout, it’s your supporting thigh and glute muscles do the majority of the stabilising work. If you want to go that little bit further for a really good conditioning session, think about engaging your bum whilst in action, and ‘squeezing’ the glute on the kicking leg. Don’t be surprised if your glutes and quads ache for a few days after scooting for the first time, and always remember to swap legs for an even work out!


  1. Challenge your stability ( even more so for ladies after pregnancy )

    Overall stability from top to toe is so important for everyday activities. When we talk about stability we’re referring particularly to even strength in the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, the areas that gets stretched and weakened in pregnancy. It’s important to get those muscles working again for your long term physical well being, and especially so if you enjoy high impact sports like running, where any imbalances are accentuated and can lead to injury.

We all have a stronger and weaker side, yet don’t often have a chance to discover which is which. Scooting can improve your stability as the neurological messaging between your brain and muscles improves when challenged. It’s really important to use alternate legs for an even work out. Try 3 kicks with the left, swap and 3 kicks with the right, once you get into the rhythm, any imbalances should even out as you feel your core muscles engaging.
Exercise: If you aren’t sure which is your weaker side, stand on one leg and bend your knee, then straighten it again keeping as still as possible. One side will feel more stable than the other. For a real test — do this with your eyes shut! Use this awareness in your training.

  1. Mental wellbeing

It’s joie de vivre for all ! It’s hard to resist a smile on a family scoot, and that’s good for the heart and the mind. What’s more, getting involved in an activity that your children already love enables more family ‘togetherness’ time. There aren’t many activities that us grown-ups and young children can share, equally enjoy and you’ll feel the benefits too.


Diabetes – a concern for Singaporeans

A silent killer especially Type 2 Diabetes. we should watch this very carefully. This blog entry is adapted from Texas Diabetes Council. Some hard facts that will make one sit up. That by 2050, 1 million Singaporeans could be affected by diabetes. But diabetes has other longer term complications that makes this disease so dreadful.


In 2005 when we decided with a goal to make exercise convenient but avoid the membership gyms was our goal. Hence the notion of a pair of inline skates, folding bike or that you could unpack  anywhere an exercise you reach home from the office came about.

Many people have diabetes and don’t know it because they don’t have any symptoms. Diabetes causes your blood glucose (also called blood sugar) to be too high. Because the cells in your body can’t turn the blood sugar into energy, the sugar builds up and can damage many parts of your body, such as your heart, kidneys, eyes, and nerves. Over time, diabetes can cause stroke, heart attack, or coma.

Some helpful Myth busters

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In so many years, exercise is one thing but we believe that diet remains the key – what we ingest from carbo and liquids makes that difference! Go for low GI rice – basmati rice, drink alkaline, high oxygen water and take your slow release Vitamin C.

Go for low GI rice – basmati rice, drink alkaline, high oxygen water and take your slow release Vitamin C AND complement that with regular exercise. Those who are high risk to diabetes or already diagnosed with Prediabetic, you can manage this dreaded disease.

There are 3 types of diabetes

What is type 1 diabetes?

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Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin-Dependent Diabetes)

  • The body’s own immune system fights the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.
  • Sometimes called juvenile diabetes, but it can affect people at any age.
  • Symptoms include thirst, frequent urination, dehydration, blurred vision, and weight loss.
  • No cure, but patients can control their blood sugar with daily insulin shots.
  • Not preventable.

What is type 2 diabetes?

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Type 2 Diabetes (Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes)

  • The body doesn’t make enough insulin, or it can’t use the insulin correctly, so the cells can’t process blood sugar correctly.
  • Most common type of diabetes.
  • Often has no symptoms.
  • Family history can increase risk.
  • Being overweight, eating unhealthy foods, not exercising, and having high blood pressure increase risk.
  • Can be prevented with healthy eating and physical activity.

What is gestational diabetes?

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Gestational Diabetes

  • Affects some women during pregnancy.
  • Family history can increase risk.
  • Being overweight, eating unhealthy foods, not exercising, and having high blood pressure increase risk.
  • Often prevented with healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Increases risk of problems during pregnancy.
  • Usually disappears after pregnancy, but mom has increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Babies are more likely to be obese and have diabetes.

Taking a few simple steps can help you reduce your risk and prevent type 2 diabetes.

Set a weight loss goal.

If you’re overweight, the key to preventing diabetes is to lose weight. The most successful plans use a combination of eating healthy foods that are lower in fat and calories, and being physically active. Set a goal that you can achieve. A loss of five to seven percent (3 to 5 kgs for a 75kg person) can have a big impact on lowering your risk of diabetes.

Eat healthy foods.

Choosing to eat healthy foods will help you reach your weight loss goal. Figure out how many calories and fat grams you should have per day. Set a goal for losing one to two pounds each week.

Move more. Walk, Run or Cycle!

Image result for walk run cycle

A different kind of Round Island ride – 11 Dec

RI – better known as Round Island rides have been done by many on Singapore roads aImage result for NTU Round island Singaporend they start typically at 10-11pm when the night is cooler and the roads less busy.

NTU does an annual 128/168km RI and they start from 530am and end by 3-4pm. I find the participants who rent  these bikes a brave lot and many do not make it but the NTU does a good job picking up stragglers.

425470_319867354728380_153299088051875_835451_101251555_n.jpgMany cycling enthusiasts sacrifice their Saturday nights and Sunday mornings to do this 128km route much to the disapproval of spouses but again when you cut down 128km to 4 times 30km routes, it’s not that tough and for the fast and furious you could do this in a flat 4 hrs.


I must admit that this cycling route is truly enjoyable if you are a nocturnal type and can sleep the Sunday afternoon off and be ready for work on Monday. You get to enjoy the cool night, great cycling company of your cycling kakis and even stop by 24-hour eats. In Singapore with all the available 7-11 and petrol stations, you can always buy water or isotonic drinks along the way.

The current Park Connector Network – PCN has come a long way and the covered areas now make it easy for folding bike owners to explore and map against URA’s trails




We are going on an exploratory mission – to do an intermodal RI ride. We will limit this ride for 15 MBS customers on 11 Dec Sunday. RSVP checkmybikeshop@gmail.com.