Repost -18″ FACE OFF : Tyrell IVE & Chedech 5


photo_2016-04-20_12-09-55This article compares two leading 18”wheel foldies. Tyrell’s great compact IVE and the amazing new all-carbon Chedech. Reposted and adapted with permission

Part One: Tyrell IVE

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of small wheels for commuting and city riding but the 16 inch category for a long time was very much a foldable domain that started it all. Bickerton, Brompton and Dahon were the early starters in this field and modern day challengers came in the likes of Bike 1Friday Tikit. With the advantage of modern day design and innovation, many after riding a Bike Friday Tikit would say it’s got the fastest fold and the ride of a big bike. But this is not a review of 16 inch wheeled foldables. It’s a focus on two brands who took the challenge of attempting to give you a better small wheeled commuter.

Commuter Bike Must Haves

  1. Folds small and is light weight
  2. Can be pushed and stays stable when folded
  3. Sufficient gear range for long straight runs within the city
  4. Decent low gears for some small climbs
  5. Fits pannier racks


Hirose Masahito, the ecletic designer from Tyrell Japan gave rise to the preferred minivelo design pitting his rigid frame “slant” design (the M. HiroseTyrell folds around the frame not through the frame for maximum rigidity) against the likes of Dahon and Tern.

In the end, his well regarded FX and FSX (both leading lights of the 20”category), are now ridden by men and women alike who not only want to go fast but look good.

From this obsession of design, great ride, looks and quality, he set to design a bike that would give riders a new experience with the goal of achieving ride performance and yet folding innovations that rivalled compact dimensions of early commuter brands.  He took 2 years as he wanted to offer more to his buyers and so the IVE was eventually born.


IVE – means “the simple one”, even the logo resembles a budding plant, ready to grow in prominence. First look of the bike, compact in fold and can be pushed around after being folded, 11kg, 9 speed Shimano Sora with a 53T chainring (Upgradable to 58T), 18 inch wheels with Schwalbe Marathon Racer.  Kadowaki powder coating painting. Front truss mount. Mounting holds for rear rack and front racks.

3Innovation: Tyrell calls it Swift Folding Technology where at a press of a button, your rear lower triangle is released for folding.

USP: Metal fenders with a roller. I guess Hirose wanted fenders that would last even if you had an impact.

The ride feels firm, no flex exhibited even by a heavy rider like me – 89kg, 1.78m tall. I was told that the current wheelsets are rated for 85kg and if I put on weight, I could upgrade the wheels to Wheelsport Sunny series and that would push the limit to 105kg.

It has an aggressive feel and riding posture and the 9 speed Sora does the job well. Personally I would swap the Marathon Racers for Kojak to get better acceleration.

4Comparing with other bikes that fold small but bear in mind that the IVE is 18 inch wheeled, I felt Tyrell made progress here while not sacrificing ride quality.  Hirose is obsessed with ride quality and when I had a chance to speak with him in his first visit to Singapore, he shared with me about his design philosophy and also how he would not sacrifice ride quality and not achieve his goal for improvements. Mention IVE18BUILD4RIDE from 18 April till 18 May at any of our Singapore dealers and get a FREE RACK worth S$130 when you buy the IVE. (while stocks last)

Chedech 5
7Designed by both a foldable bike rider and Brompton enthusiast.  This story runs similar to Bike Friday when the founders felt that they could build a better touring foldable bike after they purchased two Dahons, used them and found room for improvement.

Chedech is 3 years worth of passion and personal cost where a passion for everything you wanted in a foldable bike was pursued. Frame material, locking mechanisms, wheels size, ride performance.

Chedech works with a high quality carbon fiber manufacturing facility that combines the right levels of carbon fiber weaving, special resin, minimum pre-preg used and the layup to produce a carbon fiber frame that is super strong and light.  The first ride off the block and immediately feel it.  The Chedech could go well below the 9kg level if you put in a single speed hub but it’s a waste.

9The locking mechanisms is an innovation itself. Using spring loaded catches, no more twist knobs and folding latches.  A simple push and turn is ALL it takes, your latches are unlocked.

First look of the bike, compact in fold and can be pushed around after being folded, 8.9kg, 5 speed Sturmey Archer with a 46T chainring. 18 inch wheels with Kenda tyres.  I wished they used Schwalbe Kojak so that the bike can go faster.  Chedech decided to go for 5 speeds rather than 3 speeds Sturmey archer to offer wider range and smoother gear shifts.

10Innovation: Not a standard Carbon fiber frame but reinforced to prevent twisting and improves torsional rigidity. To the layman, it means – less flex and all power transferred from pedal to the transmission with little loss.

USP#1: Carbon fiber frame – m8akes it light yet strong

USP#2: Locking mechanisms that is easy when you fold and unfold.

USP#3: Pedal to the metal! You press, it goes, you pressed harder it goes faster

I know many will want to compare it to older brands with the same folding mechanism but do not just do that. You HAVE to ride the Chedech to appreciate what it stands for: new frame material – carbon fiber, innovations in folding mechanisms, pursuit of improvements, innovation that is now for you to own. It is a design from South Korea, the same country that produces high quality Hyundai cars and Samsung smartphones that we see everywhere.

MITCycleV8 and Chedech5

But for those who need a reference point, I compared it with a MITCycle V8 that sells for half the price of a Chedech. The 18 inch wheels do not look any larger from a distance but its confirmed using 18 inch rims.

Promo code: Mention CHEDECH18BUILD4SPEED and you when you buy the Chedech and get MKS UB Lite pedal set.

BESV PS1- LTA approved PAB eBike open for booking

3 colours

Preorder yours now and get a Preorder bundle worth S$350. Bundle consists of Morpher foldable helmet, Airsmith Floor pump and Tern Cargo rack (Takes 25kg load).

BESV PS-1 Preorder

My Bike Shop, 213 Henderson Rd #01-06 S159553 Contact Tel: 6274 3968

My Bike Shop Too! – 26 Sin Ming Lane #01-120 S573971 Contact Tel: 66941750

My Bike Shop Tres (3) – 106 Faber Drive #01-106 S129415 Contact Tel: 6268 5323

Hey everyone, the world leading PAB that has won awards in Germany, Japan and USA is now available here in Singapore. The new BESV PS-1 pedal-1035_1134_mainassisted electric bicycle is all of these things, and more. Extremely lightweight, the PS-1 is the perfect choice for urban riders, with our advanced proprietary Algorhythm power drive system ensuring the smoothest of rides, for daily commutes and fun rides around town.

Awards won :

China Cycle Creative Award.
Japan Good Design Award (G-Mark) Best 100.
Golden Pin Design Award
German Red Dot Award

Colours available : White, Red and Yellow.

Car-lite beckons and better products are being introduced but will they take off?

Cargo feature

Quote from Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong ;

“Car-Lite Singapore” by promoting and developing other modes of transport, making them convenient. We have to rely less on cars on the roads because we cannot keep on building roads – more roads for more cars. So we will provide more options for Singaporeans that are better than cars. Buses, more of course. Expanding the MRT network – that is happening everyday – but also other modes of transport for example, bicycling…”

So as a business having helped many get into cycling and owning a folding bike so you can enjoy the various infrastructure that the government has invested in, we spared no efforts to work with manufacturers, suppliers and level headed opinion leaders on what would work? So we completed our first wave of cargo bikes that have their own USPs and features/benefits.

Introducing the Tern Cargo Node, Kiffy Flash AND Bike Friday Haul-a-Day.

Cargo Node and Kiffy Flash.jpg

Haul a Day.jpg

Tern Cargo Node – a full sized cargo bike that folds

The Cargo Node is a full sized cargo bike that folds. It’s designed to fit in an elevator, at Tern Cargo Node and Josh24.5 kg it’s easy to store in an apartment. It’s equipped with an adjustable Andros stem, so riders can fine-tune their position on the fly. With a high efficiency dynamo hub and 150 lumen front light, it’s perfect for night riding. It sports wide gearing, so it’s perfect for hilly climbs, even when loaded with up to 160 kg. The Cargo Node is a game changer for people who live in cities. Thanks to 350 lb (160 kg) of carrying capacity, big wheels and an ultra-stiff handlepost, it’s a full-sized cargo bike, yet it folds down to 1/3rd its total volume in only ten seconds. It’s the ultimate transportation solution for people who want to live car-free.

Kiffy Flash – a 2 speed hub adult trike with a front payload

The Kiffy can be disassembled and transformed into a pushable hand cart for use in a photo-yves-salvatgrocery store. The 4-foot-9-inch-long bike folds down to take up just 2′ by 2′, so it’s easily rolled into a subway car or an elevator. A clever front suspension system dubbed “Swing” allows the front of the tricycle to tilt like a regular bike, providing stability even on slopes. Front disc brakes keep everything under control. The inventor, Norbert Peytour, says that cycling is a form of care-free travel, with no fuel levels to watch, little to no maintenance, no engine that can fail. He rejects “advances” like the electric bike, which add complexity (and fuel consumption) to the mix.

Bike Friday Haul a Day

When Bike Friday Co-Founder Alan Scholz and Kidical Mass Co-Founder Shane Haul a Day alan_.1MacRhodes put their heads together to come up with the perfect versatile bike for a Safe Routes to School class leader, the Bike Friday Haul-a-Day was born.The Haul-a-Day quickly earned a reputation as a great Family Bike as word spread quickly through Social Media by mothers and fathers that the Haul-a-Day delivered a great ride.  Watch Alan Scholz vision

The Haul-a-Day is set up for the ultimate in convenience.

  • Frame adjusts to riders (1.2 m to 2.0 m)
  • Starting weight just 16kg
  • Low step-over height
  • Big load capacity, low center of gravity
  • Light and agile, rides like a real bike
  • Made in the USA

Baby steps but we have to start somewhere and with the rules and guidelines getting better and the encouragement for shared paths and tolerance for other users, am sure we will see more and more folks carrying payloads on their bikes. We think and believe Car-lite will be a reality in Singapore!

Haul A Day SG.jpg

Enter the Chedech from Korea!


Retailing at S$2999, the preorder is S$2850.

Adapted from Chedech’s website

Began with a obsession to improve on value proposition that many loved. Compact, easy to fold and filled with style.

One of the joys of cycling is to feel the “wind blowing through your hair and alongside your cheek while riding a bike.

The feeling tempts you to buy a more expensive bike, and you don’t regret the cost. It’s worth it because you will enjoy riding that much more! Before long, you become obsessed with the bike and want to ride it everywhere, even to work. But commuting has it drawbacks — you arrive to work sweaty and have difficulty finding a secure place to keep your bike. So you look out the window every chance you get to make sure the bike is safe. Instead of focusing on your work, you worry about your bike. Therefore, you invest in a folding mini-velo. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but you soon after discover its shortcomings. It’s too heavy to carry; it’s not suitable for long rides; it vibrates more than normal sized bikes; and it’s too heavy and awkward to carry, even when folded.”

You ask yourself, “What good is a folding bike that is too heavy and uncomfortable to ride long hours?” Then your never ending zeal starts and you imagine the perfect folding bike. You desperately want to make it as light as possible, and you don’t care about the cost. After spending several thousand dollars more, you have a light bike, but it’s still uncomfortable. It’s also too expensive to ride everywhere and is missing some essential features. For example, you got rid of one brake in order to reduce the weight. Still, your bike seems heavy and insecure to ride fast and long hours. You wonder if it is possible to make a fast, light, folding bike. Perhaps you could get an Idea of what you want, but it doesn’t exist. Then you discover Chedech, the ultimate carbon folding bike:

1. Folds small in one quick moment, with ease.
2. Light enough to carry by hand.
3. Runs fast and pleasant to ride.
4. Absorbs riding impact for comfort.

Is it possible to make such a folding bike?

◆ The answer comes from the material; Carbon

Every experienced cyclist knows that a carbon frame is lightweight and allows for fast and comfortable ride. Mini-velo’s small-sized wheels deliver greater stress on the rider’s wrists and body, but we can limit the shaking and vibrating movement from riding when we use carbon material. Then we ask, “Why are there so few mini-velo made out of carbon material?” What could be the reason? There you might have stopped your journey, but we did not. So, our investigation and development began from that place. Our hard-working journey took many years, but alas — we designed Chedech!

1. Fast and easy to fold into a small, convenient, compact size.

One of the main features of Chedech is its small-sized folding function, which is perfectly suited for commuting. You can ride many hours without worrying about your endurance, because you can take a taxi or bus when you are tired. And, when you arrive at work you don’t need to let your bike stand alone outside in bad weather, unwatched. You can keep it under your desk and then quickly unfold it for the ride home. Chedech’s folding mechanism was built with time management in mind. We adopted quick release system and even invented new hinge system for the main folding part. When folded, Chedech is secure and easy to carry.



2. Lightweight.

Chedech uses a special carbon material that is used throughout the frame (main and rear) and handles.
All the major parts are made of carbon fiber, and that leads to a comparatively lightweight bike. For example, our chedech is only 9kg. (without pedal)
This lightweight design helps you to ride faster, and you can also ride uphill more easily. Just like a good carbon road bike, it feels like someone is pushing you from behind per each stroke.










3. Strong and Durable.

We completely understand where to use carbon and where to use metal. For the folding hinges, we used metal to keep it strong for folding movements. For the other frame parts we used carbon to keep the bike light and comfortable. In addition, we use a stronger carbon material for the parts connecting the metal hinge and carbon frames. This is done by adding extra chemicals, which make those linking parts stronger than the other carbon areas.


4. Flexibility.

It’s commonly known that a carbon frame gives a much more comfortable riding experience, especially for long journeys. Many bike riders think that it’s natural for a mini-velo to shake and vibrate a lot because of the smaller wheels that rotate more cycles per distance as compared to standard size wheel sets, as well as of shorter forks. We solve this shaking (or vibrating) problem by using a carbon material, because carbon absorbs impact and vibration. Unfortunately, the vibration caused by smaller wheels and forks also cause additional physical stress for the bike rider. So, many people even think a mini-velo is not apt for long rides, but this is not the case with Chedech, which gives the rider a smooth carbon bike and flexible riding experience. You will feel and enjoy the carbon body in each pedal stroke. The bike will glide a long way even you stop pedaling. You cannot help agreeing with top cyclists, who always choose carbon bikes for competitions.

chedech intro 3

This bike was designed with many technical improvement and new inventions.

c-61. Hexa Form of Main Frame.

This clearly indicates our development process. The main frame has a hexa form, which makes the frame resist against a twisting impact. In order to make it foldable into a compact, small size, we adopted a one line frame system, not a triangle system that often leads to an unstable riding condition due to the bike being affected by twisting impact between the handle and the saddle. Therefore, it had to become a hexa form and also thicker than usual pipes bikes are using for their frames.


2. Chemically Reinforced Carbon Fiber.

Our study group tested many different carbon fibers in order to diminish the twisting movement on the frame. We did everything possible to come up with a more stable frame, such as testing different fibers, adding extra chemicals, or adopting various ways of adding carbon sheet per each part. As a result, the final product has a much stronger frame than our first sample bike of two years ago.


3. Hidden Wall Inside the Frame.

To reinforce and strengthen the frame to resist the twisting impact, we came up with a new design concept. A wall is inserted into the frame that gives more support that resists against pulling in one direction. This added a little weight, but it helped us to complete a dream bike that featured a one line carbon frame bike that does not shake while riding. We inserted this internal wall in main frame, handle post and seat post, and our Chedech became more stable than initial models.


4. New Folding Mechanism.

In order to make a more competitive folding bike, we paid careful attention to the folding mechanism. We studied the way other bikes folded and tried to make our own way to attain a more stable and faster movement while folding. The hinge between the main frame and rear frame is a new invention that allows speedy folding and unfolding. Special hinges were developed for this new quick release system. However, we are not completely satisfied with the current hinges and will continue to upgrade them into smoother moving ones.

5. Optimum geometry for a one size frame bike

Most folding mini-velos are limited in frame size due to its folding mechanism, and they offer only one size, regardless of the bike-rider’s height. Nevertheless, it’s very important to design a one frame size bike that is capable of accommodating different sized cyclists. We were well aware of the shortcomings of Chedech, which has short distance between two wheels due to the small folding size. If the bike’s geometry allows a large difference on the bike-rider’s saddle location per height then the bike will be insecure for uphill riding. This is because the front side will not be pressed enough with the bike-rider’s upper body weight. So, we tried to keep the weight balance, regardless of cyclists’ body size, and that made the one size Chedech very stable for most bike-riders, regardless of uphill or downhill cycling. This well-balanced geometry allows a wider variety for the bike-rider and more stability.


6. Speed

The main concern for a bike is speed. But this factor is forgotten for many folding bikes. Most manufacturers ignore speed in order to make the bike foldable. Impact absorption is often sacrificed in favor of small wheels. So, this foldable mini-velo is not fast or does not allow fast riding with added vibration. But you don’t need to worry about losing speed with foldable mini-velo now. With Chedech’s anti-twist main frame design, you can run fast as much as you do with carbon road bike. Most testers started their review with one sentence, that they could feel the riding emotion when they usually have with a carbon road bike, and we think that is good explanation for the final Chedech. It gives fast and smooth riding condition.


7. Weight

All bike designers are stressed-out about weight, especially with folding bike designs. A lighter bike is often the reason someone buys. For a folding bike, weight is a topic of much discussion and research because most cyclists want to carry their bike inside public transportation, into buildings, and even store under their desks. A stable carbon folding bike could not be made for several decades, so the task has been impossible to solve until now. With Chedech, you can have the first hand-carryable, light, folding bike. Chedech is 9.3kg only.


Imported by Innovarisport, proudly ranged by My Bike Shop OutletsMBS Logo

Goodordering – Messenger Bags

goodordering-1 (1)Recently I’ve been trying out this new bike accessory called the Messenger bag (maroon) from Goodordering and I have to say it is a fantastic product. If you’re looking for a stylish bike accessory that you can use on and off the bike, then this is the bag for you.


Right out the gate, I already loved the bright and clean look it has. On closer inspection the thin vertical stripes gives it an extra dimension to its colouring (a manifestation of its retro-inspired design) and the bottom even has little stubs to stabilise the bag when it’s on the floor. To be fair, I can’t give a comparison between it and other bike panniers because I haven’t tried very many (like none at all). But I can vouch for it being pretty light and definitely big enough to fit your computer, valuables, papers, jacket and even a medium sized water bottle.
If you’re worried about looking silly carrying around a pannier/messenger bag with ‘huge’ clips just hide the section away easily by closing the back zip pocket.

When you need your pannier, fold down said zip pocket to reveal bicycle pannier clips. You can (and should) also unclip the adjustable shoulder strap to hide it away when the bag is being used as a pannier.goodordering-3

Speaking of the shoulder strap, while its broadness may seem slightly unwieldy, the larger surface area actually makes for more comfortable carrying once the strap has been worn in, so to all you fellow people who suffer from shoulder pain, yay!

Goodordering #4

Last but not least, the bag comes with a fold-able waterproof pouch (the grey striped thing in the slideshow) which is big enough to stash the entire pannier in on those rainy days when an umbrella is just not enough, thus saving your precious homework, valuables, etcetera from being soaked.

So, there you have it! A quick summary of the Goodordering bag’s features. Feel free to post in the comments below if you have any questions about the product or if you also loved this product:). Ciao for now!


Pay more than S$2500 for a folding bike? Warning – long article


We have almost all the marques from all over the world- Japan, UK, USA and Taiwan. So when it comes to folding bikes, we get customers who appreciate their top end bikes like they enjoy their fine dining, exquisite cars and their finer things in life. Like cars, the exquisite bicycle brands have models with very much similarity.

First, the Alex Moulton range, the cycling equivalent of owning a Bentley or Rolls Royce.
AM GT with Bentley
AM GT with BentleyThe Moulton Bicycle is the original full-suspension, separable, small- wheeled, high performance bicycle, world renowned for speed, efficiency, durability and comfort.
Double Pylon with Rolls Royce.  Expertly engineered for over 50 years and handcrafted in England, these bicycles are the world’s most efficient form of transport – designed for universal use, real performance and comfort.These bikes are not hard to spot, whether gleaming in Stainless Steel or resplendent in a custom paint job. Starting at just over S$8,000 (AM Speed) and running MoultonWebGraphics_03as high as S$32,000 (Double Pylon) the powerhouse of the range is the Moulton Speed in Stainless Steel at just over S$15,000. The Moulton Speed is an exquisite bikes with superior build and performance.

Double Pylon with Rolls Royce
How do you know you are staring at one of the high end, hand crafted Moultons and not

the standard Moulton TSR range (that gets you on a Moulton for just under S$3,000). Other than the refined components, you will notice the “kinked” bottom section of the spaceframe. This is a dead giveaway that you are looking at a top end Moulton, with the enhanced performance and comfort characteristics.
Moulton Jubilee Sportive
The Moulton Jubilee, is all about comfort, whether you are planning a touring trip or want comfort, control and ease of riding as a weekend warrior. We are offering the Jubilee at a great price of S$7,999

Moulton Jubilee Sportive
But not to be too aristocratic about it, the TSRs are truly awesome to ride, thanks to Dr Alex Moulton’s pioneering work on suspension design for small wheels. Moulton have taken everything they learnt in engineering design and conceived the SST. Although no “kinked” spaceframe, Moulton wanted to improve on the TSR series, and have introduced a whole host of engineering innovations – the SST is the result and is YOURS for S$5,999.

Moulton SSTdahon_logo150

Next came the American revolution and putting the first man on the moon. Dahon. 30+ years in folding bikes but like Ford cars, trying to find brand prominence again. Built on the ever popular Mu Rohloff i14 frame, Mu_Rohloff_i14_Folded.jpgthis speedhub_logo.jpgperformance bike sports a top-of-the-line component package for unparalleled riding experience and durability.Fronted by the zero-maintenance Rohloff Speedhub, this internal hubgear gives you 14 speeds to conquer any terrain or slopes. Paired with a Gates carbon belt drive means you have a smooth silent transmission that is clean at the same time, no more fears of oil stains on your pants or skirt! For S$5,500, you take home this beauty,  no need for re-tuning, all the maintenance within the Rohloff hub.

The Japanese challenge came – Tyrell, rising from the East and of the rising sun. They introduced the XF, titanium and complete with GOKISO hub. Very much like the way  Toyota and Lexus came and introduced quality and aesthetics to the eye and handling. The XF will set you back by S$16,000 and a 3 months wait.New-XF

So why S$16,000? Only 50 will be built, the XF is crammed full of innovation.They have used a GOKISO hub. As Hirose-san, CEO and Founder explained; “GOKISO make probably the finest hubs in the business, ensuring super accurate rotational performance.  We wanted the best for the XF”. But that’s not all, Tyrell have also used electric shifting, integrated with a carbon handle. And to achieve a spectacular finish as well as strength and lightness, the XF is built completely in Titanium.

If you want something lighter on your pockets – The FSX , retailing at just S$4,100, you get 406 wheels on lightning fast frames and the 2016 will come with a choice of Ultegra or 105

tern bicyclesTern – brokeaway from Dahon and HQ-ed out of Taiwan, management team trained in the USA and possessing a global mindset. Armed with innovations, Tern is like the Tesla brand of cars. Fast, eco friendly in mind, innovations at many levels,  a new look at folding bikes, putting together innovations at the component levels and winning awards across the globe. Their answer for a top of the line premium bike – Verge X20 retailing at S$4,200 and currently selling at our outlets for S$4000 (excl pedals as most owners opt for clipless or very light weight pedals)

Verge X20

Added 28 Jan – Tern introduced the 2016 Eclipse X22. The Eclipse X22 is designed to be the fastest folding bike in the world. With hand-built 26” wheels and race-tuned geometry, it’s a full sized road bike, but it folds down small in 10 seconds. It boasts an Ultegra drivetrain, and—just in time for the UCI’s new regulations—a set of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. With a stealth black finish, hydroformed fork, red Syntace accents, and perfected engineering, the X22 inaugurates a new chapter in Tern design. AT S$3500 (promo launch price). We would are say its the most affordable top end luxury bike.



Wow, so if you have S$2400 – S$2700 as a budget, that Dahon Mu SLX, Verge X10, or Tyrell FX  10 speeds folding bikes start looking very good value for money. LoL!


10 Speeders





Offering foldable bikes at that S$500 level THAT offers global make and quality


Haze has gone away!* So traditional monsoon season now starts but one thing remains – we need the exercise and we love cycling!  We worked with our suppliers during this period and we lined up a few sub S$450 – S$550 price tag foldables that must meet below criterion:

  • Global brand
  • FIVE years warranty
  • Comes fitted with Fenders and Rear rack (Hey its rainy season and at least there are affordable upgrades)
  • Has at least 6 speeds
  • Designed with folding joints that won’t hurt your fingers
  • Take rider weights of at least 105kg
  • Priced between S$450 – S$550

So here is our lineup (unless stated, prices are without fenders and rack):

TernLink B7, stepped down from Link C7 ( no front luggage truss mount) at S$499, 7 2015Link B7speeds.

Bickerton Portables – the widest line up with  16 inch Junction 1406 S$450. Limited units of the Green. Admiralty blue running low on stocks

pilot-1406-country-f(comes with rack and fenders)


or 20 inch Junction 1306 6 speeds at S$41306 wo fenders50 1306 Fells Red(without fenders and rack)

and 7 speeds Junction 1507 S$499 (without fenders and rack)

DahonRoute 7 speeds at S$499 with fenders Route 2016


So many reasons you buy a foldable bike from us.photo_2015-11-16_23-33-38



So, times could get hard and weather could get wet but the haze has gone away and with a average ownership of a well designed foldable that you would own and ride for 2 years. That’s only a less than S$20/mth for TWO years (or 67 cents a day investment) small footprint, comes with gears and gives you plenty of natural endorphins each time you cycle. Do the maths, you’d understand why you should buy a reputable brand – it’s truly affordable now.


Smooth Operator – BIKE FRIDAY SILK Alfine 11s w/carbon belt drive


So you want many gears on your bike but you still want low-maintenance. Or you are just one of those that dislike the zing-zing sound that hubs make when the wheels roll. You get a Shimano Alfine hub! Or better still, Bike Friday has gone further and paired a Shimana Alfine hub with a Gates carbon belt drive! Alphine 2

We are talking about BIKE FRIDAY’S SILK, from their touring series. The bikes in the touring series are designed to be strong, sturdy and at the same time comfortable to give you that reliability to cover long distances.

First Look

There is no mistaking the charm of a steel bike – the classic feel and toughness of steel that promises to absorb every road shock that comes your way. Bike Friday has remained steadfast to using steel as a medium for their bike frames, and continues to insist on making every frame by hand. This commitment and experience is evident in the SILK we have for our test ride. It has the rigid, balanced frame that marks the Bike Friday brand, and although at 12.0kg it feels like it weighs lesser, due to the low and even weight distribution.  The SILK frame can fit both 406 and 451 wheel sizes, and this writer would recommend you go for the 451-sized wheels for a true “big bike feel” that Bike Friday gives you, which is what we got for on test bike for this article.

The SILK stands out like what its name suggests, to be a silky smooth touring bike. And it achieves that on 2 points – low sound and low maintenance.

Low Sound

And by “low sound”, it might as well be virtually no sound. Because the very big impression that will be left on you when you start riding the SILK is the astoundingly silent ride – the carbon belt drive, internal hub, and mechanical disc brakes all combine together from push off to stopping. There is only the sound of the tyres when they grind on the tarmac, the click of the Alfine hub as you switch
gears, and the “pffftt” sound when you apply the disc brakes to stop. The ride felt almost surreal!

alphine hub

Now that is actually a huge plus point when you are touring, especially in quiet neighbourhoods when you don’t need the whole world to know you are riding in. But the same plus point could also be a “downside” at times – people don’t hear you coming from behind! It was quite fun initially to see people jump when they don’t realise a bike has crept up behind them, but really, you need a bell with this bike!

Low Maintenance

The SILK is relatively maintenance-free – the Alfine hub requires no maintenance,disc brakes the use of disc brakes mean you get reliable braking power regardless the cleanliness of your wheels, and the carbon belt drive means there is no bicycle chain to lubricate. This makes bike ownership smooth as silk too!

carbon belt

10-speedThe Silk is designed as part of Bike Friday’s touring lineup, but it is no slouch in times of ride performance. The rider position would be upright but this bike comes with a telescopic handlepost, so you have the option to lower the handlebar position to lean further and get into an aerodynamic position to really push the bike. And the result is this writer cleared the 30km/h mark without breaking much into a sweat. Impressive!

Commuter Bike

The SILK would be excellent for city living as a commuter bike as well. It folds quickly and neatly within 20 seconds so you can easily store it in a closet or under the table. The low-maintenance nature of the bike makes it great for daily use, and carbon belt drive means no chain drop nor greasy bicycle chain that would stain your pants or skirt!

gates carbon drive

If you like a foldable bike with a clean and neat design, that rides smoothly and silently, and is low-maintenance to boot; whether you are a casual rider or go for long distances – this is a bike you should check out!


The BIKE FRIDAY SILK is available exclusively at our outlets and prices start from SGD $3,200. Speak to our BIKE FRIDAY specialist staff today!

We will be ranging Swifty Scooters soon.

Swifty-ScootersSwifty Scooters was founded by husband and wife team, Jason and Camilla Iftakhar in Manchester UK. Their shared passion for design, sport, and two wheels gave birth to Swifty Scooters, where Jason hand built and assembled the original SwiftyONE in their workshop. The feeling of riding a Swifty brought a sunnier vibe to life in the North West (UK) and has been embraced by customers from all four corners of the globe.

GQ Magazine, March 2012 “when traffic is glacial, trains overloaded and exercise time at a premium, kick scooters are an appealing alternative for city commuters.”

m5verdoPress_GQ_march-all PRESSLivingetc_Swifty04_12b-1024x701

My Bike Shop outlets are pleased to range them when they arrive in Q4 2015. We will be getting demos in by July 2015.

Enjoy the video

Rocketeer — Bike Friday Pocket Rocket 18-speed flar bar


Bike Friday founders are roadies at heart, and while they have created Bike Friday for a portable bike for travels, the roadie spirit is never far away. And in the Pocket Rocket, they have realised this spirit.

BF colours

The same classic steel frame that is characteristic of Bike Fridays is still there, and also the lovely design of the seat post which folds down instead of being lowered when you want to fold, meaning that your seat height position is always fixed and no need to readjust again when unfolding. What you get now on the Pocket Rocket are 22”-sized wheels and caliper brakes for modulating braking power, especially at high speeds – yes you will appreciate when you reach that kind of speeds on the Pocket Rocket. The handlepost does not fold down compared to other models of Bike Fridays, to give stronger stiffness to the bike frame, instead it is held by a round clamp that can only be released with an allen key (nicely provided and secured under your water bottle cage), so it still can be removed when you need to pack down your Pocket Rocket for travelling.

For the recreational rider that would also ride the bike for fitness, and enjoys some speed in the process, you may consider the basic Pocket Rocket with flat bar setup. This particular model is also an excellent entry point for riders to be introduced to the Bike Friday or Pocket Rocket family.

10996024_840091659361982_8744277831204953584_n10403296_840091279362020_1428311864312410972_n 11081333_840091232695358_7109503763198154865_nphoto_2015-04-24_09-48-11

You get 18 speeds on this model – enough to cope with hills and flats, SRAM X5 trigger shifters, SRAM X4 rear derailleur and Shimano Claris brake callipers – components worthy to give you a road performance on this bike. Currently we will also fit you with Wheelsport Smart 1.0+ 451 wheelsets for wheels that roll well and holds speed well (more on that later).

For a test ride, we took the Pocket Rocket (flat bar) to Marina Barrage. Our route went through the city and parts of East Coast Park, to have a good mix of slopes, long stretches of roads and park connectors. Yes, we took the chance to check out the new bicycle connection from East Coast to Marina Bay – a joy to ride!

The 18 speeds on the Pocket Rocket give you low gears to tackle hills and slopes (or when you want to take it REALLY slow), but we really want to mention that the Pocket Rocket is best at the sprint. The 22”-sized (or otherwise 451) Wheelsport Smart 1.0+ pairs well with the bike to give a ride that is easy to roll off (just use the lower gears if you need) and plenty of high gears to hit for more speed, but the beauty of the ride is that the profile rims make it easy to maintain the high speed. Plus with the steel frame and fork (can’t mention enough of that), what you get is a smooth, stable and comfortable high speed ride.

At this point, we bring to you the unassuming nature of the bike, which understates the high performer that it is. At the high speed (35-40km/h range), the bike felt solid and you don’t feel any flex at all. With the big bike feel and handling – characteristics that are standard of a Bike Friday product – you probably may forget at some point that this is a foldie. Don’t take our word for it, experience the joy for yourself!photo_2015-04-24_09-48-16

In conclusion: The pocket rocket stays true to Bike Friday heritage – a portable steel bike that packs into a suitcase and still rides like a big bike. It may not fold as fast or pack as compact compared to other members in the Bike Friday family like the Tikit, but its key offering is that it rides like a roadie.


The BIKE FRIDAY® POCKET ROCKET is available exclusively at our outlets, in a wide range of colours and prices start from SGD $2400. Speak to our BIKE FRIDAY specialist staff today!