1 July updates for our operations

We have seen increasing e-commerce orders and also adopted visits by appointment only, to prevent overcrowding of visitors. At the same time, we observe the increasing number of bikes that are being booked and holding for uncollected bikes is getting hard to manage as customers are constraint to come down due to WFH or work commitments.

So w.e.f. 1 July, the branch in Yishun will be re-designated as a Service/Collection/eCommerce fulfilment location. Henderson will focus on bike viewing/demo/payment location. In addition, we are moving towards adopting more digital means for payments and collections.

So what has changed?

  1. More slots for basic install, half service and full service as we pool mechanics in one location at Yishun.
  2. You will no longer be able to do bike test riding and bike viewing at the Yishun branch.
  3. Henderson will only carry out Basic install.

What has not changed?

  1. All visits for services to both locations strictly by appointment.
  2. Collection of prepaid bikes continue to be available by booking at Yishun and Henderson.
  3. Yishun will continue to accept drop off/collection for bikes sent for agreed repairs, adjustment bookings and servicing.
  4. You can view the upgrade parts; chain, tires, racks, wheels
  5. You can view accessories that are enable you to be safe – lights, bell, phone holders, helmets, lubricants
  6. Henderson will no longer accept bookings for Half or Full service bookings. ONLY Basic installs/adjustments will be available.
  7. Payment via Paynow preferred instead of cash.
  8. Delivery service is S$35/bike to one location accessible by lift

Why the change?

For starters, we have been training a pool of bike installers and it makes sense to pool them for more efficient production and preparation of bikes. We have always designed Yishun as a location for this. This also makes the access to spares easier as it is now consolidated at one location. It also makes sense for us to pool all items for e-commerce closer to the warehouse.

We have plans to commence a bike builder program for our customers when the Covid situation improves. So watch this space.

To offer higher capacity to allowing viewing and test riding, we will have more bike advisers and a wider pool of demos at Henderson when booking opens.

Folding bikes between S$699 – S$999.

The brands we ranged all come with minimum 3 years warranty against manufacturing defects and they look good and come with better specs that result in a better roll, better grips, less flex and you can have the options of adding a front truss and rear racks easily.


With a focus on eco-green focused and value,  The 2021 9 Speed, Windspeed D9 S$850


A new brand with EN4210 offering amazing value for 16. and 20 inch. Our stocks come with 3 years warranty against manufacturing defects and to the first retail owner. Price of bikes range from S$799 to S$1199

Tern bicycles

No stocks and no firm schedules yet.

Accessories from Tern that work on all Tern models BUT you need to install a Luggage Truss and your bike must have a Truss mount. Delivery of Tern AM is S$20 per trip as items are larger.

Bike prices and accessories depicted on the bikes are subject to change. For the avoidance of doubt, please check with the store staff.

I like something even nicer. Click HERE

How about bikes in the premium range that cost S$2000 and above? Click HERE

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When you want a nicer folding bike (S$1200 – S$2500)

In this category, its really a category that we call upper mid end.  Most bikes come with better components and better designs. They ride faster too.

Most have latest drive trains and its a category that you really need to see the details.

Please follow us on FB for next arrival. Expected in Aug.

Banian introduces the R20 Speed.

Tern’s T-Tuned 451 starts with the Verge D9.

For 2021, they introduced disc brakes and new styling. It has bigger race wheels, T-Tuned™ geometry, and for Verge X11/Verge P10 ( they are equipped with 1x drivetrain). It’s about as much value as we could condense into one bike, and it’s ready for any upgrades you can throw at it.

Guide comparing ALL the Verge series

Tern Eclipse D16

Drop bar with a midsection folding joint. Launch price S$1299. 20 speeds and 451 wheels. Comes with Promend saddle and detachable QR55 pedals. 2 colours available – Blue or Yellow. Launch date 4 June.

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Take me back to S$699 – 999 levels bikes

How about bikes in the premium range that cost S$2000 and above? Click HERE

Bike prices and accessories depicted on the bikes are subject to change. For avoidance of doubt, please check with the store staff. Prices excludes racks and fenders.

Hold on to your MBS Tune up cards – you get 10% off your 2nd purchase for bikes and Free return delivery for full serviced folding bikes

  • 10% discount on 2nd bike purchases*
  • Free return transport for Folding bikes sent for FULL service**
  • Applicable from 1 October 2017

MBS Card 1 Oct

Cardholders can get 10% discount for their 2nd purchases and help their friends enjoy these discounts too. Discounts cannot be combined with promotional and clearance items.

Terms and conditions are as follows:

* Cash terms and not applicable on promotional and clearance items

Image result for 10% discount

* Inner tube replacement is no longer extended

* Not applicable for Clearance or bikes on Sale and limited to 3 bikes per purchase

* Owner of original card MUST be present

When you book your bikes for FULL service (Folding bikes ONLY), it now comes with free delivery back to your home or office.

Terms and conditions are as follows:

** Service must be paid in full when folding bike is deposited

** Delivery within Singapore and delivery between 10am to 4pm. ADD S$10 for after 4pm requests