MBS goes to Car Free Sunday April


Calling all MBS patrons. We are going to organise a ride to go along Henderson PCN joining Alexandra Canal Linear PCN via the Clarke Quay to the Civic area. MBS goes toCarfreeSG AprilThe Civic District and parts of the CBD will be transformed into a walkable, cyclist-friendly, and activity-filled precinct for families and friends at Car-Free Sunday SG. With the roads free of cars, the streets can be given over to walkers, joggers and cyclists while

the adjacent spaces will host sports and fitness sessions, family-friendly activities

and a breakfast picnic area.

From 7am to 9am, the roads around the Padang – St Andrew’s Road, Stamford Road and


Connaught Drive – together with Fullerton Road will be fully closed to vehicles, while Shenton Way and Robinson Road will be partially closed, creating a car-free walking, running and cycling route of approximately 4.7 kilometres. St Andrew’s Road and part of Stamford Road will remain closed until 12pm

Our first workshop at our new MBS premise @Henderson


Hi everyone,

We have received alot of requests for this free workshop that we organise for our members. Members of MBS are those who possess and hold our MBS Tuneup card. Please do RSVP by email to checkmybikeshop@gmail.com

So keep the 26 Mar 930am free, strictly for members and 1 member/card as we are trying to manage 30 pax for this event. Of course do let us know if you have a guest and we will try to accommodate but priority for MBS card holders so email us please if you have only 1 card but have a need for another person to attend.

You will be taught essentials for bike care, buy cleaners and lubricants at 15% off and test some bikes that are being featured for the very first time in Singapore.

My Bike Shop Tres – end of season Exclusives

MBS3 xclusives

End of season  units on SALE. Project bikes and pilot configurations that are done before we commit to a container on SALE too! But we are having these at My Bike Shop Tres ONLY.  WHY?

For starters, FREE PARKING. Secondly, we have our longest serving Mechanic (8 years) – Jelani there and the warm friendly service of Nikki, Liz and Jing (New). And the cafe@ Bucktile Street next door has a pleasant ambience and good coffee.

These bikes are now on Sale. MBS Tune up card holders get an additional 5%

So give us a call if you are keen. Tel 6268 5323.

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More will be released here.

My Bike Shop – Reloaded

Hi everyone,

MBS reopen.jpg

My Bike Shop – RELOADED. We have started operations and begun to know who our neighbors are. There is a Church on the right and a planned canteen on the left. The sheltered walkway even offers our customers to keep testing even if there is rainy weather.

As in the words of the late Glenn Frey of Eagles joked to the audience: “For the record, we never broke up; we just took a 14-year vacation.” MBS- the original took a 2 month vacation LoL! See you folks at the new store and watch our freemiums with bikes purchased here.

How to get here:

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Sneak preview of new location for My Bike Shop – Original outlet

MBS new loc map

Hey everyone,

Yes,  reno works are underway and we are almost there. Contractors are doing their best but some things just cannot be rushed.  Wacth this space as we kit out My Bike Shop before the Chinese New Year!

MBS consolidated overview

We have lined up a brand new showroom with an expanded section to include Road bikes , components and latest lifestyle products.

How does one get there?

If you drive, head towards the old HDB Hub, its now known as Surbana, turn into Henderson Rd, turn left once you see Scanteak which is at 211. Go all the way down, along 221 and its a circular road heading towards the main Henderson Rd again BUT  before you exit, turn left into the CP that goes into Blk 213.

If you come by Bus, you can alight at the Bus Stop right in front of Blk 213 Henderson, Bus service: 57, 145, 175, 176, 272, 273

If you end up at Bkt Merah Bus Interchange, its a 5 min walk.

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What happens when you want something better in a folding bike after you looked at Entry level bikes?

Riding at PCNs

Why 750 - 799

LATEST 17 Feb 2016

Come the launch of the JDM Dahon Boardwalk. Price S$699 ( S$650 launch price) this bike has that classic and Japanese infused chic



We have been moving good quantities of folding bikes in the the S$750 – S$800 category. The brands we ranged all come with minimum 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects (Omnipax come with 2 years) and they look good and come with better specs that result in better roll, better grips, less flex and you can have the options of adding front truss and rear racks easily.

luggage truss front options

Feedback from many of our customers point out plusher ride, better rolling, big apple tiressturdier handlepost but for some, they say – cannot feel the difference. That’s why at MBS, we encourage our customers to come dressed for bike trials and you can decide for yourself.

Due to out of stock situations, we did not feature the Bickerton 1808 and the Omnipax R6  right now but we inserted photos into our Media slideshow. However we are watching this space to see if we can get more stocks from suppliers. Straight talk, no sales talk, we post feedback from customers.


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10 years @ Jalan Mas Puteh and we will be taking a short break in Nov 2015. We will be back!

mbs moving

mbs moving

Some of you may have guessed it but My Bike Shop @ JMP is relocating. A decade of serving many of you for your folding bike needs and we started with brand, 3 models to today 11 brands and more than 55 models. It’s been a great serving our customers!

As the changing needs of customers evolve over time, we are  thinking hard what mapwe should do and the team is working to brainstorm so we will be back by early Q1 2016. We will retain the name –  “My Bike Shop” but,  located nearer to town. Those who stay in the western side of Singapore, – head to My Bike Shop Tres (3) , its just 7 mins away!

Here is a collage of photographs of our story – our store, the staff, the rides, the workshops, the demo days, doing good by supporting fund raisers and the many friends we made. Thanks for the memories.

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The My Bike Shop bike support program – MBS Tuneups

My Bike Shop – Entering our 10th year – new bike support policy – MBS Tuneups

10 years

My Bike Shop (MBS) values your patronage and support that has enabled us a decade in the business of folding bikes. A folding bike purchased from us can be used well and for a long time as we stand by the quality of the brands of folding bikes that we range.

MBS doing what we love

We have achieve a significant milestone dealing in folding bikes, thanks to everyone who made this happen! Buying from a local bike establishment means your bikes will have a support plan and the establishment is around to help you keep your bike at tip top shape for ride safety. As labour costs rise and labour is tight, we have been working towards ensuring our customers get the necessary bike support/services so we needed time to build this up.

It’s not getting easier and it alot goes behind the scenes to ensure that we have the necessary bike range supply, parts supply and knowledge and trained staff, but we sat down and we are going for it!

Picture1 (2)We are pleased to launch My Bike Shop – MBS Tuneups.  If you discover a manufacturing defect that is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we will contact the manufacturer/distributor, and perform all replacement labour for free during the first 2 years of purchase. Shipping charges and local delivery charges may apply.

2 years

We stand by our effort and commitment to our products. We give every new bike a full tuneup during assembly including truing, and every bike we sell is eligible for a full year of free tuning to keep your bike running well. This is applicable for all bikes purchased since 1st Jan 2014.

What is covered in MBS Tuneups :

• Original parts on folding bike purchased at MBS, owned by the first owner.
park tools• We carry out one about a month after you buy the bike*, and another any time you need it within the year.
• Covers brake and derailleur adjustments, hub, bottom bracket and headset adjustment
• Tighten any loose nuts and bolts.
• Any adjustments covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.tube
Free 2 years inner tube replacement for 2 years from date of ownership for first owner based on original tire profile, subject to a maximum 12 inner tubes a year
• Must be booked via our online booking system Monday to Friday
Proof of ownership will be original invoice and warranty card matching owner registration and loyalty card*

What is NOT included:
• Crash damage or user neglect or use outside the manufacturer’s recommended use
• Non-original parts and accessories.
• Labour cost to install new parts and accessories (except for brake pads and chains).
• Tire replacement due to road damage or neglect.
• User maintenance such as lubricating the chain and parts and proper tire inflation. But we’ll be happy to show you how to do these yourself.

*Why do we recommend a one month tuneup?
Every bike in the world experiences a mechanical run-in period. This means that the moving parts wear against each other and produce that last bit of adjustment before they settle into a stable relationship and fit for the rest of their working life. The length of the run-in period depends on extent of use, but is usually a month after the first use. This means the cables stretch, the wheels will need truing one more time, and bolts may vibrate loose. A tuneup shortly after the run-in period means you keep the mechanical parts in a good fit and avoid possible problems in the longer term.

Caution – Fraudulent site and persons representing My Bike Shop SG business

Fraud Alert

Dear all, it has been brought to our attention that person(s) and parties have misrepresented themselves as My Bike Shop SG outlets,  impersonated staff emails and even owners of the business. They have been found using unauthorised use of names, logos and images of our branches. We like to highlight that the brands of bike brands that we sell  are found on authorised web/blog pages  www.mybikeshop.com.sg or our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MyBikeShop.

My Bike Shop Outlets are  GST registered and ACRA listed. Please check before you complete any purchase and do not provide credit card details or personal details online. If in doubt, please call us at 67757133 or 66941750 or email us at checkmybikeshop@gmail.com so it is recommended that you check before releasing personal details and credit card information to the site.

The relevant authorities have been alerted but we have been advised to post up an alert. The illegal site has been closed down and if you do find any of such phishing and fraud sites, please notify us at checkmybikeshop@gmail.com