Change of operating hours for Mon – Fri from 1 Sep 2016

Hi everyone,

We have been tracking and analysing our customer traffic patterns and also take into consideration of the welfare of our staff. We will revise our closing time to 7pm on weekdays BUT closing time will stay 730pm on Saturdays.  This will mean if we have rides in the mornings or evenings, the earlier closing time will allow our staff to get home for dinner and also organise earlier start time for organised rides and workshops.

1 Sep.jpgThis will take effect from 1 Sep 2016 and we apologise for any inconvenienced caused.

MBS offers our members a special corporate rate for the 42 km Sportive ride at the 2016 OCBC cycle

The Sportive Ride (42km) 2 October 2016 Sunday Start 5:15am

All members can sign up our Corporate rate* for only S$67 ( this price is registration without OCBC jersey) but you can opt to buy the MBS 2016 Jersey for only S$30 (Usual S$65)

Closing Date: 29 August 2016

OCBC cycle 2016 DM

Some old photos of our OCBC participants from 2011

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Carfree Sunday July – field report

MBS Carfree Sun

Hi everyone, the Carfree Sunday has been a great hit with everyone and it’s not just cyclists on roads that are car free, you get a very varied group of walkers, joggers, kick scooters, skaters, taibo, unicyclists, PMDs, parents, kids, etc just coming together to enjoy the Civic area.

In the morning, Ms Grace Fu graced (No pun intended) the occasion but there was a singing of the National anthem and reciting the pledge. Really felt like being at the Padang for National Day. She was in good form and even did the dance moves to the new National Day parade song.photo_2016-07-31_14-34-17.jpg

One special mentioned was 2 performers who were blowing bubbles and the kids loved them! They are Sandie and Caroline (, so fun watching them!

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And food and snacks, how can a Singapore event do without food and snack. We saw our MBS Henderson neighbour  – Coffee Bandits who are part of Fuel, but encouraging to see food trucks becoming a common thing for Singapore.


Our Team Singapore athletes were there to also take a photo with you. All the best to our young athletes in Rio!


So the Car Free Sundays take a break till October 2016. But to see what you missed, enjoy the collage of photos. It was great cycling with customers and JOIN us the next time. But we have to thank the unknown hardworking crew from the MND, URA, NParks, LTA and SSC.  加油!

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Offering foldable bikes at that S$500 level THAT offers global make and quality


We need the exercise and we love cycling!  We worked with our suppliers during this period and we lined up a few sub S$450 – S$550 price tag foldables that must meet below criterion:

  • Global brand
  • FIVE years warranty
  • Optional Fenders and Rear rack (Hey its rainy season and at least there are affordable upgrades)
  • Has at least 6 speeds
  • Designed with folding joints that won’t hurt your fingers
  • Take rider weights of at least 105kg
  • Priced between S$450 – S$550

So here is our lineup (unless stated, prices are without fenders and rack):

TernLink B7, stepped down from Link C7 ( no front luggage truss mount) at S$499, 7 2015Link B7speeds.

Bickerton Portables – the widest line up with  16 inch Junction 1406 S$450. Limited units of the Green. Admiralty blue running low on stocks

pilot-1406-country-f(comes with rack and fenders)photo_2016-06-01_18-22-28

or 20 inch Junction 1306 6 speeds at S$450 (without fenders and rack)

and 7 speeds Junction 1507 S$499 (without fenders and rack)1507 .jpg

DahonRoute 7 speeds at S550 with fenders Route 2016

So many reasons you buy a foldable bike from us.

So, times could get hard and weather could get wet but the haze has gone away and with a average ownership of a well designed foldable that you would own and ride for 2 years. That’s only a less than S$20/mth for TWO years (or 67 cents a day investment) small footprint, comes with gears and gives you plenty of natural endorphins each time you cycle. Do the maths, you’d understand why you should buy a reputable brand – it’s truly affordable now.

Read what

Twin promos from Bickerton

Twin promos 6 speeds

Bickerton bikes, a brand associated with folding bikes 40+ years back. Only older brand that has survived and has an older history from the UK is Moulton. Bickerton held many designs and patents used in today’s folding bikes.

They are just great when it comes to folding bikes offering mass appeal with value. This June check out their promos.

For more promos, click Me

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Bike Friday’s top secret project – world’s first back pack foldie

Worlds First Backpack Bike (and it is under 20lbs!).BF

We expect this innovative new bike to be the best selling product we have ever created.

Bike Friday needs your feedback to help birth this new fantastic bike. We are now at the final stage in product development where we need your feedback to make some final design decisions.

—Please fill out this survey after you watch the video—

Give us your feedback here:

Bike Friday Backpack



A visit to the URA City Gallery and an inside guide from CLC

Hi everyone,photo_2016-05-06_23-29-06

Since the last Car Free Sunday that we took part and brought our customers, I was given a chance to understand more how our city planners were working hand in hand to encourage our goal of being Car-lite.  Yes, I am appreciating much more of what the MND and the authorities such as the URA and the CLC ( Centre for Liveable Cities brings together Singapore’s expertise on photo_2016-05-06_23-31-04sustainable urban development across public and private sectors. It aims to distil and develop Singapore’s experience in good governance, integrated urban planning, effective resource management, affordable quality housing, efficient transport management and environmental sustainability.

I was given a tour of the Singapore City Gallery and what struck me was the history that Singapore underwent and how much depth and forward planning has our city planners been quietly working behind the scenes to blueprint what Singapore has today and beyond. I had a enjoyable time. One word – I was IMPRESSED.

Speaking to the a very passionate manager from CLC, it was apparent that our authorities and government realised that this City state must go beyond the hard aspects of amenities and facilities but about how everything works for the population that is aging and where the mix is changing. I was encouraged that despite her young age and sociology background, she was able to apply her graduate education into the hard science of urban planning.

Attached are photos from the gallery. I enjoyed the models of the city state and also the CBD. Now I know how Gulliver felt in Liliput.

Singapore City Gallery, the only permanent exhibit that tells the story of the nation’s physical planning efforts, has 10 thematic areas and more than 50 audiovisual and


interactive exhibits occupying the first three floors of the Urban Redevelopment Authority building on Maxwell Road, between Singapore’s Chinatown district and the Central Business District. The first floor is reserved for temporary displays on topics such as urban planning, architecture, and other areas relevant to the Urban Redevelopmphoto_2016-05-06_23-31-38ent Authority’s remit. The second floor houses a scale replica of central Singapore, called the Central Area Model. The third floor comprises permanent exhibits on topics such as preservation of historically significant buildings, sustainable development, and urban design. The Gallery as a whole occupies a total area of 2400 square metres. The gallery is open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday, and is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

If you happen to get a chance to have an hour of so, I highly recommend anyone who is into understanding better of our historical landmarks to visit the Gallery and enjoy the displays that prove to be surprising and entertaining. The people who put the exhibits spared no details and mapped old pictures to current ones. See below:


I will be back there for more. Best place to hangout and learn so much more about Singapore city life and also the depth of our City planning.

Beating red lights, no registration fees to cycle on car free roads and a chance to see the Civic district up front and personal



The team at My Bike Shop took to the Car Free Sunday Singapore for April and braving the forecast of thunderstorms, we met the team and a few customers turn up at our Henderson outlet at 645am.

The  sky was still dark when we started but it allowed us to take our latest bikes for a spin.photo_2016-04-24_12-07-54

The weatherman forecast thunderstorms but we went ahead.

A bit about the Car Free Sundays

Car-Free Sunday SG turns part of our city into a pedestrian and cyclist friendly precinct and creates a 5 km route of closed roads in the heart of the city. It is part of the larger movement towards a car-lite Singapore, envisioning our city with fewer cars.

Car-Free Sunday SG takes place on the last Sunday of every month, with exciting line ups of activities for each edition!

The National Gallery Singapore, Asian Civilisations Museum, and Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall will open earlier at 9am.

Street performances will also be held at Esplanade Park, Connaught Drive and Empress Place throughout the day till 6pm.

This Car Free Sunday for April was slightly different, LTA AMU organised a flagoff that began after everyone had a chance to make a pledge for safer riding


Although its only 5km in distance, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of momentumcycling through busy Shenton Way. I got to beat red lights, avoid ERP, no need to pay high carpark charges I typically have to pay in the CBD, but most important, I could see plenty of sights in the CBD up front close and personal without the worry of cars hitting me from the back. I get to see exactly how the Momentum is constructed.

Sure you get a longer distance with the OCBC Cycle events but this event is “free”, no registration fees to pay, just grab a folding bike (or not) , hop on the train as its Sunday and come discover the Civic District. It’s truly worth the effort. Feel you like to just cycle there from home? JUST DO IT! Singaporeans are an active bunch as we saw so many people doing aerobics, yoga and people just photo_2016-04-24_12-18-24walking or jogging so it is not just a cycling thing.

The MBS team split up and went exploring the sights along Boat Quay and Clifford Pier, and had alot of fun just enjoying the architecture of our beautiful city centre. Pardon my bike as it really brought me around covering more ground than I could if I relied on walking.

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After an hour of exploring, I stumbled onto Prive, situated just beside the Asian Civilisation Museum,  who served a very decent egg benedict and the flatwhite coffee – a MUST try!

Best-Eggs-Singapore-prive-eggs-benedict photo_2016-04-24_14-08-21











So a MUST Do and a Must try. If you own a folding bike and you like to experience what we experience last Sunday. You just got to try it. We will try to organise another Car Free Sunday ride but the URA and LTA does deserve feedback and encouragement for them to do MORE of such events.

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