Book a service/appointment



With the goal of preventing long queues and overcrowding to stay compliant to Safe distancing.  From 27 Sep, all visits will be strictly by appointment and TWO pax (max) per appointment.

We will also limit each visit to 1 hour max to allow the next appointments to start on time.

Please take note that Yishun location will cease from 15 Sep and will be relocated to 9 Thomson Hills Drive where bike trials will be available too.
Thomson Hills will be operational from 18 Sep. Thomson Hills will offer bike testing/sales/basic, half and full service/bike handovers.
Henderson continues with bike testing/sales/basic tuneup/bike handovers.

Take note that we will not accept walk-in requests.

We work on bikes sold directly from us. We will not work on bikes that are too neglected where servicing will not help make the bike serviceable. If it is model we may have some domain knowledge, we can look at it only when resources are available and by appointment.

Process after booking as follows:

  1. Confirmed appointments will be sent via email to you.
  2. Please come at your appointment time.
  3. If it is a bike repair/service drop off, an assessment will be given and payment upon acceptance of bike before work is carried out.
  4. Should you need to cancel, the cancellation link is on the email.

Please ensure that you collect the bike within the next working day of being notified or we will charge storage S$10/day for bikes not collected as we have limited space and it impacts the load we can handle.

When you come for your appointment, we will go as follows:

  1. An assessment will be given and payment before work is carried out
  2. Take note that our servicing scope DOES NOT cover repair for key parts that are neglected and damaged. Our staff will do a assessment and collect a S$300 – $400 deposit to repair the parts before we can commence on servicing
  3. Important that you bring all your original receipts and warranty registration for verification.
  4. Once the bike is repaired/serviced, an appointment will be arranged for you to collect you bike.
  • Paynow info:
  • UEN No: 201305537D (MY BIKE SHOP TOO PTE LTD) 
  • UEN No: 201305952M (MY BIKE SHOP PTE LTD) 


All MBS Tuneup cards holders. PLEASE Read:

For non Cardholders, S$35 delivery deposit to be collected for Non-Card holders. To avoid any doubt, as an example for a Full service dropoff. We will collect S$220+S$35 before starting the work and will refund the S$35 when you collect the bike timely. If not we will arrange for the delivery service.

Please ensure that you are not going away on a planned absence and leaving your serviced bikes at our premises as we have space constraints. For members with valid MBS Tuneup, complimentary delivery to your home after completion of FULL service works is Mon to Fri between 12 noon to 6pm.

MBS Tuneup cards are NOT TRANSFERABLE and our staff will verify the ownership against the original registration. All incomplete cards will be rejected.   All attempts to fraud will be reported to the police.

With effect from 1 October 2020, BRUcare cards will no longer be recognised for bike support cover.