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Booking a Service 

Service appointments: please book your slots at

RD FDWe provide basic adjustments and repairs for customer bicycles from Mondays to Fridays at MBS Too@North Spring Bizhub Yishun & MBS@Henderson.

If you can only come down on Saturdays,  take note that to maintain attention and care on bikes, we can only accept 2 Basic service slots during stipulated times. When bike holding is full, we have to reject requests.

We have limited space for holding and often customers ignore our pleas and we end up not being able to take on more bikes to work on.

For those who are planning to go overseas and not be available to collect their bikes after repair or service, we reserve the right to refuse service.

Any spare parts quoted are based on best estimates and excludes labour. A S$25 assessment fee applies should you want to leave your folding bike which will be waived if the repair is done.

We will not work on bike brands and models that we do not sell and priority is given to bikes purchased from our stores.


All MBS Tuneup cards and BRUcare card holders. PLEASE Read:

The price for Full Service will now include a free transport for your serviced bike back to your office or home Mon to Fri between 10am to 4pm. This is a S$35 service that we will absorb as part of the S$220.00 (card holders will get 10% discount on this service). Please ensure that you are not going away on a planned absence and leaving your serviced bikes at our premises as we have space constraints. For non Cardholders, the transportation fee can bearranged for S$35 payable at the time of service instruction. For non card holders. we will collect S$220+S$35 before starting the work and will refund the S$35 when you collect the bike timely. If not we will arrange for the delivery service.