2 June post CB – Advisory on repairs

Looks like we can now attend to repairs by appointment. Access to store is still not permitted.

With the revised advisory, we will be able to attend to REPAIRS.

Process as follows:

  1. Appointments will be scheduled by our staff
  2. Please only come at your appointment time and call the mobile number furnished. The staff will attend to you outside the store premises when the booking time slot tallies with the customer
  3. An assessment will be given and payment via Paynow/UEN before work is carried out
  4. Once the bike is repaired/serviced, an appointment will be arranged for you to collect you bike.

Please ensure that you are punctual as only confirmed appointments will be entertained. We will charge storage S$10/day for bikes not collected as we have limited space

Bike and accessories Sales will be via Online and Delivery Only

To all our new bike owners during this CB period

First and foremost – A BIG Thank you!

Second, please stay safe and healthy from COVID19.

During the CB period, we will hold Zoom sessions while on this extended CB period to cover:

1.Folding /Unfolding your bike (if the videos do not help)

2.Answer any more questions that you may have about care of your bike.

You will get an invite from the Sales team after the bike has been delivered. Missed your invited session? Not to worry, email us and we will add you to the next scheduled session.

In the meantime, please watch the Videos at https://mybikeshopsg.com/as-we-serve-you-via-online-social-media-here-are-useful-videos/

Supporting sales through Social media, Whatsapp and Email


By definition, our storefront is not classified as essential services. However we are allowed to provide repairs/urgent service issues strictly by appointment.

Store access remains prohibited.

We have been using Facebook Messaging for live presales support and FAQs.

Payment will be strictly by PayNOW/UEN to the respective store bank accounts. And we will email the code/UEN so that no mistakes are made and we will not accept payments to personal mobile numbers and accounts (so no scammers please).

Delivery service is now possible at S$35/trip for 1 bike and ADD S$10 for 2 bikes.

Need a model you do not see? please email or reach us on Facebook.

What can one choose when you are looking for foldable bikes with 26 inch wheels

26 inch wheels are what many of us grew up with when it comes to bicycles.

Can I get them with folding mechanisms?  The answer is YES.

While we understand the familiarity we have with larger wheels and the misconception that we have to pedal harder, today’s technology has made small wheeled foldables riding KEEP up with larger wheels. In fact sometimes with the right transmission and fitness, small wheeld foldable outrun bigger wheels.

Here is a helpful picture

If for reasons of height or build and preference, you want a large wheel, we have the following to choose from:

The only brands that we carry that has this category is Tern.

Tern Joe series.

Joe C21 13.9 kg is a full-sized bike that folds down small. With 26” wheels and 21-speeds, it excels wherever you can take it. At S$699 not much to complain about.


Joe P27 is a true 27.5 incher format. Weighing 14.2 kg. Bikes for day-in, day-out transportation need to be ready for the urban landscape of potholes, rail crossings, curbs and more. With big 27.5” 

wheels, hydraulic disc brakes and a generous complement of 27 gears, the Joe P27 gives you the full-sized ride you want. The new Joe-fold tucks the handlebars inside the bike, which means less side protrusion and a folded size that’s nearly 50% smaller than the last generation

 The latest Eclipse series

They come in 18, 20 and 22 speeds.The Eclipse family of 26 inch wheeled bikes is a ground up rethink about two-wheeled urban transportation. If you’re going mostly car-free in the city, your ride needs to handle grocery bags, all kinds of weather, riding at night and most importantly, give you day-in, day-out reliability. It also needs to play well with buses and trains for those longer commutes. And when you’re done, it should fold up nicely and out of the way, safely waiting for tomorrow’s ride.

Eclipse D16 – 18 speeds starting at S$1500 14.8kg


and the marque Eclipse X22 11.8 kg  S$3800

If you want the ultimate performance folding bike, the Eclipse X22 is definitely the way to go.

If you want a comfortable and fast bike but you don’t want the lightest or smoothest shifting or fastest, the Eclipse P20 is a great choice.

If you want a comfortable but lighter on your wallet, the Eclipse D16 is your best compromise.

Take me back to S$500 budget levels bikes

When you want a nicer folding bike (S$1000 – S$2000)

In this category, its really a category that we call upper mid end.  Most bikes come with better components and better designs. They ride faster too.

Most have latest drive trains and its a category that you really need to see the details.

Dahon MuSP9

The Mu SP9 is suitable for long rides in an elegant form that makes use of nice curves and smoothen welding. Lighter on the wallet but appealing to many.

Key specs: 11.1kg on 451 wheels 9 speeds S$1,100

Dahon MuSL10

The Mu SL10 is your ticket to ride. A disciplined performer, it pairs our responsive Dalloy frame with a 10-speed SRAM GX Rear Derailleur and X5 trigger shifter, making a folder to remember.

Key specs: 10.9kg on 451 wheels 10 speeds S$1,400

Tern Verge D9 2017 series with T-Tuned geometry

The Verge D9 is a trailblazer. Born out of our 451 Verge design philosophy, it has bigger race wheels, T-Tuned™ geometry, and a wide 1x drivetrain. It’s about as much value as we could condense into one bike, and it’s ready for any upgrades you can throw at it.

Key specs: 12.1kg on 451 wheels 9 speeds S$1,400 restocked in Q3 2020

And Tern introduces the Eclipse D16 (it’s 18 speed actually)

How about bikes in the premium range that cost S$2000 and above? Click HERE

Take me back to S$699 – 999 levels bikes

Take me back to S$500 budget levels bikes

Bike prices and accessories depicted on the bikes are subject to change. For avoidance of doubt, please check with the store staff. Prices excludes racks and fenders.

25 health benefits of Cycling

Thanks to https://doctriathlon.com with this graphic.
25 Health Benefits of Cycling

We have had couples who shared good news of wives being pregnant, individuals who had metabolic illnesses (Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. These conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels) improved, people able to walk better..so many other reasons why we do what we do.


Precautionary measures during this COVID-19 outbreak – Let’s fight this together!

Hi everyone,

The last SARS in 2003 and repeat Haze situations taught us a few things and so we have been quietly taking action to safeguard our staff and our customers who patronise our stores.

What have implemented?

Hand sanitisers recognised by authorities and used during SARS.

Allegrini products do not hurt your hands while it protects. Available for sale at S$25/bottle.  MBS Tuneup card members get 10% off.   We have deployed them for use and you can FEEL the difference.


UV NASA technology Air purifiers

We have Air Oasis UV air purifiers  deployed that

Image result for air oasis G3

reduces unwanted contaminants using AHPCO® technologies to break down pollutants on a molecular level. It is a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. It removes Allergen, eliminates Odours and get rids of up to 99% of unwanted odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Noticed that you do not get the smell of tire rubber in our stores?

Air Oasis technology reduces mould, viruses, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces by 99%.

Stepped up hygiene and shop sanitisation

We are very diligent about regular aircon servicing and also mopping of the shop floor. So this COVID-19 outbreak, we stepped up our mopping and wipe down of demos.bikes.

With the increased precautionary measures, we have adopted the temperature-taking of walk-in customers. Taking of temperatures before you step in and soon we have to limit the number of customers in the store to 10 at any one time. We will provide some chairs outside the stores while you wait.

Ultimately, staying fit and enhancing your immunity is still key. So stay safe and keep riding!

We have taken all recommendations like 1 metre distancing and also temperature taking.

So come on by MBS stores, we do what we can. so that all customers and staff are safeguarded as best we can.

TIME pedals trial program

Many reasons why we wear cycling shoes

Develops the same muscle groupin your legs.

They make me feel safer and more secure.

They can prevent injury.

Great for a surge in power.

So we ranged the world leading pedals and cleats from TIME and alot has been said how easy it is for engagement and disengagement BUT do not take our word for it. TRY IT!

We have a trial program which is simple and allows you to test them out with your own shoes and bike.

Why TIME pedals?

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FitNox – 100% plant-based – Long term supplementation to help improve endurance and performance.

12 years ago, when we first started thinking about folding bikes, it was not about bike sharing or commuting but a desire to encourage cycling as an exercise. Form factor and risks of riding on the road discouraged many. We had so many fitness clubs and 24×7 gyms pop up in the CBD and heartlands.
Still we miss being outdoor and the Npark’s 800km+ shared paths, offering  safety and great networks for discovery and outdoor made many to realised that owning a folding bike that has a small stowage footprint and an ability to keep in your car gives you a chance to exercise in the outdoors.
So now that you can exercise safely and at locations away from the roads, comes the next considerations – Recovery, nutrition and a targeted exercise plan. As we age, our bodies slowdown on deriving nutrients and physical inactivity is the modifiable risk factor to Alzheimer’s disease, type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndromes.

FitNox – Unique formulation covering seven functionalities which are very essential for Physical endurance of the athletes.

Sports/performance nutritional supplements help the athletes to perform high-intensity exercises and trainings and these sports nutritional foods are the functional foods to provide health benefits to not only the athletes but also to make a healthy adult in their day-to-day activities. This can be achieved by minimizing the impact of the factors that cause fatigue and impair the performance of skilled tasks.

Many pre-workout sports performance products:

  • Lack lasting effects
  • Take longer to produce a response
  • Include stimulants
  • Require large doses
  • Originate from non plant-based sources
  • Are not scientifically supported

FitNox has been scientifically shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels up to 336% thereby promoting increased vasodilation and blood flow. It supports many of the components related to NO production and improved endurance by minimizing the factors that cause fatigue and limit performance.


Long term supplementation with FitNox significantly reduces oxidative stress to the muscles and tissues during exercise, helping to prevent fatigue and promote endurance.

We are signing up trialists. If you are keen to have better recovery, email us checkmybikeshop@gmail.com with your full name and mobile and we will include you for our trial program.





Knee pain from cycling?

Just like everything else, the bicycle has to fit the rider’s anatomy. If we ride without adjusting the bicycle to our needs, it could result in knee pain, which is a common issue with riders.knee_pain_man_holding1

The 4 most common causes of knee pains are due to improper saddle height or position, have a crank that is too long for the rider, rider pushing excessively high gears, or poor foot alignment.

Here are a few things you can try out before heading to the doctor’s.
If the pain is in the front of the knee (Anterior Pain):

Pushing too high gears          ->              Lower gear, and increase cadenceknee-anatomy-diagram

Saddle too low or far forward             ->              Raise seat or move seat back

Foot too far forward on the pedal              ->           Move foot back to have toes in line with the pedal

Crank arms too long         ->             Shorten crank arms by 2.5 cm
If the pain is in the back of the knee (Posterior Pain):

Saddle too high or far back          ->          Lower seat, or move seat forward

Too much pedal float             ->           Limit float to 6 – 8 degrees
If the pain is in the inner side of the knee (Medial Pain):

Incorrect foot position on pedal (toes pointed out)          ->             Narrow foot position by adjusting foot parallel to bicycle

Too little pedal float          ->              Limit float to 6 – 8 degrees

If the pain is in the outer side of the knee (Lateral Pain):

Incorrect foot position on pedal (toes pointed in)          ->              Widen foot position by adjusting foot parallel to bicycle
Too little pedal float           ->             Limit float to 6 – 8 degrees

If all else fails, you might just need supplements to aid you. Consider Jointplex Pro. We sell  them and many experience its efficacy.

Keen to try for 5 days? Contact us and we will arrange for you to collect at either store: