About Us

At My Bike Shop SG we believe that cycling is a great way to exercise – and exercising in a fun, enjoyable way – that also enhances your life.

We started our love and attention on the small-wheeled category of folding bicycles as we believe that these bring the most benefit to most people – whether you like to cycle to work (and need to carry your bicycle on public transport or find a space at the office to keep it secure) or as a fun way to get out and about with the whole family at weekend, or increasingly, as a great way to enjoy active cycling excitement. We have since extended our cover to Roadbikes and Carbon fiber wheelsets

At My Bike Shop SG we work tirelessly to bring the best brands of bicycle from around the world to Singapore.  We look for innovation – in safety features, in ease of use, in being lightweight yet strong, and in being fun.


We have built up a portfolio of global leading brands.  We do this to ensure that no matter what your cycling interest, we can offer you a choice that best suits your specific needs. And we search for new and exciting accessories to allow you to customise your chosen machines so you get the most pleasure out of them.

At My Bike Shop SG, when you buy a cycle, we want to make sure you get the most out of your investment.   Our knowledgeable sales staff – all avid cyclists – are on hand to give you advice on all of our brands and products and are keen to help you to get into a safe and fun cycling lifestyle.

But our commitment to our customers doesn’t stop when you ride away.  Our trained mechanics are available to provide support – whether for regular servicing our simply a tune up – to ensure your bicycle is always in peak condition and safe to ride.

My Bike Shop has TWO branches serving folding bike needs, My Bike Shop located at 213 Henderson Road #01-06 S159553 Tel 6274 3968 and My Bike Shop Too! at 9 Yishun Industrial St 1 #01-77 North Spring Bizhub S768163 Tel 6694 1750


We have been committed to the folding bicycle concept entering our 12th year.  Today, we offer the widest range of leading folding bike brands available in Singapore.  We carry Dahon, Tern, Airnimal, MIT Cycle, Moulton, Bike Friday, Bickerton, Tyrell,  Onipax and Swifty Scooters.

We also carry innovative accessory brands such as Kali Helmets, Ottolocks Supacaz, Wheelsports, Rido saddles,  Goodordering, Respro, Co-Rider child seats, Schwalbe.

In 2017, we ventured into TIME road bikes and EDCO wheelsets

My Bike Shop stores are Global Blue registered, so tourists can get up to 5% back! eTRS will apply and we are all set up.global blue

232 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi. I’m a novice and am looking for an affordable foldie till I’m sure I want to continue cycling. I’m not sure if a budget of $400 is able to get me anything decent. Thanks.

  2. Hi, I’m looking for a good bike with good child bike seat mount to the front as am thinking to use that to send my 22mth boy to childcare centre.. Do you guys have these products to recommend me? Most important is the child bike seat.. Am looking for better ones with more safety and comfort.. I can drop by to see if there’s recommendation

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