Hawker and food fare you must try around Henderson

Not many places you can still find S$3 for a porridge cooked so smooth and only with fresh ingredients. Run by this really spunky lady who never fails to put a smile on your face. She could be seen as “aloof” but underneath the masks (she wears 2 as she is afraid of getting COVID) and hard work, lies the love of her work to put the best possible porridge for those who need to reminisce of how your grandma cooked porridge for you when you are feeling down.

Aunty Pearly who mans the stall will end promptly at 730pm or when her ingredients finish. So head there early if you do not want to miss it.

85 Redhill Ln, #01-95, Singapore 15008 is the address. YOU will not regret the chance to taste the no msg porridge. And if she happens to be closed, the MUST try tonic soup is next door stall.

Author: My Bike Shop Singapore

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