What can one choose when you are looking for foldable bikes with 26 inch wheels

26 inch wheels are what many of us grew up with when it comes to bicycles.

Can I get them with folding mechanisms?  The answer is YES.

While we understand the familiarity we have with larger wheels and the misconception that we have to pedal harder, today’s technology has made small wheeled foldables riding KEEP up with larger wheels. In fact sometimes with the right transmission and fitness, small wheeld foldable outrun bigger wheels.

Here is a helpful picture

If for reasons of height or build and preference, you want a large wheel, we have the following to choose from:

The only brands that we carry that has this category is Tern.

Tern Joe series.

Joe C21 13.9 kg is a full-sized bike that folds down small. With 26” wheels and 21-speeds, it excels wherever you can take it. At S$699 not much to complain about.


Joe P27 is a true 27.5 incher format. Weighing 14.2 kg. Bikes for day-in, day-out transportation need to be ready for the urban landscape of potholes, rail crossings, curbs and more. With big 27.5” 

wheels, hydraulic disc brakes and a generous complement of 27 gears, the Joe P27 gives you the full-sized ride you want. The new Joe-fold tucks the handlebars inside the bike, which means less side protrusion and a folded size that’s nearly 50% smaller than the last generation

 The latest Eclipse series

They come in 18, 20 and 22 speeds.The Eclipse family of 26 inch wheeled bikes is a ground up rethink about two-wheeled urban transportation. If you’re going mostly car-free in the city, your ride needs to handle grocery bags, all kinds of weather, riding at night and most importantly, give you day-in, day-out reliability. It also needs to play well with buses and trains for those longer commutes. And when you’re done, it should fold up nicely and out of the way, safely waiting for tomorrow’s ride.

Eclipse D16 – 18 speeds starting at S$1500 14.8kg


and the marque Eclipse X22 11.8 kg  S$3800

If you want the ultimate performance folding bike, the Eclipse X22 is definitely the way to go.

If you want a comfortable and fast bike but you don’t want the lightest or smoothest shifting or fastest, the Eclipse P20 is a great choice.

If you want a comfortable but lighter on your wallet, the Eclipse D16 is your best compromise.

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