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Meet Darren – previously a high flying senior executive managing brands in the FMCG sector, decided to pursue his dream of creating foods that are gluten free. In our series of Live Right, eating right is very integral to achieving our goals.

Darren believes that one should eat well to live well. We are on a mission to bring you foods that are not only healthy and delicious, but foods that help your body recover. While organic is great, it is also not affordable for many in the long run. We want to make accessible food that is as natural as possible without the cost of being certified organic.

Oatberry Darren

His own Brand story: I started on a gluten-free diet due to a genetic pre-disposition that causes gluten-sensitivity. For me, it isn’t a fad diet or trend I follow. It is physical condition in my gut. The undigested gluten proteins (prevalent in wheat and other grains) hang out in my intestines and are treated like foreign invaders, irritating my gut and reducing my absorption of nutrients from the food. This leads me to experience symptoms of malabsorption, psychological symptoms – depression and physical symptoms – blistering skin that turned sore and inflamed. Removing gluten from my diet allowed my gut to heal and kept the symptoms at bay.

This meant that I couldn’t eat noodles or cakes and pastries or even common mueslis and most of all granola! I mean, there are some supermarket granola brands but those I’ve found contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavours or LOTS of sugar. This gave me very limited options especially for breakfast in Singapore.

So I started sourcing the best ingredients and making my own mueslis and granola to fill that gap! Added berries and other fruits and seeds which I absolutely love too complemented my recipes perfectly!

MEET the idea and business – Singapore made : Oatberry is a healthy alternative to breakfast cereal, with Oatberry, we want to help people do your best work of their life, with the best mornings – Start the day right!

Product info: Oatberry is a range of 100% natural, allergy free, healthy oat granola – milk free, soy free, egg free, vegan. Is a great source of daily dose of beta glucan and fiber, which is good for kids with many allergies. For breastfeeding mothers its especially good for promoting lactation.

Oatberry 4.jpg

Darren says this – We have 4 flavours right now  – original, double chocolate, cinnamon Apple, and maple pecan, and developing on the way – 12 by next month.

Do check us out on for our story and product pictures, and our Instagram @theoatberry

Selling Price:

ORGINAL – 16.90

CINNAMON – 16.90

CHOC – 16.90


While we have yet to get these into all our stores so that you can just pick them up, you can order them online and 15% discount is extended as Darren does his launch, just  enter promo code  MBSXOB

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