Dahon new line up for 2018 MU series

The MU Series from Dahon. The original swoosh frame concept that was started by Dahon. After going on to win many accolades – MuSL as a weight weenie and a top rated commute bike. It has gone through many iterations. The most notable was the sneak launch of Mu C9 from Japan. Since then, many have gone to follow this design but Dahon continued to improved build and specs. With 8 speeds and new colours, the Mu D8 is a step down from the Mu D9 and with this decision comes a lower price point – MSRP S$899. Launch price is S$799 and it makes it a great option this month to buy rather than the Horize or Vitesse SAME PRICE ( and even comparing with Tern Link D8) The ride is typical Dahon but the matt Agate Grey is really eye-catching.

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Next, the Mu SP9. Now with 451, the Mu SP9 continues to offer smooth finishing on the welding. Something the Japanese introduced with JDM. The ride feels like a Verge N8 with 451 wheels and with the launch price of S$999 (MSRP is S$1100). It is GOING To give Tern Verge N8 and Verge D9 a run for her money.

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Last but not least. The Dahon MuSL10. If you are 451 series lover BUT you do not like the hard jarring from high-pressure tires, the MUSL10 is the Dahon recommendation. Equipped with 35mm dual clamp offset stem system, it offers riders with preferred fixed handlebar positions. At 8.6kg, it is the intermediate model between the MuSLX and the MuSP9 for price/weight of bike. Again thanks to the Japanese, the welding joints are smoothened. Launch price S$1200. (MSRP S$1400).

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