What’s up Doc? Finding an available clinic or medical assistance NEAR you

If you are young enough to remember, this is Bugs Bunny’s tagline.

Not sure if you happen to catch video that went viral of the argument between a Chinese sick crisis.jpgpatient and a GP in Singapore  when she stormed into his clinic because she did not want to wait.

In times of urgency, finding a reliable doctor becomes a stressful challenge. It is the worst scenario to be made to go from one hospital to another without knowledge at hand. With GetDoc, you’ll not only receive critical information during the time of need, you’ll be able to get a doctor and find yourself a clinic right away.


 The GetDoc’s Story

GetDoc is here simply because we wanted to create a better world where patients are able to make informed decisions about their healthcare treatments. We know that your healthcare experience probably isn’t perfect yet. That’s why GetDoc is not just an app, but we are a listening tool where we create solutions to solve your pain points. One thing we are passionate about — to continuously find a better way to deliver the great healthcare experience that we all deserve. they now cover Singapore and Malaysia.

Best of it all, GetDoc has secured preferential rates

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