Everyone can have a personalised watch – by our very own local watchmaker

As part of our focus on other homegrown businesses and startup. Something close to our hearts – watches.

It all began when one of Schaffen’s co-founders, Jonathan, wanted to purchase a watch forSchaffen tag line.jpg himself. He quickly realised how tiresome it was to find a watch that he found completely ideal.

Instead, he challenged himself to design and build his own timepiece. What followed was weeks of researching, experimenting and consulting watchmakers in and around his home country of Singapore.

Upon completing his timepiece, he instead dedicated it to his father for the latter’s fiftieth birthday. Inscribing his father’s signature on the dial, it further made for a meaningful and personal memento.
It was then that he invited his brother, Nicholas, to start a business venture, with the vision to build an internationally recognised label and the go-to avenue for bespoke timepieces.

Schaffen, in German, means “to create” – and it is for this exact reason they exist – to photo_2017-03-07_16-02-04.jpgempower customers to design what they want to wear, tailoring each piece to capture each individuals’ stories and motivations. Just look at the various engravings they can do for you.

Today, the duo has grown into a team of eight, with senior watchmakers, designers and advisors bolstering the team to service a growing international clientele. They do customisation that truly allows you to have a limited edition.

Create your watch NOW https://www.schaffenwatches.com/

Our card members can quote MBSLOVESSCHAFFEN and get 10% off when you order one.

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