2017 – a focus on what’s important in times of uncertainty

2016 has been a difficult year for many. We saw economic downturn, people getting ill due photo_2017-01-01_12-35-50to cancer or diabetes, unemployment rising due to businesses being disrupted. We saw the same sentiment during the financial crisis and SARs hit many. We seem to be heading into that same storm except it suggests a bigger and longer one. The numbers for 2016 Q3/Q4 remain similar, 68-70% of the recently made unemployed are PMETs,  above 45 and are holders of diploma and degrees.  This wave of downsizing brought on by businesses hit by the Internet disruption.

As we brace ourselves for 2017, we take a note from what we learnt but taking a note from John Peters whom I had the privilege to attend his talk in Singapore.  I remember what he said which left a deep impression that when he was faced with impending john-peterstorture and death, what helped him through was a focus on the basics – the things that matter and a goal to see through a goal help him overcome the uncertainties he faced. For him, it was the ability to see his young son become a man that helped him stay focused and to survive.  So in times of uncertainties, go back to your basics.

Not alot of good news but its identical globally. I even had a chance to speak to a similar business in Taiwan and he cheered us up by saying – what Singapore is facing now, we have been facing it for the last 5 years, we have to rediscover how to survive again. What an attitude!

That being said, we should be keeping ourselves fit throughout the year and not just taking13712357_302953993428040_322598037_n action to lose a few kilos after one too many buffets. Am not a big fan of New Year resolutions but the very fact that when we first started this business, we wanted to make EXERCISE convenient and FUN. So we favoured no motor assisted stuff.

Any exercise at all is good, whether it’s inside, outside, in a park, in a gym, in the middle of nowhere – it all burns calories, works your muscles, and give you a mood-lifting boost of endorphins.  We picked cycling and (inline skating then) folding bikes provided urban living Singaporeans the right product for storage and exercise for all ages.Dahon-in-MRT.jpg

While many types of repetitive exercise could potentially cause damage to your joints, cycling does just the opposite. As a low impact sport, cycling boosts your cardio fitness without stressing your hips, hamstrings, glutes and quads. This means you will be able to strengthen your muscles and get fit fast! (see Men’s Health)

Your body will also continue to burn calories for a good while after you have locked your bike up for the day so you will burn calories (without realising) while you shower, have dinner or watch TV. How great is that?

Now that we can bring folding bikes onto trains and buses throughout the day, hit that ideal weight, and reduce your carbon footprint by commuting by bike. Focus on health and those around you. It will help you a LONG way.