Making bread – a unique story of a executive baker

Everywhere businesses are seeing a slowdown. Last year we could blame it on the haze but breadtablethis year, the haze spared us but somehow the uncertainties with Brexit, the recent elections and a global economic climate that appears to be slowing  down. Log onto MOM website Redundancies up, job hiring down. Not exactly happy news.

One man caught in this before decided that he wanted to do something different, to teach top breadmaking and bakery skills to individuals and couples so that you learn a trade and you could start something that would feed your body and soul.

Breadtable – started by executive baker – Joseph Lee who believes in only using the best breadtableexecchefingredients and is one of these new generation chefs who are not afraid to impart to help others learn a new skill and possibly start a new trade.  Joseph has an interesting background, once a top IT senior exec, he was reached his peak and company changed strategy. He took that chance to fund his own passion and then returned to Singapore to start Breadtable.

What does bread got to do with bicycles? Well they both start with “B” but when we hear about of how he started Breadtable and why he continues to do what he does, Bread table is similar with My Bike Shop’s beginnings, started by individuals caught without a job in the time when labour redundancies were high but recognised that physical and mental health and believing that you could still be productive and take care of one’s health despite the bad news around mattered.

So the emphasis on staying fit, improving one’s mental and physical capacity with 4e1f79636f30e30302997624_original.jpgaffordable quality products when you have to give up affluent high ticket items and getting ready for the next upturn. Breadtable offers courses and also workshops to help you learn a trade.

We just want to encourage all SMEs who are facing the crunch and remind all that at the lowest points when you cannot find employment, investing in your health and holding on to those around you that matters – HELPS!