A different kind of Round Island ride – 11 Dec

RI – better known as Round Island rides have been done by many on Singapore roads aImage result for NTU Round island Singaporend they start typically at 10-11pm when the night is cooler and the roads less busy.

NTU does an annual 128/168km RI and they start from 530am and end by 3-4pm. I find the participants who rent  these bikes a brave lot and many do not make it but the NTU does a good job picking up stragglers.

425470_319867354728380_153299088051875_835451_101251555_n.jpgMany cycling enthusiasts sacrifice their Saturday nights and Sunday mornings to do this 128km route much to the disapproval of spouses but again when you cut down 128km to 4 times 30km routes, it’s not that tough and for the fast and furious you could do this in a flat 4 hrs.


I must admit that this cycling route is truly enjoyable if you are a nocturnal type and can sleep the Sunday afternoon off and be ready for work on Monday. You get to enjoy the cool night, great cycling company of your cycling kakis and even stop by 24-hour eats. In Singapore with all the available 7-11 and petrol stations, you can always buy water or isotonic drinks along the way.

The current Park Connector Network – PCN has come a long way and the covered areas now make it easy for folding bike owners to explore and map against URA’s trails




We are going on an exploratory mission – to do an intermodal RI ride. We will limit this ride for 15 MBS customers on 11 Dec Sunday. RSVP checkmybikeshop@gmail.com.