Repost -18″ FACE OFF : Tyrell IVE & Chedech 5

photo_2016-04-20_12-09-55This article compares two leading 18”wheel foldies. Tyrell’s great compact IVE and the amazing new all-carbon Chedech. Reposted and adapted with permission

Part One: Tyrell IVE

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of small wheels for commuting and city riding but the 16 inch category for a long time was very much a foldable domain that started it all. Bickerton, Brompton and Dahon were the early starters in this field and modern day challengers came in the likes of Bike 1Friday Tikit. With the advantage of modern day design and innovation, many after riding a Bike Friday Tikit would say it’s got the fastest fold and the ride of a big bike. But this is not a review of 16 inch wheeled foldables. It’s a focus on two brands who took the challenge of attempting to give you a better small wheeled commuter.

Commuter Bike Must Haves

  1. Folds small and is light weight
  2. Can be pushed and stays stable when folded
  3. Sufficient gear range for long straight runs within the city
  4. Decent low gears for some small climbs
  5. Fits pannier racks


Hirose Masahito, the ecletic designer from Tyrell Japan gave rise to the preferred minivelo design pitting his rigid frame “slant” design (the M. HiroseTyrell folds around the frame not through the frame for maximum rigidity) against the likes of Dahon and Tern.

In the end, his well regarded FX and FSX (both leading lights of the 20”category), are now ridden by men and women alike who not only want to go fast but look good.

From this obsession of design, great ride, looks and quality, he set to design a bike that would give riders a new experience with the goal of achieving ride performance and yet folding innovations that rivalled compact dimensions of early commuter brands.  He took 2 years as he wanted to offer more to his buyers and so the IVE was eventually born.


IVE – means “the simple one”, even the logo resembles a budding plant, ready to grow in prominence. First look of the bike, compact in fold and can be pushed around after being folded, 11kg, 9 speed Shimano Sora with a 53T chainring (Upgradable to 58T), 18 inch wheels with Schwalbe Marathon Racer.  Kadowaki powder coating painting. Front truss mount. Mounting holds for rear rack and front racks.

3Innovation: Tyrell calls it Swift Folding Technology where at a press of a button, your rear lower triangle is released for folding.

USP: Metal fenders with a roller. I guess Hirose wanted fenders that would last even if you had an impact.

The ride feels firm, no flex exhibited even by a heavy rider like me – 89kg, 1.78m tall. I was told that the current wheelsets are rated for 85kg and if I put on weight, I could upgrade the wheels to Wheelsport Sunny series and that would push the limit to 105kg.

It has an aggressive feel and riding posture and the 9 speed Sora does the job well. Personally I would swap the Marathon Racers for Kojak to get better acceleration.

4Comparing with other bikes that fold small but bear in mind that the IVE is 18 inch wheeled, I felt Tyrell made progress here while not sacrificing ride quality.  Hirose is obsessed with ride quality and when I had a chance to speak with him in his first visit to Singapore, he shared with me about his design philosophy and also how he would not sacrifice ride quality and not achieve his goal for improvements. Mention IVE18BUILD4RIDE from 18 April till 18 May at any of our Singapore dealers and get a FREE RACK worth S$130 when you buy the IVE. (while stocks last)

Chedech 5
7Designed by both a foldable bike rider and Brompton enthusiast.  This story runs similar to Bike Friday when the founders felt that they could build a better touring foldable bike after they purchased two Dahons, used them and found room for improvement.

Chedech is 3 years worth of passion and personal cost where a passion for everything you wanted in a foldable bike was pursued. Frame material, locking mechanisms, wheels size, ride performance.

Chedech works with a high quality carbon fiber manufacturing facility that combines the right levels of carbon fiber weaving, special resin, minimum pre-preg used and the layup to produce a carbon fiber frame that is super strong and light.  The first ride off the block and immediately feel it.  The Chedech could go well below the 9kg level if you put in a single speed hub but it’s a waste.

9The locking mechanisms is an innovation itself. Using spring loaded catches, no more twist knobs and folding latches.  A simple push and turn is ALL it takes, your latches are unlocked.

First look of the bike, compact in fold and can be pushed around after being folded, 8.9kg, 5 speed Sturmey Archer with a 46T chainring. 18 inch wheels with Kenda tyres.  I wished they used Schwalbe Kojak so that the bike can go faster.  Chedech decided to go for 5 speeds rather than 3 speeds Sturmey archer to offer wider range and smoother gear shifts.

10Innovation: Not a standard Carbon fiber frame but reinforced to prevent twisting and improves torsional rigidity. To the layman, it means – less flex and all power transferred from pedal to the transmission with little loss.

USP#1: Carbon fiber frame – m8akes it light yet strong

USP#2: Locking mechanisms that is easy when you fold and unfold.

USP#3: Pedal to the metal! You press, it goes, you pressed harder it goes faster

I know many will want to compare it to older brands with the same folding mechanism but do not just do that. You HAVE to ride the Chedech to appreciate what it stands for: new frame material – carbon fiber, innovations in folding mechanisms, pursuit of improvements, innovation that is now for you to own. It is a design from South Korea, the same country that produces high quality Hyundai cars and Samsung smartphones that we see everywhere.

MITCycleV8 and Chedech5

But for those who need a reference point, I compared it with a MITCycle V8 that sells for half the price of a Chedech. The 18 inch wheels do not look any larger from a distance but its confirmed using 18 inch rims.

Promo code: Mention CHEDECH18BUILD4SPEED and you when you buy the Chedech and get MKS UB Lite pedal set.