My Bike shop is very pleased and honored to work with Mr Brown and his travels again

Mr Brown who worked with us and his crew partner brought a Bike Friday Tikit and Tern Link P9 to Taiwan travelled safely despite the Bike Friday Tikit Safety warning. Nonetheless we took steps to ensure that his bike was inspected and he is off AGAIN

Cross post from Mr Brown:

I am leaving for the U.S. next week to speak and meet up with overseas Singaporeans at Ann Arbor (Wednesday, 24th Oct), Chicago (Friday, 26th October) and Seattle (Saturday, 27th October). Click on the dates for details.

The Overseas Singaporean Unit also interviewed me for their website (where I stole this photo from). You can read it on their site.

I will also be doing some cycling in the three cities on my Bike Friday Tikit (thanks to sponsor My Bike Shop) and I will share my cycling experiences too.

See you all in America next week!

P.S. This is the SECOND time I’ve gone to the U.S. during an election. The last time I was there was Obama vs McCain during September/October 2008. Haha!