No butts, just a saddle that works -Rido

RIDO owners are now enjoying the uninhibited freedom of being able to ride as far and as long as their legs and fitness level will take them. It manages pressure distribution so well, in fact, that post-op prostate patients and prostatitis sufferers are unbelievably (to them) now back on their bikes, when pre-RIDO they had all but given up on their enjoyment of riding a bicycle ever again.

Even those who spend hours at the gym spinning. Make sure you dun get fit but suffer injuries to your nerve or perinuem.

Designed by Rido – RIDO saddle’s construction is a unique monocoque sculpture™, a patented technological manufacturing revolution in itself, specially developed to fulfill the design’s requisite combination of localised flexibility and rigidity and doing away with the need for any superfluous upholstery. So many who have ridden long distance have the Rido to thank for an affordable saddle yet preventing perineum trauma.

Only S$75 – saddle comes in various colours