Membership benefits

Cashback for bicycles has been a great program and we wil continue to work with our suppliers to include more models.  Hold ON to your cards. Cashback participation is 10 days from qualifying bike purchases.

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We are inviting all MBS/BRU card holders to take part in more cycling and achance to WIN the store jersey for FREE.  Format is similar to Cashback and registration is required.

For those who are not up for the cycling, Card holders get clear discounts for purchases of gloves, bike wear and also for pumps of all kinds.

For the Win a Jersey challenge, you can :

1) BUY the jersey for only S$40 OR
2) Cycle:
a. Cashback winners – cycle an additional 200km within 45 days and redeem our store jersey FREE. BRU/MBS card members qualify.
b. For those who are not Cashback winners, 300km must be ridden within 45 days (6-7km/day) to redeem the jersey FREE. BRU/MBS card members qualify.
Registration required for all MBS/BRU card holders before your ride counts. Send email to and the contest admin will send registration details.

Demo bikes on Sale at My Bike Shop Northstar AND BRU Yishun

As a tradition, we offer  a comprehensive line up of models for brands we range, sell and service for test riding.  Of course it sometimes can create even more dilemmas as to which bike fits your utility and budget. Having 50+ models to choose from is certainly a treat and a chance to speak with our store team helps.

If you have not noticed, our Distributors support us not only with basic spares but they provide us with demo bikes. Every half year, they give us clearance to sell these bikes at a really fantastic price and provide warranty cover for them (Bike warranty registration required)

Bike brands and models clearly indicated. Bikes sold as it is. CASH or NETS

Bikes available at My Bike Shop Northstar AMK Ave 5

MBS NS Demo sales

Bikes available at BRU Yishun

BRU Dahon and Tern Demo bikes sales


Car Free Sunday comes to One-North 29 April 2018

In Feb 2016, we had our first Car Free Sunday event and it was bold and novel as an idea that the URA took a lead and throngs of active people gathered at the Civic District. Roads were closed and everyone had a fun time cycling on roads on a Sunday that allowed us to see many buildings of interest upfront and personal. Car Free Sunday then went on for a number of months. Read the article

ON CFS.jpg

This April 2018, Car Free Sunday goes to One North.

cfssg03CFS 2


It promises to be fresh and fun! See you all there!

Eating right – gluten free granola

Meet Darren – previously a high flying senior executive managing brands in the FMCG sector, decided to pursue his dream of creating foods that are gluten free. In our series of Live Right, eating right is very integral to achieving our goals.

Darren believes that one should eat well to live well. We are on a mission to bring you foods that are not only healthy and delicious, but foods that help your body recover. While organic is great, it is also not affordable for many in the long run. We want to make accessible food that is as natural as possible without the cost of being certified organic.

Oatberry Darren

His own Brand story: I started on a gluten-free diet due to a genetic pre-disposition that causes gluten-sensitivity. For me, it isn’t a fad diet or trend I follow. It is physical condition in my gut. The undigested gluten proteins (prevalent in wheat and other grains) hang out in my intestines and are treated like foreign invaders, irritating my gut and reducing my absorption of nutrients from the food. This leads me to experience symptoms of malabsorption, psychological symptoms – depression and physical symptoms – blistering skin that turned sore and inflamed. Removing gluten from my diet allowed my gut to heal and kept the symptoms at bay.

This meant that I couldn’t eat noodles or cakes and pastries or even common mueslis and most of all granola! I mean, there are some supermarket granola brands but those I’ve found contain additives, preservatives, artificial flavours or LOTS of sugar. This gave me very limited options especially for breakfast in Singapore.

So I started sourcing the best ingredients and making my own mueslis and granola to fill that gap! Added berries and other fruits and seeds which I absolutely love too complemented my recipes perfectly!

MEET the idea and business – Singapore made : Oatberry is a healthy alternative to breakfast cereal, with Oatberry, we want to help people do your best work of their life, with the best mornings – Start the day right!

Product info: Oatberry is a range of 100% natural, allergy free, healthy oat granola – milk free, soy free, egg free, vegan. Is a great source of daily dose of beta glucan and fiber, which is good for kids with many allergies. For breastfeeding mothers its especially good for promoting lactation.

Oatberry 4.jpg

Darren says this – We have 4 flavours right now  – original, double chocolate, cinnamon Apple, and maple pecan, and developing on the way – 12 by next month.

Do check us out on for our story and product pictures, and our Instagram @theoatberry

Selling Price:

ORGINAL – 16.90

CINNAMON – 16.90

CHOC – 16.90


While we have yet to get these into all our stores so that you can just pick them up, you can order them online and 15% discount is extended as Darren does his launch, just  enter promo code  MBSXOB

Another step as a combined team – joint announcement from BRU/MBS

Hi everyone,

Between MBS and BRU, we have extended reciprocal service support and also customer events. This Chinese New year, both business owners and new investors have agreed to combine staff and resourcing as we try to contain costs.  The management of both MBS and BRU stores will work as one team as we manage staff transition. From a customer’s point of view – nothing changes except you will see a combined store sales and service team at all stores and MBS/BRU crew at the three stores.

We like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters and hope that 2018 will see better times ahead for retail and more peeople focusing on a healthy lifestyle!


We now offer our customers – Smart blood pressure measuring and Fat composition devices

Hippo devices

20% off Prices for Launch promo.

MBS/BRU card holders get a further 10%*

*please refer to the price posted

Hippo devices are medical grade and are bluetooth connected so that the Hippo App tracks the Blood pressure and track your body fat. If you are trying to live better, watching your weight and blood pressure is required.

Intro main

Taking care now for our years when we get older is an act of kindness for the ones who will be taking care of us.



Living well and cash back programs

Together with our partner store – BRU, we have launched a fun program called 7DBike cashback program. We know how much Singaporeans love to bargain but retail these days are expensive to run and we do need to remain viable, we are trying hard to get a win win situation to reward those who cycle well. When the initial founders set out to build this business, we wanted to help people get fit and at the same time get into a low impact sport – Cycling! We were reminded that when we grow old, being able to age well is an act of kindess to those who have to take care of us!

So based on living well in 7 steps – Get active is the number one call and to incentivise our new folding bike owners for 2018, we have launched our Cashback program. The basis is simple:

Cycle 100km in 10 days and show proof via Strava, MBS/BRU will give you CASH back. Terms and conditions apply.

The level of Cashback varies on the model that you purchased and it ranges from S$40 – S$400!  No vouchers, no points,  real cash back!

Cashback is NOT applicable for bikes on promotions or discounted items.

Have a look at the programs here:


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Other steps to aging well:

2. Eat Better

3. Lose Weight

4. Stop Smoking

5. Control Cholesterol

6. Manage Blood Pressure

7. Reduce Blood Sugar


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For those who are already MBS/BRU card holders, watch this space as we will be launching a rewards based cycling where you will get discounts at our stores WHEN you achieved those kilometres cycled.

Dahon new line up for 2018 MU series

The MU Series from Dahon. The original swoosh frame concept that was started by Dahon. After going on to win many accolades – MuSL as a weight weenie and a top rated commute bike. It has gone through many iterations. The most notable was the sneak launch of Mu C9 from Japan. Since then, many have gone to follow this design but Dahon continued to improved build and specs. With 8 speeds and new colours, the Mu D8 is a step down from the Mu D9 and with this decision comes a lower price point – MSRP S$899. Launch price is S$799 and it makes it a great option this month to buy rather than the Horize or Vitesse SAME PRICE ( and even comparing with Tern Link D8) The ride is typical Dahon but the matt Agate Grey is really eye-catching.

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Next, the Mu SP9. Now with 451, the Mu SP9 continues to offer smooth finishing on the welding. Something the Japanese introduced with JDM. The ride feels like a Verge N8 with 451 wheels and with the launch price of S$999 (MSRP is S$1100). It is GOING To give Tern Verge N8 and Verge D9 a run for her money.

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Last but not least. The Dahon MuSL10. If you are 451 series lover BUT you do not like the hard jarring from high-pressure tires, the MUSL10 is the Dahon recommendation. Equipped with 35mm dual clamp offset stem system, it offers riders with preferred fixed handlebar positions. At 8.6kg, it is the intermediate model between the MuSLX and the MuSP9 for price/weight of bike. Again thanks to the Japanese, the welding joints are smoothened. Launch price S$1200. (MSRP S$1400).

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Reciprocal Service and Events for MBS Tuneup card and BRUcare card holders

Hi everyone,

In efforts to help extend reciprocal support and membership events, My Bike Shop and BRU have agreed to extend Customer events from the current Service support arrangements.


This means valid cardholder for both MBS and BRU can book bicycle support via the booking site. They can now RSVP for free bicycle maintenance clinics and get to know more cyclists via the combined rides.

stores 18 Dec.jpg

MBS Events


The reciprocal arrangements DOES NOT cover store sales and promotions.