Pre-Loved or clearance items

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Bike upgrades are a normal process and while we do not do trade-ins, we help our customers sell their bikes at our shop and this page offers our customers a page to list bikes worth considering. Bikes sold as it is and terms are cash terms.

*    In the bicycle industry, warranty is not transferable regardless of categories of bikes and is limited to the first owner.

  1. All items are bought on a ‘buy as seen’ basis
  2. Payment mode acceptable will be – CASH unless specified
  3. NO discount shall be extended to ANY item on sale.
  4. No exchange  shall be made to the items .
  5. No refunds shall be made for any item purchased during the clearance sale period

We reserve the right to apply applicable charge for bikes that fall out of warranty cover.

99 thoughts on “Pre-Loved or clearance items

    1. Verge X20 is S$4200 and Eclipse X20 S$3300. Prices are as it is. Best to come down and understand if the bikes meet your needs. Recent recalls prove that in country support and warranty is what you want for peace of mind. Bikes can last a long time if you take are of it well.

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