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Training well with the latest tech devices make exercise fun and easy

December 25, 2013 Comments off

Smartphones are here to stay. And with a huge number of new applications they allow anyone who takes up exercise a means to track, monitor and train EFFECTIVELY.AC082863l

We have had the pleasure of meeting trainers and dieticians from our clientele base and they all have the same advice – train correctly and safely!

HRM belt

So the world of smartphones and gadgets are really helping us achieve that. Look at the chart – that’s where you want your cardio to be for effective weight management or fitness improvements according to your age. Don’t over train or undertrain – train RIGHT!

So whatever exercise gets you happy – just do it. There are many apps that you can share – get a few friends to share, it is a fantastic way to motivate you and spur you on!

And for Cyclists, we wanted to mention just a couple of Apps that we like.

PanoBike App – The ultimate cycling performance app that utilizes your phone’s powerful Bluetooth Smart capabilities and transforms it into your bike computer, personal training and health management device. This app combines the functions of your phone, cycling computer, GPS, music player, camera, and heart rate monitor (requires purchase of separate PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor) into one, allowing you to have loads of fun on your bike ride.

Highlights of this app includes:

Panobike Trip information:
- GPS Speed: Current speed, Average speed, Maximum speed
- Distance: Ride Distance

 - Time: Ride time
- Grade
- Altitude
- Cadence and Wheel Speed information (requires purchase of PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Cadence & Speed sensor)
- Heart Rate (requires purchase of PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor)
- Pre-set Maximum Heart Rate and Cadence alarms

bikebrain_v2BikeBrain is available free from the App Store.
Latest Version: 2.8. In this version, we’ve optimized for iOS 7 and added the capability to connect to a Bluetooth v4.0 (Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready) sensor for accurate heart rate, speed and cadence measurements^. You can also pair of up to two speed and cadence sensors for two different bikes and auto start/pause/resume recording trip data when motion is detected by you speed or cadence sensor.

Inventor Sam Pearce on (literally) re-inventing the wheel

December 12, 2013 Comments off
These types of stories inspire everyone who dares to dream. Inventor Sam Pearce on – literally – re-inventing the wheel… Posted November 8, 2013 by & reposted with permission from Speedmatrix

Sam Pearce talks about his journey to invent his bicycle wheel Loopwheels at The Do Lectures 2013

What makes some one set out on a journey to re invent the wheel by adding integral suspension? And when the going is tough, why stick at it?

Just recently I had cause to think back six months to April 2013, when we had just launched our Kickstarter loopwheel-bodycampaign.  I heard from the organisers of The Do Lectures that they had posted online a talk that Sam gave at the 2013 Do Lectures. It made me realise how far we have come in six months. The Do Lectures describe themselves as “a tiny event that started out in a quiet corner of West Wales that inspires you to go and do amazing things”. The 2013 event in Wales took place just 10 days after we had launched Loopwheels and our Kickstarter campaign. Sam felt hugely honoured to have been invited to speak, and though Sam is very uncomfortable with public speaking, he was determined to take part.

The whole “making and do-ing” philosophy of the Do Lectures is just what Sam is about. Talking about his long journey to reinvent the bicycle wheel and bring Loopwheels to market was a challenging and emotional experience for him, and that comes through very clearly. But if you want an insight into Sam’s journey, watch it. Sam nurtured and developed his idea for six years before he felt he had a product which was ready to be launched.

loopwheels-2Sam took a couple of Loopwheels bikes with him to Wales. They got a lot of riding. The Do camp is not your typical commuter journey of roads, towpaths and pavements, as it’s a beautiful rural setting in West Wales, but the Loopwheels bikes didn’t mind. Sam didn’t take many photos, but here’s one, of two Loopwheels bikes looking a little bit lonely! Thanks to everyone at The Do Lectures for welcoming Sam (and the Loopwheels bikes).

loopwheels at the Do Lectures in Wales

cropped-mbssmall.jpgMy Bike Shop SG will be working as a dealer to carry and install these fantastic new age suspension wheels.


Bigfish folding bikes – exclusively at My Bike Shop SG Outlets

Bigfish logo smallBigfish Folding Bike’s unique Smart Folding Technology makes folding your bike easy – without having to remember a specific order of doing things. It’s so easy! No latches, catches or screws, or having to be in a certain gear before you start … Four quick steps are all it takes to get on the road or to pack it away. A simple push and pull of the buttons is all it takes. Fold it – then wheel it

To make your Bigfish properly mobile when folded, we designed it so you can wheel it along with you as you walk. Some people wheel it upright some pull it like a trolley. Have a try and see what suits you best. Comfortable as a city bike.  Practical as a folding bike.

mbs-logo.jpg Introducing the Bigfish LINE series

BFL NEXUS 3 BLACK folded.jpg

Beautifully designed, 16 inch wheeled folding bicycle -  compact, fast to fold, easy to wheel, fantastic to ride.

You’ll never know a simpler fold

Bigfish’s unique Smart Folding Technology means no prescribed folding order. It’s so easy! No latches, catches or screws, no having to be in a certain gear beforehand … Four quick steps are all you need to get on the road or to pack it away.

A simple push and pull of the buttons is all it takes.

Fold it – then wheel it

To make your Bigfish properly mobile when folded, it has been designed so you can wheel it along with you as you walk. Some people wheel it upright some pull it like a trolley. Have a try and see what suits you best.

Store it inside, safe and dry

Whatever the weather, Bigfish stays safe and protected. In your apartment, office or car, it keeps bike thieves empty-handed, saving the pain and cost of replacing your bike, while it keeps rust and rain damage at bay.

Ready in your
car boot

Why not just keep it in the car? You can quite comfortably fit two Bigfish in the boot of most compact cars, ready for your next big adventure! (Or at least for when the traffic turns to a standstill)

Introducing the Bigfish E-Bike

Bigfish Line+ E Bike combines the new Smart Folding Technology with the powerful pedal assistance. The Japanese Line_4787293engineered high quality crank-drive system with torque sensing mechanism (constantly) provide smooth and leading-edge performance. Li-ion battery with smart battery charger ensures long lasting ride and easy charging.

Line+E.  Powerful. Lightweight. Portable.

At 18 kgs, this is one of the lightest crank-drive system e-bikes on the market.  Bigfish Line+ E combines the new Smart Folding Technology with powerful pedal assistance. The Japanese engineered high quality crank-drive system with torque sensing mechanism (constantly) provides smooth and leading-edge performance. Li-ion battery with smart battery charger ensures a long lasting ride and easy charging.

bikeCntImg2b bikeCntImg2c

A focus on Bike Friday

October 27, 2013 Comments off
Reposted from Bike Friday’s site. Overview sums it up when you buy a Bike Friday – Build to Order, handcrafted in Oregon USA. Nice!

We want you to think of us as your private bicycle factory. Bike Friday will build a bicycle as unique as you. We build it to fit your body. We build it to fit your specific cycling needs. And we build it for performance: So you can enjoy your adventures.

The best way for you to discover which Bike Friday will satisfy your needs is to talk to a Bike Consultant or visit a Bike Friday Dealer. But we know you might be hesitant. You want to do some research on your own. Get to know us better.

So our process begins by attempting to find what category represents your needs.

Touring? Road? Commuter? It can sound confusing. We start with the basics to guide you through the process.

Give us the answers to this basic question (click on link to see the multiple choice answers) and we can help determine what your riding type might be:

What do you see yourself doing on your Bike Friday most frequently?

So, that’s where it starts.

Every cycling adventure begins with a pedal stroke, whether you’re riding around the block or around the world. But every journey begins with a plan. At Bike Friday, our plan is simple. We listen to you, guide you through our process, then meet your needs.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned cyclist, a beginner, or someone in-between. You have goals and expectations. We want to satisfy them.

We’ve made a couple of simple commitments we stand by. First, your Bike Friday will be built by hand in the USA, Eugene, Oregon, to be exact. Second, when you contact us, a real live person will respond as soon as humanly possible.

No matter what your dreams might be, we can help find a bike to help you make those dreams come true.

Bike Friday’s founders are cyclists. Hanz  and Alan Scholz don’t just ride bikes. They race bikes. They push bikes to the limit. And, they build bikes. Performance bikes.tikit-boat

Their goal isn’t to design the best bike in the world. It’s to design the right bike for your world. So whatever cycling you plan to do, you can feel confident you’ll have a bicycle that can deliver a comfortable and reliable ride.

Our journey together begins with a question: What do you see yourself doing on your Bike Friday most frequently?

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what your answer is. That’s why we’re here. To guide the journey. We want to know what kind of riding you plan to do so we can match you with the right type of bike. That’s step one.

So take a moment and look through the various styles of riding in our Buyer’s Guide where we ask you that simple question above, and see if you can find yourself in any of our descriptions.

Our concept is based on the Bike Friday Travel System, to make it easy for you to always have your best bike with you.

You can also start by comparing the basics of our models.

 Your Bike Friday will be hand built from scratch at our Factory in Eugene, Oregon.

Want One? Have to wait though…


New stock of MIT Cycle Pro F1 arrives. NOW equipped with WheelSport and better specs

October 16, 2013 Comments off

The MIT Cycle Pro- F1 gets better every year! 251452_221970507849400_1625751_n

The 2014 MIT Cycle PRO F1 comes stock with WheelSport Sunny 406 wheel set. Pre order your favorite color today at our outlets. Test bike available at both outlets!

Pre order price: $1350, Retail Price: $1399

Weighs 10.9kg. Equipped with 18 speed featuring WheelSport Sunny 406 (New!), Shimano 105 rear derailleur, FSA Gossamer crank set, FSA contact points & Avid Single Digit 5 V brake set.

Available in Diamond Black, Pearl White & Ferrari Red.

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Come by to test drive the bike! You will fall in love with the rigidity of the bike and the feel of the WheelSport Sunny – nice!

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A comparison of hub-driven gears: SRAM Dual-drive 27 vs. Sturmey Archer CS-RF3

May 5, 2013 2 comments
Sturmey archer CS-RF3

Sturmey archer CS-RF3

Bikes fitted with hub-driven gears are becoming increasing popular. They provide for many miles of maintenance-free biking plus the shifting is smooth and silent. The use of internal hub gear systems allow cyclists to conveniently shift their gears while stationary.

Sram DualDrive 27

Sram DualDrive 27

A good example would be dropping to a lighter set of gears while waiting at the traffic junction. Urban or touring bikes are being fitted with internal hub gear systems like the SRAM Dual-Drive or the Sturmey Archer CS-RF3 system.

SRAM Dual-Drive 27 Sturmey Archer CS-RF3
  1. Easy and precise shifting
  1. Lethargic shifting
 2. Easy indexing of 3-speed hub gear  2. Harder to index
 3. SRAM DD27 only weighs only 970g (freewheel)  3. CS-RF3 (27 speed) weighs in at 1090g (freewheel)
 4. Better gear ratio; Overall gear range of 186%:Gear 1 : 73%

Gear 2: 100%

Gear 3: 136%

 4. Overall gear range of 170%
Gear 1 : 75%Gear 2: 100%

Gear 3:133%

 5. Shifting mechanisms are enclosed  5. Shifting cables are exposed
 6. Click-box shifting cable is easily removed  6. Cable removal poses some challenge
 7. Has been deployed for many years without issues of gear slippage  7. Had an old batch of gear slipping issues

In addition, the SRAM Dualdrive system actually weighs in lighter (250g less) than a standard derailleur drive train system. Based on the feedback of various customers, overall the SRAM Dualdrive system seems to be the more reliable and lighter hub gear system you would want to use on your bike.

Rido saddles are for women too!

September 24, 2011 3 comments

Below is an extract from Rido. The Rido LT is on its way and will hit  authorised dealers soon ( MBS is one of them)


“I have had the (RIDO R2) saddle since last Friday….  Well…. ya aint getting it back!
I am slim in the bum department, and find any hard surface uncomfortable to sit on. The surface of this saddle is ideal not too soft to cause pressure points and loss of energy and not too hard that you get a whack in the nerve and bone department on every lump on the road.

“Firstly when the saddle arrived, I was surprised at its weight, lighter than the Brookes I currently use. I was sceptical of it at first. I have to be, I have tried at least 18 different saddles with the Brookes out on top, and now after 80 miles, even that saddle causes me pain. (Sit bone pain, physical sit bone bruising and swelling, as well as skin pinches and blisters).”


“Best test has been to ride into work on the RIDO 2, in jeans, dont bother with my usual Assos cycling shorts, that would tell me a lot about the saddle… And it did. Total comfort. I even sat hard as the bike took me over tramlines, rutted old potholes that I usually avoid as I worry about rim damage, but this was a test after all. 10/10. 
Its great not to have to conform to the usual cycle clothes when cycling a 12 mile round trip each day.

“Today, I cycled a 50 mile tootle.  Wearing cycle leggings this time.   It was great to be thinking about the day, the views and where my next Audax ride was to be, rather than cycling with one leg down on the pedal, and one cheek held aloft, as the bike juttered over lumpy roads and cattle grids. I am very impressed. So much so, that next weekend I have an Audax to do. If this saddle comes up trumphs again (expecting it will), I intend to order another 4. One for hubby, and one for each of my other bicycles.

“There are always some negatives…. These are very much insignificant to the improvements made by the RIDO 2 saddle.  
Namely: it’s a bit ugly…  (sorry about that bit).
I wish the nose was shorter as it does rub a bit against my legs, but hoping that by dropping it a bit more, this may be reduced.
Frankly thats all I can say about the negatives, but boy who really cares about them anyway!

“When I have completed my Audax next weekend, I intent to review this saddle on the cycle blog I write to. I will send you the link to it when its live.
SOOOOooooo pleased I took the plunge on this one!” 

Mary Jane Watson, UK


“I am a female cyclist…… I have not had a minute’s discomfort on the (RIDO) saddle”

“I am a female cyclist who commutes 40km per day to work and also goes cycle touring once or twice a year for a month at a time. It is difficult to find a comfortable saddle and this is compounded by a medical condition I have which is aggravated by any friction in this area. I have tried my fare share of so-called “female specific saddles” and have found them unremarkable. The only saddle that I have found comfortable is a Hamock Saddle,  a South African designed and manufactured female-specific saddle which looks a little like a uni-cycle saddle. As these aren’t made any longer I was trying to “make it last” but it had started to fall apart and I had to start looking for a replacement – breaking a saddle cycling to work is one thing, but when cycle touring it’s a deal breaker!”
“I spotted the Rido while trawling through pages of saddles on the SJS Website and it immediately made sense. The price is excellent – it encourages you to take the chance as it is affordable. Also, the write ups and reviews were great. I have not had a minute’s discomfort on the saddle and I’ve been riding up to 270km per week. I have ordered a second for an upcoming cycle tour to New Zealand in November and can’t wait to tour on it.

Thanks for an excellent product!”

“I ordered a second Rido saddle for cycle touring and wanted to make it a priority to send you some feedback.

We spent 3 weeks cycling in New Zealand, much of that time on gravel surfaces of varying quality. In total we cycled aproximately 900km and I did not have one moment of discomfort on my new Rido saddle. The length of our days varied from 50-100km, with bikes fully loaded.

At the very least one would usually get some sort of pressure pain, however I did not experience anything of the sort which I had come to expect on other saddles I’ve toured on.
I am so happy to have found the perfect saddle! I think that when with all the variables in bicycle equipment the saddle makes the most difference and Rido offers a brilliant, high quality and affordable option. I recommend it to other cyclists – people would ride more if they were more comfortable. Thanks!”

J.S (Ms), Perth, Western Australia


“A lifesaver!”

 “New kit – ….. uber-comfy Rido R2 saddle! I want to applaud the makers of the Rido saddle from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom; a lifesaver!!”

H.D (Ms), Downton, Wiltshire, UK


“The big grin was instant”
“A thorough endorsement from a lady. This one in particular was sufferring almost unrideable lady problems on a previous saddle. I put the R2 on for her, straight after a ride when things were at their worst, and the big grin was instant. Did 7 hours the day after with no ill effects. Winner!”

 S.M, Cardiff, Wales, UK (

Have you book yours (Rido LT) today?

LATEST – now 8 speed Freewheel design. April 2011 original post: Flamingo London NX7 gets transformed to a lightweight commuter! Want one?

13 Oct 2013: Latest update is that we will be including wheelsets from Wheelsport for Q4 2013 for the V8! This is the mass production of everything we understand about this model. Together with Wheelsport and MIT Cycle, we are proud to release the V8!  Weight is now a decent 11kg 8 speed freewheel design.


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Original  POST was April 2011

Flamingo bikes, folding bike brand from Taiwan have been gaining fans in Singapore and while often misbranded as a follower, people who ride them can tell you they are fast, they do not exhibit flex and they have exceptional value for the money you pay.

Contrary to common misperception, Flamingo has many firsts; they were the first to adopt hydroforming technology on their frames (this allows bike designers to make the frame longer yet stiffer) and innovations that ensure that your bike do not come apart as you go over a hill or bump AND hole extrusions that allow you to hide your cables inside the bike frame ( Do not have to deal with messy cable ties and cable eyelets.

We have seen an increase in the uptake of all models especially the HSF1 AND London NX7 and we are very pleased to help existing Flamingo owners here a chance to consider an upgrade that helps you TRANSFORM your Flamingo into a lean mean lightweight machine!

This post focuses on the London NX series

The current London NX7 – 16 inch wheels, 7 speed hub that is virtually maintenance free, you can push it around and its compact after you fold it and for short commutes around the city and it folds fast. BUT  it is relatively heavy due to the 7 speed hub from Shimano.  Any foldable bikes using a 7 speed Shimano hub will expect the bike to weigh at least 13kg or more.

Here comes the London 2L!

What did we do? Well for starters we reduced the weight! We shaved off almost 2kg  by swapping out the hub from 7 speed to single speed. C’mon for city commuting you  do not need 7 speeds. Next we changed the wheelsets and drive train and we could save a further 1kg. At the same time we did not want to blow your budget, so here is the goods news – a basic kit will cost anything bewteen S$500 to S$600 where we will mod the London NX7  to a London 2L – “L” stands for lightweight and “2″ for Dual front chain ring.  If for some reason you want to take this bike for a century ride, the larger front chainring will help you overcome the downhills or flats. Bigger roller wheel to help you roll better if you push the bike very often.

So no need to buy that second bike that has similar design, be eco, be green just upgrade your existing bike!

Below are pictures of the mods.


This mod Flamingo 2L weighs in about 10.2kg

Bike Friday – 100% USA assembled foldable bike and has a very unique range too

December 26, 2010 Comments off

My Bike Shop started managing Bike Friday in June 2010 and since then we have sold more than a dozen of these USA assembled bikes.  While many will agree that the 16 inch Tikit wins hands down for fast folding (Hyperfold) and the ideal bike for commuting/travel companion ( It is designed to fit a samsonite bag, with handle grips and canvas straps for easy handling), the ride is very good for 16 inch wheeled foldie. There are still the uninformed who believe that foldies are not serious cyclists, many have experienced the performance and fun one can have with a foldable ( at least we can still get on the train/buses on restricted hours and keep our bikes in the home and the car when it rains LoL).  Oh well you cannot win them all.:)

Watched an episode of America’s got Talent and it showed a young guy who has epilepsy fly his 4 wire kite with so much grace and timing to Sarah Mclachlan’s hit  - Angel. Do not have the Youtube of the guy in that episode of America’s Got Talent but has Sarah Mclachlan’s beautiful song.

  America despite their ups and downs always gives everyone a chance to fulfill their dreams.

We thought we  share with you Bike Friday’s extended foldable bike range for families with special needs  

We have brought in one Family Tandem just incase you want to try it out. It’s the perfect bicycle to bring physically( hearing, visual)  impaired,  persons with autism, those who have a fear of cycling or who cannot cycle, Maybe consider a fodlable Tandem and help them to experience what cycling is about.  Happy Boxing Day!

Limited Edition bikes at MBS – Hard Rock style memorabilia?

November 25, 2010 Comments off

With the wide space of more than 1500 sq ft of retail space, 7 brands, various folding systems and more than 40 models of foldable bikes (Prices range between S$255 to S$22k) to choose from, customers get to view, ask, understand, touch and trial folding bikes of different systems and wheel sizes.  A few may have started to notice that My Bike Shop has a very special section(s) where our limited edition bikes that represent the pedigree of the brands we carry. We are  trying to restore a 15 year old Dahon to add to our collection.  Hopefully we do not take too long and we can add that to our collection.

We thought we list them here so that you might want to come and see the real deal.

Dahon Hon Solo – Single speed Dahon designed with old style designs. The desire to have a classically styled bike in the line, but it’s really more than that, it’s about lines, colors, graphics, a balance that’s hard to achieve. A bike you’d want to be seen on when cruising to your local barista. Also the selection of retro components (Brooks, Sugino, Nitto Moustache, Suzue) are inspired by Grant Petersen of Rivendell.   Only 500 made globally for 2006

Dahon Mu XXV – In celebration of the their 25th year in folding bikes. Since 1983, Dahon introduced the very first Dahon folder. Twenty five years and over 2.5 million bicycles later, Dahon celebrates a quarter century of championing the cause of green mobility. In commemoration, Dahon has created the Mμ XXV, a Limited Edition bicycle that represents the state of the art in folding bicycle technology. Specially crafted to weight 8.05 kg (17.71 lbs) w/o pedals. This limited edition is a Dahon dream bike. The initial plan was for a Magnesium frame but the welding was just too difficult. Only 250 made globally for 2009.

Dahon Kukuxumusu -  Kukuxumusu, which means “the kiss of the flea” in the Basque language, is best known for its expressive and irreverent designs especially those of the running if the bulls of San Fermin. The company’s designs can be on T-shirts, and a select ranges of consumer products around the world. Dahon produced 1,000 sets of the limited edition bicycle for 2009 .  This special bike was available in: Spain, the United States, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Look carefully and you will see naughty stuff being done by the sheep.

Dahon Matrix 2007 - used and autographed signed by Star Awards 2006 Best Supporting Actor nominee Adam Chen in the Drama Serial – “萤火虫的梦”. Felicia rode the Vitesse D7 but did not signed the bike.

Guess her PR manager felt that her signature was worth alot of money although she was willing to do it. Oh well..she has left Mediacorp to pursue studies.

Dahon Speed TR – the original 1 of 2 Speed TRs that covered 12,000 km, over everything from crumbling mountain roads to giant intercity highways. You can read more about their adventures and see pictures and videos from the journey at AsiaWheeling comprises a ten month long journey on folding bicycles, spanning the vastness of Asia, from the South Pacific, to India, the Middle east, Central Asia, Siberia, and East Asia. On the trip Scott and Woody explored over 100 cities, and 23 countries on their Speed TRs, folding up the bikes to travel between cities by rail, road, sea, and air. They only had 1 flat tire!! How is that for those who use Schwalbe and especially the Big Apples.

 Alex Moulton 50 - The Limited Edition Moulton50 celebrates 50 years of Moulton bicycles. The beautiful simplicity of the Sachs Duomatic 2-speed coaster brake rear hub coupled with the novel Speed-Drive 2-speed chainwheel give a range of 4 speeds without bar shifters or cabling. Made for 2010. There were only 50 made and unlikely you can get any owner to sell you his Moulton 50.

When you get some time or if you are waiting for your bike to be serviced, grab a cuppa, move around and view these “special” folding bikes. There are also the Moulton NS Stainless Steel seperable bikes that took a year of craftsmenship to build them up. Cannot wait to get to see the Moulton NS Double Pylon, the prestigious top folding/mini velos in the world! We promise you will enjoy the finishing and the fine machining for components and the flawless welding of stainless steel in a lattice design frame and the front suspension is an engineering feat. No wonder the TSR owners realised what they have when they ride the Moulton TSRs.

Last but not least, we have a customer who has ordered the Bike Friday SuperPro! This S$10k titanium bike from the Bike Friday, the only 100% USA assembled folding bike manufacturer since 1992 has unleased a lightest production bike.  Only 6.9kg and fully customised with the choicest components.

Singaporeans and their love for folding bikes is starting to really hot up! You will start to see very exclusive  folding bikes (ranged and sold through My Bike Shop of course) being ridden around in Singapore soon. Funny thing is – most of them are White!  Enjoy the slideshow

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