Global warming, reducing our carbon footprint and liveable cities

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since we wrote a blog entry that touched a number of interest topics. We have hit some milestones – more people take up cycling for various reasons – for commuting, for recreation and most importantly for most – improving one’s health. There has been in an increased in the level of focus internationally and locally at various levels and we thought we share some of the key ones that would interest you. I heard on the radio that our earth temperature has risen 2°C which is a cause for concern as images suggest that the ice cap that reflect the Sun’s UV and heat is shrinking due to Co2 and temperature rise.

news-graphics-2007_1035780aFacilitating more cycling opportunities can reduce carbon footprint which is the number reasons the world is warming up. From WWF –  As global warming tightens its grip, the effects are being felt from the highest mountain peaks to the depths of the oceans. In just the last few years there are numerous examples of how this is affecting people and nature all over the world.

• Global warming is melting glaciers in every region of the world, putting millions of people at risk from floods, droughts and lack of drinking water.
• Arctic sea ice reached its second lowest recorded level during the melt season of 2008. The lowest level, since satellites measurements began in 1979, was 2007.
• 2003, Scotland’s hottest year on record, saw hundreds of adult salmon die in Scotland’s famous fisheries, as rivers became too warm for salmon to be able to extract enough oxygen from the water.
• Coral reefs around the world have been severely damaged by unusually warm ocean temperatures. The Caribbean saw its warmest ever ocean temperatures in 2005, combined with the worst coral bleaching ever. At the current rate of degradation, the entire Great Barrier Reef could be dead within a human lifetime.
• Cities like Athens, Chicago, Milan, New Delhi and Paris have sweltered under heatwaves. The 2003 summer heatwave in Europe killed 14,800 people in France alone, according to official figures released in September 2003. The French National Institute for Health and Medical Research said that the death rate was on average 60% higher than usual.
• Summer temperatures in European capitals have increased by up to 2°C over the last 30 years, a WWF report showed.
• Rising sea levels threaten entire nations on low-lying islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


On the local fCLCront, the CLC (Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore)  have a 55 page document on how we can make Singapore a more liveable city and cycling is a big part of this movement as we learn from the best in the world . The CLC has published a very comprehensive ULI-Singapore-Video-780x439-300x168document,

The report brings together best practices in active mobility from cities around the world including Amsterdam, New York, Seoul, Copenhagen and Taipei, but specifically addresses the challenges which Singapore faces as a tropical city. The result is a report whose findings will inform future active mobility programs in Singapore, and will act as valuable guidance.  Some extracts from the report:

While many of the more liveable cities with high active mobility today are in temperate regions, tropical climates can easily support active travel in tropical cities too. Leading walking and cycling cities such as Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and Copenhagen in Denmark had concerns that their cold climates could not support active transport modes when promotion efforts for active mobility were first initiated, but climate was found to be neither a “deal-breaker” nor a definite “clincher”. Singapore, a high-density city in the tropics, is a potential location for the demonstration of forward-looking ideas for walkable and bikeable environments in tropical climes. This can be achieved through appropriate design measures to address the heat and humidity, and providing adequate end-of-trip amenities such as showers and drop-and-go laundries.

MND imageOn the local front, plenty of active discussions but the MND has taken a lead to understand and make changes that benefits all pedestrians and users of our infrastructure. In a blog entry by National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan; 4-wheels-good-2-wheels-and-2-feet-even-better, he shares his thoughts:

But we are not perfect. In fact, some cities, like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, have raised active mobility to a higher level. Walking and cycling as modes of transport have been honed to be the normal way of life. In these cities, they make up more than half of the modes of transport… Bench-marked against them, we are way behind. Cycling merely makes up 1-2% of our transport modes here. We must now go beyond cycling for recreation. We want it to be a viable transport option for short trips to the supermarket, coffee shop, hawker centre or the nearest MRT station. To do so, we must make such trips safe and pleasant.

Thanks Minister Khaw for encouraging the authorities under your care.

Added on 6 Nov – More comments from MPs –

Ms Irene Ng:  

Dr Faishal’s comments and reply :,-Parliamentary-Secretary-For-Health-And-Transport-On-Developing-A-National-Integrated-Cycling-Strategy-And-Policy-Framework/

Not to mention the Green Corridor – In The Green Corridor proposal, NSS refers to the Railway Lands as several plots of land, at Tanjong Pagar, Kranji, Woodlands and Bukit Timah, The-Green-Corridor-3the two main lines of track, the Woodlands – Tanjong Pagar and Jurong lines and other small disconnected stretches. The combined area for the Railway Land is 173.7 hectares, almost three times the size of the Botanical Gardens (63.7 hectares), and 0.24% the land mass of Singapore.

Its great that we are preserving very much its form, a stretch of green “lung” within our city state that has immense potential to brighten up our lives recreationally and even encourage cycling as a viable mode of transport to connect dwellers in the Kranji Woodlands area to the City. Go support, share and enjoy the corridor.

Several folding bike brands have started to work with train operators and big events but Tern and Dahon lead the way here :

Tern Links Public Transport and Folding BikesHVV Klapprad in 10 major German Cities and Regions. Urban bike maker expands roster of transit authority partners to cover over 30% of nearly 10 billion annual passengers in VRN Verkehrsprojekt (1)Germany.

Turning bicycle advocacy into progressive public policy is close to the heart of our brand,” said Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “We are amazed how quickly this program has spread and look forward to helping more people understand and take advantage of multi-modal transportation systems.


For Dahon, the Dahon campaign asks people to take an online pledge to change their mobility habits and join the worldwide fight against carbon emissions. Dr. David Hon, CEO and Founder of Dahon states, This campaign is designed to encourage everyone to make a change, whether that’s carpooling to work, replacing the car with public transportation or choosing to bike more often. Every conscious decision to reduce carbon emissions helps and with enough support, we can make a huge difference.

Turn a new leaf



While we have seen a more receptive consumer buyers and adopters of folding bikes. The increased number of cyclists everywhere fuels Singapore’s National Cycling Plan that envisions a cycling network of 700km by 2030, cycling networks that include intra town and inter town networks linking all the 26 HDB towns so you can cycle from your homes to neighbourhood centres and MRT free sundays jkt

In Jakarta, they have a car free day  Sundays that create a very family/carnival atmosphere for citizens in Jakarta.  Jakarta is one of the most congested cities in the world with a limited number of parks and green areas. Yet there is a ray of hope with the introduction of car free days. The result has been clear and quick in coming. The sun has broken through the grey clouds that are too often a signature of the city and the streets are now filled with runners, families, mini football teams and cyclists.

The next 15 years is going to see improved infrastructure to encourage a lower carbon footprint mode of transportation for sure.  Let’s support as many of these initiatives that encourage healthier lifestyle through mobility. I like the approach that we encourage through better facilities and infrastructure by the government and taking baby steps is good to ensure we get inputs from everyone.   I hear that is that there is talk about closing parts of City roads on Sundays and we hope it’s Shenton Way – Marina financial district.   :)

Let’s show our positive support if that happens in Singapore. When its a carnival, you will encourage baskers, pop up kiosks, small enterprises to sell their wares and I am sure Singaporeans know how to have fun too. A Singapore Mardi gras?


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Revised shop hours, 12 noon – 7:30pm effective from 18 Oct 2014



Hi everyone, we had a chance to sit down with staff and also to hear from them their wishlist(s) and majority feedback – they would prefer an earlier closure time to allow them to grab an earlier dinner and also to spend time with loved ones. For the hardworking staff and their families, we just simply cannot say no.   And as we enter our 10th year helping all of you discover the joy of cycling and owning a foldable bike, we like to say a big thanks and understanding for the 30 minutes adjustment. So from 18 Oct Shop hours will be 12 noon to 730 PM


Caution – Fraudulent site and persons representing My Bike Shop SG business

Fraud Alert

Dear all, it has been brought to our attention that person(s) and parties have misrepresented themselves as My Bike Shop SG outlets,  impersonated staff emails and even owners of the business. They have been found using unauthorised use of names, logos and images of our branches. We like to highlight that the brands of bike brands that we sell  are found on authorised web/blog pages or our facebook page

My Bike Shop Outlets are  GST registered and ACRA listed. Please check before you complete any purchase and do not provide credit card details or personal details online. If in doubt, please call us at 67757133 or 66941750 or email us at so it is recommended that you check before releasing personal details and credit card information to the site.

The relevant authorities have been alerted but we have been advised to post up an alert. The illegal site has been closed down and if you do find any of such phishing and fraud sites, please notify us at


Bigfish folding bikes – exclusively at My Bike Shop SG Outlets

BFL NEXUS 3 BLACK folded.jpg

Bigfish logo smallBigfish Folding Bike’s unique Smart Folding Technology makes folding your bike easy – without having to remember a specific order of doing things. It’s so easy! No latches, catches or screws, or having to be in a certain gear before you start … Four quick steps are all it takes to get on the road or to pack it away. A simple push and pull of the buttons is all it takes. Fold it – then wheel it

To make your Bigfish properly mobile when folded, we designed it so you can wheel it along with you as you walk. Some people wheel it upright some pull it like a trolley. Have a try and see what suits you best. Comfortable as a city bike.  Practical as a folding bike.

mbs-logo.jpg Introducing the Bigfish LINE series

BFL NEXUS 3 BLACK folded.jpg
Beautifully designed, 16 inch wheeled folding bicycle –  compact, fast to fold, easy to wheel, fantastic to ride.

You’ll never know a simpler fold

Bigfish’s unique Smart Folding Technology means no prescribed folding order. It’s so easy! No latches, catches or screws, no having to be in a certain gear beforehand … Four quick steps are all you need to get on the road or to pack it away.

A simple push and pull of the buttons is all it takes.

Fold it – then wheel it

To make your Bigfish properly mobile when folded, it has been designed so you can wheel it along with you as you walk. Some people wheel it upright some pull it like a trolley. Have a try and see what suits you best.

Store it inside, safe and dry

Whatever the weather, Bigfish stays safe and protected. In your apartment, office or car, it keeps bike thieves empty-handed, saving the pain and cost of replacing your bike, while it keeps rust and rain damage at bay.

Ready in your
car boot

Why not just keep it in the car? You can quite comfortably fit two Bigfish in the boot of most compact cars, ready for your next big adventure! (Or at least for when the traffic turns to a standstill)

Introducing the Bigfish E-Bike

Bigfish Line+ E Bike combines the new Smart Folding Technology with the powerful pedal assistance. The Japanese Line_4787293engineered high quality crank-drive system with torque sensing mechanism (constantly) provide smooth and leading-edge performance. Li-ion battery with smart battery charger ensures long lasting ride and easy charging.

Line+E.  Powerful. Lightweight. Portable.

At 18 kgs, this is one of the lightest crank-drive system e-bikes on the market.  Bigfish Line+ E combines the new Smart Folding Technology with powerful pedal assistance. The Japanese engineered high quality crank-drive system with torque sensing mechanism (constantly) provides smooth and leading-edge performance. Li-ion battery with smart battery charger ensures a long lasting ride and easy charging.

bikeCntImg2b bikeCntImg2c

Cycling and its benefits – full article from Cycling Plus


MBS tooMBS shop frontage

Whether young, old, couples, families or retirees, we have helped many Singaporeans rediscover the many benefits of cycling in a convenient, comfortable and safe manner.  (We sell the widest range of the leading folding bike brands and always advise our customers on the right fit and safety gear like helmets and lights).

30 reasons to take up cycling 

Extracted from the full article by Matthew Barbour, Cycling Plus | Tuesday, October 1, 2013 9.30am

1. You’ll get there faster dahon

2. Sleep more deeply

3. Look younger

4. Boost your bowels

5. Increase your brain power 

 6. Beat illness RDC_7663

7. Live longer

8. Save the planet

9. Improve your sex life

10. It’s good breedingtikit-boat

11. Heal your heart

12. Your boss will love you

13. Cycle away from the big C

14. Lose weight in the saddle

15. You’ll make more money

16. Avoid pollution

17. Enjoy healthy family timeimages

18. It means guilt-free snacks

19. Get better at any sport

20. Make creative breakthroughs

21. You’re helping others

22. You can get fit without trying too hard

23. Boost your bellows8may1

24. Burn more fat

25. You’re developing a positive addiction

26. Get (a legal) highRDC_7519

27. Make friends and stay healthy

28. Be happy 

29. Feeling tired? Go for a ride

30. Spend quality time with your partner



Clearance stock of Rippleboards from Street surfing now at only S$39.00


Selling for only S$39. We found a box of Street Surfing Rippleboards. The Ripple is designed for kids up to 12 years



The Ripple is smaller and lighter then the original wave board, making it easier for the little people with little legs to experience the thrill of surfing the streets. The stance from deck to deck is closer together making this board the perfect pick for youngsters. The original Rippleboard from Street Surfing! Sold as it is. Highly recommended that kids wear helmets, elbow guards and wristguards. Call outlets before coming down. Final clearance


rippleboard ripple unbranded-street-surfing--the-wave-ripple-board

Launching a pilot online reservation system for services

MBS Service Select

MBS Service Select
















Please take some time to review the Booking Calender  for our Shop services* Here on weekdays you can book and ensure that your bike will be worked on with priority. Booking ensures that you get priority when you turn up on time.


RD FDBasic Tune up/Adjustments

Short synopsis: This is for the basic adjustments that require retuning due to normal use and within the first 500km or 3 months whichever happens first. Areas we check are Chain, brake adjustment and smooth out shifting. Does not cover wear and tear OR abuse of components. These time slots are designated for basic components upgrade like Chainrings, stems, pedals and wheeslets

Full servicing

Short synopsis: This service is a full service where bearings are removed and necessary cables are adjustments are done. Maximum 10 working days turnaround The royal treatment – comprehensive service that ensures that all bearings and moving parts are clean, lubricated, adjusted correctly and working effectively. This is recommended for bikes that are used daily over a long period

Parts upgradeBike Upgrades advice

Short synopsis: This is for our MBS customers who to upgrade their bikes for better performance. Will help if you can understand what you are achieving in terms of speed and distance.Knowing your budget is essential. A knowledgeable technical person will be assigned to assist you. Full 45 minutes will be spent discussing and a proposed list of upgrade will be furnished.

bike_setupBike setups

Sitting correctly with the appropriate reach and angle displacement is key to reducing discomfort and injuries. It also ensures that you maximise your cycling benefits.




We are trialling the booking system to allow these services to be done on a booking basis. If you do book, we will ensure that the Mechanics and Technical advisors will be available to work on your bike first.




A comparison of hub-driven gears: SRAM Dual-drive 27 vs. Sturmey Archer CS-RF3

Sram DualDrive 27
Sturmey archer CS-RF3
Sturmey archer CS-RF3

Bikes fitted with hub-driven gears are becoming increasing popular. They provide for many miles of maintenance-free biking plus the shifting is smooth and silent. The use of internal hub gear systems allow cyclists to conveniently shift their gears while stationary.

Sram DualDrive 27
Sram DualDrive 27

A good example would be dropping to a lighter set of gears while waiting at the traffic junction. Urban or touring bikes are being fitted with internal hub gear systems like the SRAM Dual-Drive or the Sturmey Archer CS-RF3 system.

SRAM Dual-Drive 27 Sturmey Archer CS-RF3
  1. Easy and precise shifting
  1. Lethargic shifting
 2. Easy indexing of 3-speed hub gear  2. Harder to index
 3. SRAM DD27 only weighs only 970g (freewheel)  3. CS-RF3 (27 speed) weighs in at 1090g (freewheel)
 4. Better gear ratio; Overall gear range of 186%:Gear 1 : 73%

Gear 2: 100%

Gear 3: 136%

 4. Overall gear range of 170%
Gear 1 : 75%Gear 2: 100%

Gear 3:133%

 5. Shifting mechanisms are enclosed  5. Shifting cables are exposed
 6. Click-box shifting cable is easily removed  6. Cable removal poses some challenge
 7. Has been deployed for many years without issues of gear slippage  7. Had an old batch of gear slipping issues

In addition, the SRAM Dualdrive system actually weighs in lighter (250g less) than a standard derailleur drive train system. Based on the feedback of various customers, overall the SRAM Dualdrive system seems to be the more reliable and lighter hub gear system you would want to use on your bike.

My Bike shop is very pleased and honored to work with Mr Brown and his travels again

Mr Brown who worked with us and his crew partner brought a Bike Friday Tikit and Tern Link P9 to Taiwan travelled safely despite the Bike Friday Tikit Safety warning. Nonetheless we took steps to ensure that his bike was inspected and he is off AGAIN

Cross post from Mr Brown:

I am leaving for the U.S. next week to speak and meet up with overseas Singaporeans at Ann Arbor (Wednesday, 24th Oct), Chicago (Friday, 26th October) and Seattle (Saturday, 27th October). Click on the dates for details.

The Overseas Singaporean Unit also interviewed me for their website (where I stole this photo from). You can read it on their site.

I will also be doing some cycling in the three cities on my Bike Friday Tikit (thanks to sponsor My Bike Shop) and I will share my cycling experiences too.

See you all in America next week!

P.S. This is the SECOND time I’ve gone to the U.S. during an election. The last time I was there was Obama vs McCain during September/October 2008. Haha!