Offering foldable bikes at that S$500 level THAT offers global make and quality

Haze has gone away!* So traditional monsoon season now starts but one thing remains – we need the exercise and we love cycling!  We worked with our suppliers during this period and we lined up a few sub S$500 – S$550 price tag foldables that must meet below criterion:

  • Global brand
  • FIVE years warranty
  • Comes fitted with Fenders and Rear rack (Hey its rainy season and at least there are affordable upgrades)
  • Has at least 6 speeds
  • Designed with folding joints that won’t hurt your fingers
  • Take rider weights of at least 105kg
  • Priced between S$450 – S$550

So here is our lineup (unless stated, prices are without fenders and rack):

Dahon – Good old Dahon Vybe D7, 7 speeds, Alu frame. S$450Dahon Vybe D7a

TernLink B7, stepped down from Link C7 ( no front luggage truss mount) at S$499, 7 2015Link B7speeds.

Bickerton Portables – the widest line up with  16 inch Junction 1406 S$450

pilot-1406-country-f(comes with rack and fenders)

or 20 inch Junction 1306 6 speeds at S$41306 wo fenders50 (without fenders and rack)

and 7 speeds Junction 1507 S$499 (without fenders and rack)

So many reasons you buy a  brand from us.photo_2015-11-16_23-33-38



So, times could get hard and weather could get wet but the haze has gone away and with a average ownership of a well designed foldable that you would own and ride for 2 years. That’s only a less than S$20/mth for TWO years (or 67 cents a day investment) small footprint, comes with gears and gives you plenty of natural endorphins each time you cycle. Do the maths, you’d understand why you should buy a reputable brand – it’s truly affordable now.

* It’s official the NEA published:

End of Dry Season in the Region
5      There has been an increase in rain showers over the past two hazeimg-15novweeks, signalling the end of the traditional dry season in the region. This has helped to alleviate the hotspot and haze situation in Sumatra and Kalimantan. More rain can be expected in the coming weeks with the onset of the Northeast Monsoon in December. For the rest of the year, the likelihood of transboundary haze affecting Singapore is low, although there may still be brief periods of slight haze if winds are unfavourable.

6      Based on most global climate models, the prevailing El Niño is expected to persist into early 2016. Studies of past El Niño events have shown that the El Nino has less impact on the rainfall pattern in Singapore and the nearby region during the wet phase of the Northeast Monsoon season  in December and January.


My Bike Shop@JMP will take a short break

Hi everyone,

Post 15 Nov MBS

By now some of you would have received our email and update of our short pause at Jalan Mas Puteh which we have been serving our customers for the last 10 years.

We will announce our new location in December as we require some time to move out of Jalan Mas Puteh, wait for takeover of the new location and renovations before we can restart proper.

My Bike Shop – the original outlet that started it all will BRB – Be Right Back. In the meantime, please do visit our outlets at 106 Faber Drive (West) and 26 Sin Ming Lane #01-120 at Midview City.


Looks like winds have changed to our benefit!


Haze satellite photo_2015-11-01_15-56-07Last week, satellite pictures and environment sources were concerned and warned that the haze could last till early 2016. We had a few days of REALLY great weather despite the rain. Latest satellite maps show the winds have gathered in a direction that is blowing this haze away. The scattered thunderstorms are welcomed.

After 2 days of beautiful clear skies, the haze crept up to the 60-70 range on Sunday  1 Nov 2016.

We hope for the best and expect the worse.

For those who have been out of “action”, if you are going to cycle, run or get into your fitness regime. Do warm up and also with roads that could be wet, do observe safety and wear the necessary protection.

helmethr chartKali Aazis soft knee guards

The haze situation expected to be a prolonged one this year

Hey everyone,fires-in-indonesia-from-nasas-aqua-satellite

This longer and worse than last year(s) situation has broader concerns of health and global warming effect. We do as much as we can by reducing carbon footprint but the amount of carbon spewed into our atmosphere in the last few months alone by Indonesia negates individual efforts for carbon reduction. So many of us  ask – does it still matter?

We say YES!Tornados

Countries where seasons exist and like in China and UAE where  sandstorms can happen and even in central USA where Tornadoes (aka Twisters) can form and can be devastating. Inhabitants of these countries take precaution and have fall out sandstormsshelters, wear masks and deal with these elemental seasons. Looks like we have to do likewise too. They get on with life. even those with 4 seasons, other than have the fun of having different types of clothes to deal with when Winter comes, they have different activities for different seasons. So we adapt. But with each type of activity, onsnow mobilee thing remains – get the right equipment and wear safety equipment.

At My Bike Shop, we advocate safe cycling, so we brought in global branded helmets that arrange from S$68 – S$250. Offer basic front and rear lights just in case you need them when the skies kali-protective-chakra-logo-helmet1

16 inch quick fold

turn dark and sell foldable bikes from wheel size of 15 inch to 26 inch in different formats so that you can benefit from easy stowage at home and in the car.

S$799 Dahon Espresso 24 speed with front suspension

So the BIG benefit of having a foldable bike? Keep one in the car and when the haze is at a good and safe level,  just head to the park and get that 20 mins – 45mins of exercise! It will do you good!

My Bike Shop is  committed to helping our customers and members stay active and safe. We are just about finalised with suppliers to offer Member’s pricing for a whole host of accessories that is designed to make your active lifestyle safe and in style with members discount. So NOW we also advocate smart urban cycling!

And by doing so, we continue to reduce carbon footprint and stay FIT!

download  tumblr_nmyjlohtby1rcemopo1_500  RIDO_R2_main1 Shore bagstn-2015-kori-basket-3-4-rear-perp-blk_smtern-kontti-basket-bike-closeuploopwheels-2Kali Aazis soft knee guards

My Bike Shop Tres FIRST night ride

My Bike Shop Tres 1st Night Ride! My Bike Shop Tres @ Faber Drive is located minutes away from a PCN.

Driving directions

Very suitable for a mid-week night ride to recharge yourself for the rest of the week. Customer can bring in your bike for a tune up from 7.00pm onwards!

Time: Registration starts 8:00pm, Moving out at 8:30pm sharp for a 1hour short ride.
Mandatory Items: Helmets, water bottle and lights.

 In the event of bad weather or the 3 hourly PSI Reading exceed 120psi, we will cancel the ride but ad-hoc activities will be held.
Please follow our Facebook group to keep posted of event and activities.

Helmet – full face or open face?

This could be entirely non related but I thought I share an article written fojetskir Motorcycle helmets. We know some sports have started to see riders adopting full faced helmets – BMX racing during the Olympics, Enduro and DH competitions  and even snow motors and water jetskis. I think the speed and stunts that riders attempt now can get you into some serious injury if you miscalculate or mistime your stunt. snow mobile

Take a tip from the article from Crash stats of a Motorcycle full face helmeticon-airframe-statistic-helmet-0icon-airframe-statistic-helmet-1-266x300 icon-airframe-statistic-helmet-4-300x199  …The numbers you see on the helmet represents the crash statistics for that part of the helmet to be damaged in an accident. Therefore, it’s the likelihood of your head suffering injury in that area if you don’t wear a helmet, or for your nose or chin to hit the deck if wearing an open-face helmet…

…The crash statistics come from the aptly-named Hurt Report and show that the most common area of impact on motorcycle helmets is the chin at 19.4% which spells “ouch” for open-face helmet wearers. The least vulnerable place is the very top of the head at 0.4% which sort of makes a mockery of those little Nazi-styled caps some riders wear.


Kali Savara full face helmet S$75 each NOW

My Bike Shop@JMP – I say Chope my demo bike

ChopeYou GET a chance to buy our demos at 25% off!  Bikes come with full warranty*. See a bike you like in the album? Please Like the bike picture on our facebook, indicate your name and say Chope! First customer who pays for the Choped bike (Shows us the FB post that you Chope) from 12 October 2015 at My Bike Shop at JMP,  reserves the bike!
NOTE: Bike will be handed over to you after the 15 Nov for warranty registration as we need to do a one time tuning required for manufacturer warranty to apply.
Payment by CASH and/or NETS. Prices excl GST.
MBS members get an additional 5% off. Please bring your MBS tune up card or existing Invoice showing proof of a bike purchased from ANY MBS outlets to qualify. Go Like our facebook and Chope your demo bike!
DEMO Models that is still available:  Eclipse P18’15 White/Black, Eclipse S18’14 Black, Joe C21’14 Black/Orange, Dahon Falco, Dahon Athena Green, Bickerton 1501 Red, Bickerton 1406 Blue, Bickerton 1618 Blue, MitCycle Pro F1. Moulton TSR9
I understand that demo bikes will have some degree of cosmetic scratches. They are not detrimental to the safety and quality of the bike from manufacturing defects. Bike models below. No need for tissue packet.

10 years @ Jalan Mas Puteh and we will be taking a short break in Nov 2015. We will be back!

mbs moving

mbs moving

Some of you may have guessed it but My Bike Shop @ JMP is relocating. A decade of serving many of you for your folding bike needs and we started with brand, 3 models to today 11 brands and more than 55 models. It’s been a great serving our customers!

As the changing needs of customers evolve over time, we are  thinking hard what mapwe should do and the team is working to brainstorm so we will be back by early Q1 2016. We will retain the name –  “My Bike Shop” but,  located nearer to town. Those who stay in the western side of Singapore, – head to My Bike Shop Tres (3) , its just 7 mins away!

Here is a collage of photographs of our story – our store, the staff, the rides, the workshops, the demo days, doing good by supporting fund raisers and the many friends we made. Thanks for the memories.

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Just love this article on WHY we should do more cycling.


A repost of an article on why we should take up cycling.

The haze will come and go but when the weather improves, we should get active again. Here’s why – one we lead lives that are too sedentary and available food diet gives rise to obesity.

Whether young, old, couples, families or retirees, we have helped many Singaporeans rediscover the many benefits of cycling in a convenient, comfortable and safe manner.  (We sell the widest range of the leading folding bike brands and always advise our customers on the right fit and safety gear like helmets and lights).

30 reasons to take up cycling 

Extracted from the full article by Matthew Barbour, Cycling Plus | Tuesday, October 1, 2013 9.30am

1. You’ll get there faster Tern_VergeX10

2. Sleep more deeply

3. Look younger 

4. Boost your bowels 

5. Increase your brain power symptoms-of-diabetes

 6. Beat illness

7. Live longer

8. Save the planet

9. Improve your sex life

10. It’s good breeding

11. Heal your heartmbs2shopb

12. Your boss will love you

13. Cycle away from the big C

14. Lose weight in the saddle

15. You’ll make more money

16. Avoid pollutionimages

17. Enjoy healthy family time

18. It means guilt-free snacks

19. Get better at any sport

20. Make creative breakthroughs tikit-boat

21. You’re helping others

22. You can get fit without trying too hard

23. Boost your bellows


25. You’re developing a positive addiction

26. Get (a legal) high

27. Make friends and stay healthy

28. Be happy Brendan Lai

29. Feeling tired? Go for a ride

30. Spend quality time with your partner 

Yes, we have opened another outlet – 106 Faber Drive on 7.9.15

Hi everyone, as we continue to serve local folding bike needs and work

Faber Drive

towards providing technical support for every growing complexity of new innovations, the costs of providing skilled bike labour and knowledge requires us to keep looking for ways to lower cost. So we have been searching for a location that has the retail space, available parking (Free is best) and relatively safe roads for bicycle trials, we found it!

So we pushed really hard and on 7 Sep Monday as our kids get a 1 week breakphoto_2015-09-05_12-41-07 and 4 days before we go to the polls for GE2015 elections, we are opening our doors at My Bike Shop Tres ( Spanish for “3”) at 106 Faber Drive . Our marketing team decided to do a “79” series of promos, working hard with our suppliers to offer a limited quantity of bikes at specially priced ending with “79”.

mapJust 7 mins if you drive from our JMP outlet, we will offer our customers peace of mind from lack of parking space ( and the dreaded parking warden), service requests on Saturday* and a 1300 sq ft retail space to allow you to shop in comfort in an air-conditioned ambient. Googlemap “106 Faber Drive”

If you come by Bus, opt to take 97, 197, 198  from Jurong East Station OR 154 from Lakeside Station OR 201 from Clementi Station and alight at Bus stop opp Infiniti Condo. Then walk about 50m ahead and make a left. You will see Faber Terrace and entrance to the row of shophouses under the Condo.

There are a few restaurants and a even a very well stocked provision shop. Restaurants are  Nobiro Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar and Buck Tile St. Cafe.


buck tile


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